I’m doing a 30-Day Blog Challenge, where, I try as much as possible to blog daily for one whole month, in response to her challenge. This project will go on from July 22 to August 23. I’ve been blogging for more than a decade already, starting from when I was still in highschool, however sporadically. Hopefully, I get to create this habit of regularly blogging too by the end of 30 days.

Now to make the challenge even sweeter, I thought of a unifying theme for all these 30 blog posts, and so I thought I’d list down “30 awesome things,” inspired by his 1000.

30 Days Wrap Up

Here is a list of my 30 awesome things, to be updated daily:

INTRO : 30 Awesome Things, aka 30 Day Blog Challenge
DAY 1 : Polaroid Cameras and Instant Photographs
DAY 2 : Finding a Typewriter in the Most Everyday of Places, and Buying One
DAY 3 : Collecting Guitars and Displaying Them
DAY 4 : Having Internet, Coffee, and Friends when it’s Flooded & you’re Stranded
DAY 5 : Watching the Half Blood Prince for the 3rd Time, & sigh, Severus Snape <3
DAY 6 : Blogging with Nokia E71
DAY 7 : Typecasting: Twitter 1.0
DAY 8 : Soft, Dreamy, Vintage Photographs
DAY 9 : Paper Patisserie by Peculiar Pair Press
DAY 10 : Breaking Rules and Catching Up
DAY 11 : Experiencing Student Life Once a Week
DAY 12 : Reading a Book in the Dark
DAY 13 : Happy is now a Couch, Thanks to Heima
DAY 14 : And it was All Yellow
DAY 15+ : C is for Cupcake
DAY 15 : When Riz Craves for Cupcakes, She Gets Cupcakes
DAY 16 : Having a Bad Day is Awesome
DAY 17 : Hollywood Celebrities, Now Just A Twit Away
DAY 18 : Beads, Pearls, Crystals, and Gemstones
DAY 19 : Awesome Polaroid Photography
DAY 20 : Let Me Tell You Something About Working From Home
DAY 21 : Snail Mails and Packages
DAY 22 : Inspired by Purples and Blues
DAY 23 : With Love from Riz
DAY 24 : Online Shopping is Love; Purple Beet Accessories On Sale!
DAY 25 : Pandas Will Rule the World
DAY 26 : I Won a Print from Chelsea Lee
DAY 27 : Pearl Earrings for Everyone, and Camera Charm Earrings for..
DAY 28 : Books Turned to Movies, with Varrying Levels of Awesomeness
DAY 28+ : Holli and Eric’s Vintage Wedding Motif
DAY 29 : 6 Things I Learned from doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge
DAY 30 : 30 Days of Awesome, It’s a Wrap!


  1. Oh wow! I’ve been M.I.A. lately and only now I got to go back here. I just linked you up at 30-DayBlogChallenge.com in the ‘They’re doing the challenge, too’ sidebar :) Will catch up with reading from Day 1 :)

  2. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog through Mara, am enjoying your entries a lot! :)
    Was just wondering if you’re interested in snailmailing handmade stuff? My email is: rainbowrama@gmail.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Hello Laidel! Thank you for leaving a message. :) I love getting to know my *cough* “stalkers” (although I wouldn’t really call you such, hehe). And heeyy, I’d love to see your 30 awesome things so if you can give me a link to your blog, I’d really appreciate it! :) More importantly, I praise God that my blog has somehow helped you in your faith walk, it would be awesome to get to know you more. :)

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