These cards were originally designed and DIY-ed for Pursuit Manila, that is, before I realized there would be so many of us! :) After the second gathering I realized that my DIY effort—printing these out on sheets of board paper and manually cutting them, not to mention producing them with whatever little budget I have—was not anymore enough.

Pursuit Manila ladies would know the DIY quality of the cards I gave away during the first and second gatheringsSorry about that, ladies! You can call that “labor of love”! :) But now we’re finally printing them professionally and making them available for sale!

Also, we finally thought of a name to call them! Passion Cards.

What are Passion Cards?

Passion cards are 3x4in cards that have inspiring messages (verses and quotes) in them that we hope will fuel your passion to seek God more, pursue His calling, and encourage others to do the same.

You can tape them on your wall, use them as markers on your planner or journal, write on them and give them away to your friends. These cards can even fit Project Life pocket pages! Pursuit Manila ladies love taking pictures of them to post on Instagram or Facebook, which you can also do. ;) 

Check out how my Pursuit friends are using their Passion Cards on Instagram (click on the images for IG credit!):

by @sheilacatilo

by @littlemspicasso

by @adashofjamie

by @beamarquez

by @madzsablada

by Jamie

by sheila

by @izzoshop

by @littlemspicasso

by ME

Pretty no? Can’t get over how talented these ladies are! I love them! :)

When you purchase these cards you’re also contributing to what we do at Pursuit Manila—gathering women who are passionate about God and their creative pursuits, empowering them to keep pursuing our God-given calling, and glorifying Him in our work, our lives, and our homes. Right now there are 40+ women who are part of Pursuit Manila and amazingly, God is continuously making this movement grow. (To know more about Pursuit Manila, read this.)

So thank you, in advance, for taking part in this little passion project of ours! :)

There are two sets of cards as of now, the “Seek Edition” and the “Love Edition”, both come with 10 different card designs.

The Seek Edition

Since these cards were launched in January, this set is full of inspiration about pursuing our passions, seeking God, making dreams happen, embracing the present and trusting God with the future. I love picking a random card from this set when I’m feeling burnt out or anxious or discouraged. These cards remind me to keep my eyes on Him and pursue what matters.

The Love Edition

Needless to say, these cards are not only made with so much love, they’re also filled with beautiful messages of love—God’s love for us that endures forever and never fails, and how it moves us to love others, pursue what we love, and to live a life of love. I obviously got a bit carried away with this one! What can I say? You can never run out of inspiring messages to say about love! (Shout out to Elle Battung who designed two of the cards in this set.)

My personal goal is to make a different set of designs every month to give away during Pursuit Manila Gatherings, and make them available for purchase online. Keep checking this blog to see if there are new designs. ;)

Hope you love them!

Come join us!

To know more about the Pursuit Community, visit the site.
Our official Pursuit Manila page is up, check it out here.
To know more about Pursuit Manila, this page is a good place to start.



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