If there’s one day, just one day, in your life where you made a decision that changed you forever, when was it?

No, it wasn’t my wedding day, life-changing as it had been. Today I’m thinking of a day that’s quite similar to a wedding, because it also involves a life-long covenant, a bold decision, and a leap of faith.

June 11, 1994. I was 11 years old. I went with my Mom to their office, which also happened to be our church. My Mom works in our church, have I ever mentioned that? My Dad was a Pastor and my Mom partnered with him in that ministry for 33 years. Until now, even after my Dad passed away, Mom still works at SBCC. So I grew up there, attending (later on, teaching) Sunday schools, youth camps, Bible studies, fellowship groups, and tagging along wherever my parents went.

But it was on June 11, 1994 when it all became clear to me that being a Christian is not exactly inheritable. When your parents are Christians, that doesn’t make you one by default. Sure, parents can raise you up in a Christian environment, but their belief does not automatically become your belief. It’s a decision only YOU can make for yourself. And it’s a decision that God will call you to do.

And so I surrendered my life to Jesus that day in 1994. I remember praying with my Mom and shedding lots of tears. I remember understanding for the first time that Jesus Christ suffered and died in the cross because it’s the only way to save us from our sins.

“He loves us that much?”, I remember my 11-year-old self asking my Mom, wiping my tears away. Even until now, whenever I think about God’s goodness, I would find myself saying variations of that very sentence: Really, Lord? You love me that much?

What does an 11 year old girl know about making decisions anyway, you ask. I’m not sure how to answer that question either; being 11 felt too long ago. All I know is, I remember June 11, 1994 vividly, and that day was the start of this amazing ride. And although at times I find myself falling or bruising myself along the way, it’s God’s love for me that kept me going and moving forward in this journey of faith.

My faith story is not like Rica Peralejo‘s or Manny Pacquiao‘s (Go ahead, click those links, watch their stories and be blessed!). Theirs was a drastic decision to turn away from their old lives, while I grew up in church and didn’t have to adjust so much. But the Spirit that changed them is the same that worked in my life, and is continuously working in our lives. Truly, Jesus’ act of love 2,000 years ago, His death on the cross, has the power to redeem us from our self-destructive, sinful nature and give us eternal life.

If only we would let Him.

How? Just believe.

Believe that you need a Saviour, that you need Jesus Christ in your life. Believe that no amount of good works is enough to earn you eternal life, after all, heaven does not have a point system. All sins fall in the same category, and sin comes with a price. As it’s been said in Romans 6:23:

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” 

Not by works, just Jesus.

Believe. Surrender your life to Him. Let Him take over. That’s all it takes.

Is there one day in your life where you made a decision that changed your life forever?

This could be that day.


  1. “Believe. Surrender. Accept His gift of eternal life.” — wonderful action words. <3

    Praying that this post will reach specially those who needs to hear/read this :D

  2. I truly believe that God will use this post to minister to your readers. And to write a blog that tells about that faith you believe in and sharing it with others may be the “very” essence God led you to create this blog. ;)

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