30 Day Blog Challenge, Round 3. I’m typing this with trembling fingers. I know I don’t exactly have a lot of free time, and doing a 30-day challenge in between motherhood, homemaking, and home-based work sounds toxic, if not crazy. A part of me is almost sure that I don’t have time to do this, which is why I’ve been putting it off. But I also know that there’s no better time to do this but now.

I heard someone say that what you do on the first days of the year is an indication of what the rest of your year is going to be. And I don’t want this year to be a whole year of putting things off. So even though we’re half-way through January already, I’m challenging myself to set the course for 2013—a year of seeking God, counting blessings, and keeping a thankful heart.

And I’d like this blog to get into that groove too.

Oyos Family, January 2013

Starting the year with my little family.
(Photograph taken before we took the Christmas tree down.)

So I’m starting another round of 30 Days here at Chasingdreams.net. (Remember the first time I did this? How about the second?)

The challenge: List down 3 blessings a day, ala “3 Beautiful Things“.

The listing down part is not really a “challenge”. I’m pretty sure I’ll never run out of blessings to count each day I probably need more slots than 3. Finding the time in the day to post them here, now that’s a little more tricky.

But perhaps the other reason why my fingers are shaking is because I know that God is going to do crazy amazing things for our family this year. And you know how expecting from God always comes with a certain level of fear and trembling—you don’t know exactly what His plan is and how He’s going to pull it off, you just know that He will. And when He does, it always always blows your mind away.

I’m excited for the next 30 days. More so, I’m excited for this year.
2013 is going to be ahh-maezhing.

30 Day Blog Challenge, Round 3, now begins.

DAY 1: An answered prayer, 7 hours of sleep, and my sister-in-law
DAY 2: 39 years, on the red, and carrying on the family’s legacy
DAY 3: Rain’s smiles, Lola Mommy, and extended prayer & fasting
DAY 4: Real smiles, pinstriped slacks, and a breakthrough
DAY 5: Officially working form home, mutual appreciation, and my little support group
DAY 6: Kuya Nikos, 3 months, and Thursday Group
DAY 7: Saturdate, TV time, and now-what moments
DAY 8: Manny Pacquiao, changed lives, and family picture
DAY 9: Mondays, sisters, and taking photographs
DAY 10: Book reading, multi-tasking, and silent nights
DAY 11: Mondays, coinbox, and taking risks
DAY 12: January, totally smitten, and 52 Weeks Project
DAY 13: Bath times, solitude, and another encounter
DAY 14: Hello sunshine, home-baked cookies, and missing my husband
DAY 15: Lost and found, catching up, and Sunday nights
DAY 16: February, Alias marathon, and missing my Dad
DAY 17: No time to blog, grocery therapy, and 13 days left
DAY 18: Real food, sleeping routine, and a timely reminder
DAY 19: Day off, married friends, and coming home
DAY 22: Leading worship, speaking to the youth, and lovin’ my family
DAY 23: Memory lane, surprise visit, and someone dreamed about me
DAY 26: Canceled movie date, chocolates, and Vday with the loves of my life



  1. Rhiz! you look so good! It’s like you didn’t have twins at all. :)
    How amazing that you are doing this 30 day Thank you challenge.

    When you have the chance, try to read “One thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. This book encourages us to give thanks even on the mundane things. I’m also keeping a list on my journal about things (big or small) that I am grateful for.

    I pray for overflowing blessings to be upon you and your family this year! xx

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