We were at our friends’ wedding last Friday, and it was special to me for many reasons. For one, the groom, Robert, is my brother’s best friend, and in the past N years that I’ve known him, he’s become like a brother to me too. He’s an extension of our family, and based on how I’ve known him, I just believe that whoever he falls in love with is surely one special girl.

Then came Tin, whom I’ve also known from those summer camps my husband and I attended in high school. Long story short, it’s a small world after all, and we’re blessed to know these two people before they even knew they were meant for each other.

Robert & Kristina's Wedding

Robert and my brother (his Best Man) waiting by the altar, and Tin walking down the isle.

We didn’t see this coming, the union of these two opposites, but their wedding last Friday was just.. so beautiful it gave everyone a reason to hope, and to trust in The God who writes beautiful love stories. Amidst the rain that poured on their garden wedding, everyone was smiling and laughing and wiping tears of sheer joy.

The twins were there with us too, in their stroller, sleeping through the wedding ceremony. I remember wishing that Dawn and Rain were old enough to understand what was happening. It’s the kind of dream wedding you’d wish for your daughters.

Sure I can quote more lines from the Pastor’s message and the beautiful vows the couple exchanged, but if there’s one line that struck me most, it’s this line from Tin’s speech as she honored her parents:

“I’m a happy person because I grew up in a happy home.”

True enough, happy is the one adjective you’ll use to describe Tin. She’s always smiling, always making other people smile. Her laughter is infectious; she laughs and you know that she has entered the room. She’s the kind of person who wouldn’t let negativity (and negative people!) change her or get in the way of being loving, gracious, and happy. Aside from the fact that she’s a stunner (Toni Gonzaga slash Anne Curtis look-a-like, they say), I think it’s her being a happy person that made Robert fall in love with her in the first place.

And as a mother (am I really using this line now?), I can’t help but think that I want that for Dawn & Rain too.

To grow up in a happy home. To be happy. To have a happy disposition in life, one that doesn’t get easily shattered by storms, and challenges, and negativity.

The twins' first wedding apperance <3

Behold, Dawn & Rain’s first wedding appearance :)

I pray that someday, my daughters will be able to say that they’ve become who they are because of the home they grew up in. And that someday, in about 40 years (LOL), each of them will find someone who will love her because of the beautiful and happy person that she’s become.

Oh wow. Take me to a wedding now and this is what I take home with me? Honoring of parents? Someone has crossed over.

*Side note: 8 months ago, we were just looking for a venue for their wedding. How time flies!



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