Three months ago when I told my then-boss that I was going to resign, he asked me why, and I told him, “it’s time to chase my dreams“. To which he replied, “Okay, I’m not about to get in the way of chasing dreams, but give me a month.

So yeah, maybe I blame my former boss for this domain name too.

Hello, world. Hi, I’m Rhiza Sanchez, but Riz is fine. I used to blog at but this is where I bare my heart out now.

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First things first
I’m Rhiza Sanchez but you can call me Riz. I’m 26, I have two older brothers, a SuperMom, and a SuperDad who’s in a better place now.

I’ve been blogging since way back 6 years ago, not really knowing that my online juvenile drama will take me where I am now. Also, I recently admitted to myself, and with the blogosphere as my witness, that I’m a writer — because I love (and hate) writing, and because there are things that one has to do for a living, and for me, writing is one of them.

I graduated with a degree in Communications Research at UP Diliman. I started out my career as web copywriter in 2005 (fresh out of college), albeit unaware that I was already doing what I later learned was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Two years into the industry, I worked as a full-time SEO Manager at US Auto Parts, from September 2006 to March 2009. Now, I work home-based for a small business in UK, overseeing and implementing various Internet Marketing operations. I also manage my very own online boutique,

Vintage dresses. Romantic comedies. Sunsets. Fluffy pillows. Chuck Taylors. Coffee. Road trips. Food trips. Guitar music.

Obsessive compulsive. Manic depressive. Reckless driver (you don’t want me to drive your car). Impulsive shopper. Frustrated dancer and poet. Nocturnal. Clumsy. Unathletic. Scatter brained (I misplace things all the time!).

I grew up in a Christian family, my Dad was a pastor, and my Mom, a Bible School graduate. Our church is like second home to me. Growing up, I’ve come to believe in God as my Lord and Savior, and that there’s no other way to live this life but to live it for Him.


  1. i love your blog!:D i just found it tonight..actually about now when i searched for Polaroid 600 films available in the Phils…i didn’t know ur from the R.P. but when i saw the about part,i was really be visiting this site more often!:D

  2. Hello there! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for creative blogs by Filipinos. Love your blog! Mind if we exchange links? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi there :)

    I’ve been searching for an email address so I can email you directly but couldn’t fine one.. Hope it’s okay that I sent you a message this way :)

    Anyway, I’m the owner and co-founder of a local brand called Fab Manila ( / and we’re looking for a part-time marketing person to help us. Would you be interested? I saw the poster you made for Trunkshow, it was really pretty :)

    So anyways, let me know if you’re interested. Our email add is Thanks!

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