I’ve been sooo behind my design posts! One of the things I want to do more this year is to blog about these amazing people who entrust their blog designs to me. The thing is, there’s just been a lot of design work lately that I couldn’t squeeze in blogging about them! (Story of my life.)


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This inspiration board came out in October last year (remember?), and it’s for Ate Michelle of Cabby Craft. She’s a doctor by profession, but she takes her passion for crafting and writing quite seriously, which is what her blog is all about. After having her blog on blogspot for years, she finally decided to buy her own domain name, move to WordPress, and to invest in her personal brand. Needless to say, I was so thrilled to be working with her! 

After we’ve laid down our color inspiration and style pegs, we started working on her logo and blog header. I presented her the following ideas, and (accidentally!) came up with a tagline for her brand. “Accidentally” because, I just came up with a sample tagline for use on the design, but she ended up loving it. Yay! :)

Handmade Lover, Curious Crafter. <3


We went back and forth with ideas, and in between discussions about the design, we would exchange personal stories too. It’s impossible to not talk about dreams and goals and passions when designing for these passionate bloggers. And I have to admit, getting to know these women I work with is part of the process that I really enjoy.

After a few email exchanges and some refining, this is Cabby Craft’s final branding board.


..after which, I began working on the site. Cabby Craft has an Etsy store, so instead of just a blog, we set up her homepage as a landing page that leads to her portfolio, projects, shop, blog, as well as her social media accounts. I also helped with setting up her web hosting, her domain name, and migrating her blog from Blogger to WordPress.



The final result is a responsive minimalist theme with green and blue hues, a statement hotpink accent, and lots of white spaces, which is perfect for her image-heavy content.

Thanks Ate Michelle, for letting me in your passion project. God bless you as you continue to pursue your passions for His glory. ;)

cd-logo-smallI offer wordpress, logo, and branding packages for creative people who dig modern and minimalist designs. Feel free to message me if you like what you see. Read my Design Process to know more. Or view my Design Portfolio and Facebook Page to get a feel of my work. Let’s create something beautiful together!


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