Ephrathah Farms

Ephrathah Farms

Summer has long been over but we still keep looking back and reminiscing our time at Ephrathah Farms. Located in the quiet town of Badiangan, Iloilo, the farm has been there for a while, growing organic produce that are sold at SM Iloilo Supermarket.

With hectares of land and natural resources, it makes sense that the family who owns this piece of property would develop it and welcome others to enjoy this paradise; after all, you won’t really keep a place this beautiful to yourself would you? :)

And so early this year, the hotel and the resort were opened to the public; and in May, just as summer was about to end, we had the privilege of coming over to stay there for a couple of days. 

Ephrathah Farms

Ephrathah Farms

Ephrathah Farms

Ephrathah Farms


Ephrathah Farms

Ephrathah Farms Hotel and Resort is very family-friendly. We spent hours and hours in the swimming pool, mostly because we couldn’t get Dawn and Rain out of it! The water is warm, and there’s a kiddie pool and a private pool for hotel guests, as well as an olympic size lap pool and another kiddie pool which are open to the public.

Endless, endless blue skies, and lots of nature-tripping! I loved looking up and not see any wire obstructions in the sky while at Eprahthah Farms, except for the zipline, which is its own kind of awesome. Riding the zip is a great way to see a wide-angle view of Ephrathah Farms as it takes you from one end of the resort to another. There’s rappelling and wall climbing, and mountain bikes and ATVs. There’s also a jogging path that’s perfect for morning runs.

For a more relaxed appreciation of mother nature, there are options for boating, fishing and camping. You can also request for a tour around the plantation to see crops and farm animals, or a guided vegetable picking, perfect for organic food enthusiasts and families with kids. For sure, little ones will enjoy finally seeing what a real cow or a real chicken look like!

Ephrathah Glass Chapel

And then there’s the Glass Chapel, which is a beautiful venue for weddings. We were there to attend the reaffirmation wedding of our Tatay Ed and Nanay Rose, and just like their love story, this Glass Chapel was built with so much love, divine provisions, some challenges along the way, and lots of stories worth telling! The chapel is air conditioned, so you get both comfort and nature in one place.

What’s in a name

I did some reading while en route to Iloilo. After all, who doesn’t love hearing the story behind a name? Ephrathah Farms has a good one. In the Old Testament, the first mention of the name “Ephrath” is in Genesis. It was referred to as an ancient town somewhere close to Bethel.

In Milcah 5:2, it was prophesied—

But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.

Scholars believe that Ephrath or Eprathah is the old Bethlehem, the very place where Jesus was born, and Jesus is in fact the “one who will be ruler over Israel.” Bible commentaries also refer to it as “a place of fruitfulness, ‘the house of bread’, a proper place for Christ to be born in, who is the bread of life.”

I couldn’t quite take that amazing revelation off my mind as we were spending our time at Ephrathah Farms. Path ways were lined with verses from the Bible, and you cannot deny the presence of God in that place indeed.

Ephrathah Farms

Life with Twins

Owned by a family who is very close and dear to us, Ephrathah surely feels like our home away from home. We wish we could have stayed longer, but it’s great to know that there’s a place somewhere down south, one plane ride and 30 minutes away from Manila, that we can always come home to.

Whether you’re based in Iloilo or anywhere in West Visayas, or anywhere in the world even, Ephrathah Farms is definitely worth the trip. And while you’re there, make sure you stop to reflect on the verses hanging from the trees, breathe in the fresh air, and bask in the “fruitfulness” and the beauty of God’s creation.

And the zipline. Definitely take the zipline! You’ll have no regrets! (The Minions agree!)

Lastly, if you’re in the mood for some laughs and some stories, find Jonathan (also know as Tan Tan). He’ll make sure your stay is worth remembering! Hahaha. No kidding. Tan tan is the name. ;)

Ephrathah Farms Resort & Hotels

For more details about everything Ephrathah Farms has to offer, check out their site, EPHRATHAH.COM. You can also find their Facebook page HERE.

To book your stay, or to inquire for wedding/event venues,
you may contact them in the following numbers:

Landine: (033) 393-1090 ; (033) 393-1190
Globe: 0917 531-4686
Smart: 0908 490-4156


  1. You had me at organic food enthusiast. So the food served is also organic, no? Will go here when we visit Iloilo!!! :)

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