It’s been a while since the last time I updated my design portfolio!

The truth is, I’ve been low key in promoting my design services because I could only accommodate a few clients this year and therefore have to be very picky.

The first half of the year had me working on a few handpicked projects, and I couldn’t be more excited for them as they take their passion projects to the next level!

Two of these recent projects were for a lovely and passionate woman named Toni Miranda who reached out to me at the start of the year.

Meeting her for the first time felt like a therapy session. (This is usually the case when a client is a perfect match!) She shared to me her life story, her dreams, and why she’s doing what she’s doing; and I listened to her thinking like, well, this is exactly why I’m doing what I doing!

Helping others launch their businesses and pursue their passions is right up my alley, and having met Miss Toni was quite an affirmation.

In a strategic standpoint, I must have branded my website quite well (right, right!) to be attracting the dreamiest clients I could imagine. But in the grand scheme of things, I know it’s simply God leading me to the right people, or Him leading them to me. 

I worked on two projects with her, one of which was her image consultancy biz.

Radiance Image Consultancy

A newly certified Image Consultant (by London Image Institute and Academy of Image Mastery), Toni Miranda launched Radiance Image Consultancy this year with the vision to empower individuals and professionals through full-on personal branding and transformational services.

Before meeting her I seriously didn’t know there are certifications for these things. Without being too technical, what image consultants do is a lot similar to what “personal stylists” and “personal brand strategists” do.

We do see some people offer personal branding workshops and services here and there, yeah? One of the things that make Radiance Image Consultancy different is how Miss Toni took a proper course from a highly acclaimed image institution to become a certified professional in this field. Add this up with years worth of corporate experience and several entrepreneurial pursuits, she definitely knows what she’s doing and totally equipped to do this unique job.

It goes without saying that all of her branding touch points have to reflect just that. The challenge is to make Radiance not only look and feel approachable but exude a level of professionality, authority, and excellence.

Here’s a little peek at Radiance’s collaterals and website mockup.

What I love about working with passionate women like Miss Toni is how they come to me needing my help, and leave me feeling more inspired by the time the project is over.

Next week I’ll share about her other project that I also had the pleasure of working on. Thank you again, Miss T, for the opportunity!

Here’s Radiance Image Consultancy’s website if you ever need personal branding and styling services.

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