..and it’s about time I did. (:

September 2011

True story. About a year ago (September 13, 2010 to be exact), I was in Hong Kong International Airport with David. He was flying back to New York but had to be on a 12-hour layover in HK; and me, well, I got myself round trip tickets just to spend those last 12 hours with him. And what an expensive 12 hours it was! Time can be costly, but when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you wouldn’t mind spending if it means more time. I remember how hard it was to say good bye. And I remember how my solo trip back to Manila seemed like the longest 4 hours of my life.

Oh how much has changed since then! He’s here with me now, we live under the same roof, and we never have to say good bye again (except maybe in the mornings when I leave for work, but okay, that doesn’t count). I often have to pinch myself, or exert extra effort to keep from smiling in the most random of moments. God has been awesome, and everyday we bask in His goodness and this new-found joy.

And our wedding.. our wedding was beautiful.

Today I’m going for round two of this 30-day blog challenge. I did this in August 2009 (remember those awesome things?) and I thought perhaps, it’s about time I start a new round. I’ll be posting mostly photos this time though, coz quite frankly, I’m not sure how to squeeze in writing in my growing list of responsibilities as a professional, a disciple, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and this just in, a wife.

I’m modifying White Peach Photography’s Photo Challenge for this purpose, and to make it sweeter, I’ll be sharing photos from our wedding.

So without further ado.. the photo list is below the fold. My 30-day challenge starts now. (:

DAY 1: Self-portrait – Self-portrait
DAY 2: What I wore – You saw me wear white
DAY 3: Clouds – Blue dream of sky
DAY 4: Something green – Thoughts about love, life and death
DAY 5: From a high angle – Precious moments with my Mom
DAY 6: From a low angle – When it’s clear this time you’ve found the one
DAY 7: Girlfriends – Bridesmaids
DAY 8: Family – Do you know who I really miss right now?
DAY 9: Details – Our travel-inspired wedding
DAY 10: Kids – A child can ask questions a wise man can’t answer
DAY 11: Something blue – Something new, something blue
DAY 12: Sunset – Beautiful things happen during sunset
DAY 13: A kiss – Kisses, G-tech, and looking forward to the weekend
DAY 14: Flowers – Unexpected beauty
DAY 15: Reflection – Imelyn Sanchez’ Make-up Artistry
DAY 16: Candid – Candid moment with my girlfriends
DAY 17: Technology – That swanky, forever-bound limo ride
DAY 18: Smile – Hello, I’m still swooning
DAY 19: Something purple – Feels good to be alive
DAY 20: Bokeh – Work of art + Labor of love = Treatbox
DAY 21: Moment I won’t forget – It’s those moments when, you know…
DAY 22: Hands – People around us are getting married
DAY 23: Sunflare – That spot where Dad would have been
DAY 24: Something pink – I remember how happy I was that day
DAY 25: Close-up – Inspired by a one year old post
DAY 26: From a distance – Live a life you won’t regret
DAY 27: Silhouette Typography- Fonts our wedding invites are made of
DAY 28: Black and white – Copy-pasting Chuck Swindoll
DAY 29: Portrait – It’s November 13!
DAY 30: Anything goes! – Home is wherever I’m with you

Photo credit: Sheila & Jorem Catilo


  1. Riz :) You have no idea how much your stories have inspired me and Mia, my friend who also lurks in here (hope you virtually meet her, too. Hehe). Basta, I feel like God’s been using your stories to help me navigate through and create mine. Everything–from QLC, to SEO, to the I Do’s!! I feel like I’m sounding like a fangirl na, pero you’re really a mentor of sorts to me. Something like that. I’ll be blogging about this na lang.XDDD

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