As a mom who works from home, you’d be surprised at the amount of lipsticks I spend money on. “It’s an investment, babe“, I half-jokingly say to my husband, who gladly supports my splurges anyway. (Note: Find a man who supports your weird and sometimes unnecessary obsessions, lol.)

In all seriousness, even though I rarely leave the house, these little magical sticks are just some of my daily essentials. Naturally, I don’t put on full makeup when I’m just at home—who has the time for that, really? But I do love swiping lip color everyday.

It’s an instant pick-me-upper when you’re feeling blah (or in Pinoy slang, loshang), it makes you look put together even when you only slept 4 hours the night before, and best of all, it doesn’t take a minute to apply. Plus, I love how I can choose lipstick shades depending on my mood for the day!

Avon seems to see this whole lipstick story the same way. With their recent Pink is For Every Pinay campaign, Avon offers more than just the prettiest shades of pink but swipes of confidence and beauty, for every milestone and everyday use.

This pink collection comes with both True Ultra Color (satin finish) and Perfectly Matte lipsticks.

My faves from the Avon True Color line, left to right: Discovery Pink, Sunny Pink, and Pink Dream.

And my faves from the Perfectly Matte shades: Pure Pink, Rose Awakening, and Mauve Matters.

For lipstick shades, I usually navigate towards nudes, browns, and corals, so I love that Avon’s pink collection has these new shades that I would normally pick and try on.

While I occasionally splurge on high-end lipstick brands, my everyday lipsticks are ones that I buy guilt-less! Proudly Filipino made, Avon’s price points are also made for Pinays. The Perfectly Matte lipsticks retail for P399 each, while the True Ultra Color collection go for P379 each. So yes, ladies, you can definitely get yourself several shades without the fear of breaking the bank!

“Beauty for a Purpose”

Before I end, let’s just talk about this well-loved brand for a second, shall we? I mean, I grew up watching my Mom put on her favorite Avon magic lipsticks (remember the ones that turn a different shade few seconds after you apply them on the lips?). Decades later, I get to enjoy my own Avon lipstick collection too!

From then until now, Avon has always been passionate about creating quality beauty products for all types of Filipina, with price points for all types of Filipina. Avon has stood the test of time for a reason—the values that they stand for—which makes me appreciate their products even more. Why great job, Avon! And thank you. :)

PS. Ohh dear, did I just publish my first ever beauty blog post? Just thought I’d clarify that I’m not going that direction. ;) However, I may be creating beauty-related content every now and then, but only when it applies to mommy life and the work-from-everywhere creative lifestyle. That said, Avon sent me this thoughtful PR package and since lipsticks are just some of the little things that are part of my every day (hashtag mommyhacks), it inspired to write this post. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

PPS. I’m giving away some Avon lipsticks!! Check out my Instagram to know how to win. ;)

Shop Avon

Visit Avon’s online shop or through any Avon Representative. Avon is the Company that for 130 years has proudly stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women.


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