familyI’m Riz

I wear many hats but no offense to my other ‘jobs’, my ultimate faves are these: wife and mommy. So allow me start off with that.

Wife and Mom

David and I got married in August 2011 after a roller coaster long-distance relationship that somehow survived the distance between Manila and New York. Today we’re based in Manila and raising our little family here.

Ours is a love story that I couldn’t imagine happening without an abundance of grace. Having first met when we were just 16 years old, and having spent most of our lives in (literally) opposite sides of the planet, it still often amazes us how God kept bringing us back together.

We love telling our love story and the things we learn about marriage in this blog. After all, as far as chasing dreams is concerned, this life with him has been one of my greatest dreams.

Six months into being husband and wife, we got the biggest surprise of our lives: I was pregnant with twins! We didn’t see that coming. We want to have babies alright, but we never imagined having two babies at once. It’s been quite a ride, this past year. And while I’ve experienced the challenges and struggles of being a mother, I’ve been loving and enjoying this season of my life more than anything.

Now, our daughters, Dawn & Rain, are 5 years old. Obviously, this blog is brimming with stories about our little family.

Blogger and Dream Chaser

I have been a blogger since 2001., my nth blog, started off as a personal blog and has existed since June 2009 mostly as a channel for me to document my life, my dreams, my faith, and everything in between.

I know “life” and “dreams” and “faith” are broad terms, I guess that’s why for the longest time, this blog existed without a particular niche.

In March 2010, without going through so much details, it was affirmed to me that God has blessed me with a channel that has a potential to reach people who are needing hope, encouragement, and inspiration. It is in that note that I continue writing about my journey, and since then, with the intention of making a positive change, inspiring people, and encouraging them to never tire chasing their dreams.

I hope somewhere in the pages of this site you find the inspiration you need to pursue your calling too.

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  1. Hi Riz! Glad to have sat next to you in Martine’s workshop this afternoon. I hope I could work with you soon especially about the design of my blog and probably more than that. I have been blessed by your blog simply because you are a sister in Christ. Continue to be a blessing to your family and to others who follow your blog :)

    1. Thanks Miss Jude. It was great meeting you too. Looking forward to seeing you inspire and lead others to Christ through your blog. :)

  2. Hi Ma’am. :) My name is Rac. :) It started po sa Instagram, #pursuitManila since I’m following Courageous Caitie story. Then I searched it po sa Google and I found your blog po. Somehow, I already fall in love with your blog–your stories. Your faith, your love towards other people.. so this coming pay day, Im gonna order po ng passion cards. :)))) (Naalala ko po si Ms. Feliz Lucas, you have the same faith) Thank you, and may God bless you and your family more. :) ♥

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