I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Airbnb. It was 2016 when I downloaded the app out of curiousity, but it wasn’t until 2017 when I started actually using it.

I’ve read articles about how using Airbnb isn’t fun anymore, and how the whole concept of apartment-sharing has lost its appeal. I wouldn’t really know the difference to be honest. As someone who’s only started using AirBnb recently, I’m happy with all of our AirBnb experiences so far and will keep on using it for sure!

We recently stayed at this 3BR Penthouse Suite with a nice view of the Taal Lake, which would have been so nice if we were able to take photos of the view. Lol. Saving the photo sessions for last, we couldn’t have predicted how much fog there would be in the morning of our last day!

Still, the feeling of being on top of the clouds (no visibility whatsoever) was an otherwordly experience we will never forget too. All is well. 😉

We sure love the hotel-like amenities of our AirBnb—the crisp sheets, the coffee (French press and freshly ground coffee ftw!), the board games. The space was big enough to acommodate all of us, 7 adults and 3 kids. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, and a kitchen with basic utensils and equipment.

Don, our host, responds pretty quickly and knows well how to take care of his guests. (Thanks Don!) 

Although Don’s place is located within the vicinity of everything Tagaytay has to offer—the tourist spots, restaurants, night life, etc—you wouldn’t really mind staying in on this one if staycationing is your thing.

A quick guide at booking an AirBnb

  1. Photos matter! When choosing an AirBnb, I like choosing interiors that fit my aesthetics. Just keeping it real guys. I’m most definitely going to take photos after all. If I don’t like how the place looks like in photos, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like it all that much in person. 😀
  2. Take time to read the fine print. Because of AirBnb’s apartment-sharing nature, every host has his own house rules that you’d want to be aware of beforehand. Be responsible enough to read through everything before booking.
  3. Past customer reviews are there for a reason. Let actual customer reviews be judge!

And now, some photographs with my favorite people!

Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

One for the road! Stop over at Bag of Beans to take out some barako and raisin bread because that’s just what you do #whenintagaytay

It sure was a lovely weekend spent with my favorite people.. which reminds me. I could use some staycation just about now!

Get P1,600 off your first AirBnb stay

We were very satisfied with this AirBnb experience that we’d gladly recommend you to try it too. If you haven’t tried AirBnb yet, sign up using this link to get 1,600 Php discount on your first trip! 🙂


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