1. Mornings. This has to be the grainiest and blurriest family portrait ever, but I’ll keep it. It was taken Wednesday morning, one of those rare mornings when all of us are up early, and Daddy doesn’t have class, and the babies are not crying even with all the hugging, and squishing, and snuggling. Sometimes when I look at photographs like this, I feel like watching someone else’s life. And once again I swoon at how blessed I am, and how beautiful God has made this little life to be.

2. Coin box. We have this little box where we keep loose change. We’re not really consciously saving them at first, we just needed a place to gather the coins so that they won’t be scattered all over the house. Later on we realized that by saving loose change, we’re able to gather a substantial amount of money at the end of the month. So we started making it a habit.

The box was already full this week, and D counted the coins which amounted to, ta-dah, P1,500+. Not bad no? :) Too lazy to go to the bank to have the coins changed, we went to a nearby store to buy groceries instead.. and paid for them with our abnormally heavy stash of coins! The cashier was smiling from ear-to-ear, and we went away happy with our brown paper bag of goods. Yay.

3. Taking risks. It’s been sinking in, the decisions we made the past few weeks. Although I’m sure in my heart that the Lord has led me to make these choices (otherwise I wouldn’t have made them), I still sometimes have fleeting moments of worry, wondering if we heard Him right. And then I came across these words as I was having my devotion,

What risk is the Lord calling you to take? He understands your wariness, but He’ll never let you down. Step out in obedience, and watch what He does to grow your faith.

..and just like that, an enormous amount of weight was lifted off my chest and was replaced by peace, assuring me that we are right where God wants us to be. 

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 11.


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