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Pursuit Community

Pursuit Community was founded in 2010 for a small group of Christian female photographers in the US, and was then called “Pursuit 31” (based on the Proverbs 31 woman). Since then, Pursuit has grown into a global community of, not just photographers, but women in various creative fields who live to bring God glory through their work, their homes, and their lives. Every year we have Pursuit Community Conferences held in Georgia, which attracts a lot of female creatives around the country. We also have a hundred small groups meeting online and locally across 30 states, including local groups in Canada and Asia. God showed us that our number priority should be relationships, gathering together, and loving on the people right where we are– which are at the heart of everything we do.

Who is Pursuit Community for?

Pursuit Community is for the creative women–photographers, writers, bloggers, artists, song writers, calligraphers, designers, florists, stylists, crafters, creative business owners and the like. We find that one thing we have in common with each other is our desire to create somethingto reflect the beauty of The Creator. And because we’re all creatives, we support each other, pray together, and talk about our creative businesses and pursuits.

Pursuit Manila

Pursuit Manila was launched in the Philippines in January 2015 and, because it’s the first of its kind in our country, has attracted a lot of Christian female creatives in Manila. An average of 30 women come together every month to worship together, pray, encourage one another, learn from each other, and grow in our faith. And we come home from every gathering feeling more inspired to pursue our calling as a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, while also pursuing our creative passions.

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This photo gets me all sorts of teary. Gods love for his daughters blows my mind. 4 years ago Pursuit was born out of my need for like minded, Jesus loving friends. Today the mission to cultivate community among christian creatives has wrapped all the way around the globe. And honestly… I’m feeling all the feelings. Excited, scared, humbled, amazed, grateful… There’s no way to describe what it’s like to step out on a journey all alone only to find yourself being carried and encouraged by strangers turned sisters just a few years later. I’m overwhelmed by His goodness and so thankful for all of the beautiful hearts that make up #pursuitcommunity. Thank you to all of you. For showing up, for joining in, for breaking down walls and reaching for the stars. For walking this incredible journey alongside all of us and being brave enough to believe that there’s room enough for all of us in this adventure. You truly are the good ones. And it’s such an honor to do life with you… Even across the miles. Truly truly hoping that 2015 allows me to meet many more of you face to face and give you giant hugs! Anyone up for that? Where should I go? Love you all more than words can say. Your hearts encourage me daily and I’m so grateful God has brought us together. xoxo, @intentionalhome * Thank you @rhizaoyos for leading this #pursuitgatherings in the Philippines. You are such a light and we are so grateful. #pursuitmanilla

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Pursuit Community

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