Hello! It’s been a while since the last post (sorry guys), but perhaps just like you, I want to start this new year right. And that’s exactly what this first post for 2018 is all about. ;)

Let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not going to deny. I love writing down New Year’s Resolutions—no matter how horrible I was at keeping them. I mean, how many of us make resolutions in January, only to forget all about them by February? ;)

Through all these years of making resolutions, I found out why it’s so hard to keep them to the end of the year: My list lacked focus and direction, and some resolutions were detached from my reality—my actual skills, circumstances, and seasons in life.

I realized that in order for my goals to actually make it through the end of the year, I need them to be purposeful, God-centric, and realistic. 

I also stopped calling them “New Year’s Resolutions” and started calling them “faith goals”. I’ve come to believe that there’s just no way I could accomplish anything without an abundance of grace and faith.

Over time I’ve become better at knowing and listing down my faith goals. More purposeful, more realistic, more strategic. And one thing I’ve proven to be very effective is to sum up all these faith goals into a single word that will guide me through the entire year.

I’ve been doing this for 4 years now (wow, it’s been a while!), and it’s always good looking back to those years and being able to associate milestones to the One Word I chose for a specific year. In 2014, my one word is Passion; in 2015, Pursue; in 2016, Remainand in 2017, Seek. I will share my word for 2018 in a separate post. ;)

One Word 2018

There are many e-courses, tools, and online communities that do this little activity. Just search in Google to see for yourself!

But ever since I started doing this in 2014, I’ve always tried to bring this one closer to home.

Although the One Word journey is very personal in nature, I have loved (and benefited from) doing it with a small group of friends and prayer partners. It makes the experience more fun, but more importantly, it brings an element of accountability and  community to the process.

When we launched Pursuit Manila, the One Word excercise is our very first ice breaker activity. 16 women who were strangers to each other prior to the event, bonded pretty quickly through the sharing of our one words, life stories, and dreams.

Every year since then, I would share with a handful of people what my One Word is for the year and the process that went with choosing it. And every single year I would marvel at how powerful a single word can be, and how it comes alive in my daily walk with God.

Last week, during a post-holiday get together with my Pursuit friends, we picked and shared with each other our One Word for 2018.

As always I went home from that gathering feeling recharged and ready to march onto 2018 with this one word as my banner.

In fact, I was so inspired from our little get-together that I went home and started typing away on my computer to the wee hours of the night. The result is this handy little guide that will help you in choosing your own One Word for 2018 based from your goals and dreams.

The worksheet is FREE! All you need is to sign up and your free printable PDF file will be on its way to your email right away. ;)

One Word 2018 x Lettergram

As you see in the photos above, we have loved sharing our One Words through our mini lettergrams*! So I thought I’d offer a PRO version of the One Word 2018 challenge which includes a mini lettergram (free shipping for PH residents), and a monthly email newsletter you will receive throughout the year with prompts that will help you stay on course.

If this is something you think you’ll find value from, just click on the button below:

*Full disclosure, Lettergram is a passion project my husband and I soft launched in September last year. It’s been quite a blast so far, and we have loved being in the business of letters and words. <3 Visit the Lettergram website to see our collection of retro-style felt letter boards. CLICK HERE.


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