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We couldn’t have booked a staycation at a worse time. The weather was horrible, a typhoon just entered the country, classes were suspended, and many parts of the metro were flooded.

We got ourselves booked at Sofitel a few weeks ago, long before weather forecasts showed signs of a typhoon. We looked forward to take a dip in the pool, enjoy the outdoors, maybe even watch the sunset by the Manila bay. None of these were possible during our stay, and yet somehow our Sofitel experience couldn’t have been better still. It was a bed weather kind of week anyway, and staying in is definitely a good idea inside Sofitel’s luxurious guest rooms and indoor facilities.

The story of my life—everything worked out together for good after all. 





Other than going out to get food, we pretty much stayed in the whole time. We did ask the front desk about the Gymboree that we heard was somewhere inside the building, thinking maybe we could take the girls there, only we ended up losing track of time and being too lazy to get out of the room.

Thankfully, the girls were happy with the small stash of books and toys we brought with us, and my husband was satisfied with the hotel’s stash of movies.

I, meanwhile, was happy with my seemingly endless supply of coffee and that little corner of the room I claimed for myself during our stay. I intended to work a little bit but ended up just leisurely browsing through my favorite blogs and sites, taking in lots of inspiration, and watching the kids from where I was camped out.



We had the most satisfying (and for me, a much-needed) hibernation, ever. Droplets of rain trickled down the glass windows of the Superior Room that was all ours for a day. The faint sound of the wind and ocean waves lulled us to sleep, and we sunk deep into the soft sheets of our bed. I glanced at my husband, then at the two little humans we shared the bed with, and sighed in gratitude.

Yup. This is the life. 

It never gets old. That feeling of joy and contentment when you look at your family and you can’t stop thanking God. That moment when you know, everything you ever need in life is right there with you. I basked in a lot of those moments during our stay, and with Sofitel as our backdrop, surely I will never forget these moments for a very long time.


In the morning I decided to skip breakfast and stay with the kids while D checked out the breakfast buffet at Spiral.

Meal times are always a riot when you have toddlers tagging along, and although I would have loved to join my husband, I thought it would be a nice treat for him to have an uninterrupted and quiet breakfast on his own. Men need me-time too, after all, and true enough my husband came back energized like it’s the best breakfast he’s ever had in a while :)

Sofitel Manila

Sofitel Manila

Sofitel Manila

Yep. You can never have a perfect family selfie with twin toddlers.


Happy babies, happy mommy! (And vice versa.)

It’s worth noting that our Sofitel experience was top class; everything you can expect from the only 5-star hotel in the country.

We’re amazed at how our bathroom remained clean during our stay, like some elves would sneak inside to take out the trash or replace our towels without us noticing! At one point I needed some paracetamol too, which brought us to their sufficiently stocked hotel pharmacy. We didn’t take a lot of photos in the lobby but walking around the hotel, everyone was very warm and accommodating; in fact, Rain, the more sociable twin, made a lot of friends, from bellboys to hotel attendants to house keeping.

Considering we came at a bad time and were unable to use most of the outdoor facilities, we still most definitely enjoyed our stay, and would surely love to come back!

Sofitel, photos from my Instagram account

Sofitel, photos from my Instagram account

Sofitel, photos from my Instagram account

Much gratitude to The 100% Whole Mom ladies (Rica, Chesca and Marilen) who gifted me and my family this very generous Sofitel treat! Read about the Whole Mom launch from Rica’s blog HERE and Marilen’s blog HERE. Read also Rica’s blog about Sofitel HERE.

Special shout out to Charisse of Agoda and Corinna of Sofitel for arranging this for us! Thank you!!

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