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The 100% Whole Mom Launch

100% Whole Mom

Chesca Kramer, Rica Peralejo, Marilen Montenegro

I can tell this story from two perspectives: First, from behind the scenes where I got to witness how this passion project came to life, from drawing board to launch date, from vision to reality. And second, as one of the many Moms who are (and will be) inspired and empowered by this passion project.

It has been such an honor to be in both sides of the fence, and I couldn’t be any more proud of the 100% Whole Mom ladies.

Rica, Marilen and Chesca

These women need no introductions! We watched them on TV growing up, and we all have seen them bloom from child actresses and teen models to influential women and moms. But what we couldn’t see from the other side of the TV screen or from the glossy pages of a magazine is how the Lord has been preparing them for something bigger than showbiz.

As mothers themselves, this passion to inspire and empower other moms has grown too big for their hearts to keep, and it was just so brilliant how the Lord brought the three of them together to make this vision a reality.

So after months of brainstorming sessions, Facebook messages and planning, 100% Whole Mom was finally launched, and it wasn’t like any other media launches. Mostly it was a special treat for us moms, a declaration of God’s work in us, and a celebration of motherhood. (more…)


The Paradise that is Ephrathah Farms

Ephrathah Farms

Ephrathah Farms

Summer has long been over but we still keep looking back and reminiscing our time at Ephrathah Farms. Located in the quiet town of Badiangan, Iloilo, the farm has been there for a while, growing organic produce that are sold at SM Iloilo Supermarket.

With hectares of land and natural resources, it makes sense that the family who owns this piece of property would develop it and welcome people to come in and enjoy this paradise; after all, you won’t really keep a place this beautiful to yourself would you? :)

And so early this year, the hotel and resort were opened to the public; and in May, just as summer was about to end, we had the privilege of coming over to stay there for a couple of days.  (more…)

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Chasing Dreams, Year 6


Chasing Dreams

Exactly one month ago, on June 19, this blog (quietly) turned 6 years old. It always feels like it’s my birthday when this blog turns another year, and I can’t help but wax poetic about how this little space in the web has changed my life.

The truth is, blog posts like this are the hardest ones to write, especially since I’ve written several versions of this over the past 6 years. But words have to be said, milestones have to be time-stamped, gratitude has to be expressed. I will always be grateful for this platform that the Lord has given me, and for the countless of blessings and opportunities that came with Chasing Dreams.

This blog has seen me through my cynical and rebellious yearsto finding love and losing it and finding it againthrough heart breaks, deaths and being alonethrough places, wasted plane tickets, Hillsong and detours; from Sydney to New York and my endless moving from one place to anotherthrough making a long distance relationship workplanning a weddingbecoming a wife, surviving pregnancy and embracing motherhood; celebrations, career growth, passion projectsPursuit Community, growing in faith, the continuous pursuit for my calling and purpose. This blog has seen me grow in so many levels, and I’m so humbled that anyone would keep reading this thing, much more that anyone would walk alongside me in this journey.

The best things

Yesterday someone messaged me out of the blue, thanking me for being one of the first people who inspired her to write. I’ve met a lot of friends and made a significant amount of income and business through this space; but the best kind of affirmation, really, is knowing that somehow this blog has become a channel of blessing and inspiration to another person. It’s humbling and mind-blowing how the Lord affirms to me and reminds me why this space even exists, and why I should keep trying.

The best things that came out of this blog, indeed, are the opportunities to contribute to other people’s dreams, to see them find their voice, their purpose, their place in this world. I’m grateful for the chance to meet other women who uphold the same faith and values and passions, that we can encourage and strengthen each other in our individual pursuits. And I love that I get to do all of these while preserving trinkets of my days in this little space. 

Passion Cards, Chasing Dreams edition (and a giveaway!)

To celebrate this 6th year, I’ve put together a new set of Passion Cards, the Chasing Dreams edition, which is now available in the shop. It comes with 11 cards (instead of the usual 10), with carefully curated quotes and Bible verses that I hope will inspire you in your journey to make those dreams happen! You can buy this special edition HERE.

But wait, there’s more. :) I’ve put together some of my favorite things—paper, pens, washi tape (from Art and Sky!) and some passion cards—and doing a little giveaway! Visit my Instagram to know more!

Ready for Year 7? :)

Dream on, dreamers, dream on!

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Recently: Our 5-Star Family Staycation at Sofitel




We couldn’t have booked a staycation at a worse time. The weather was horrible, a typhoon just entered the country, classes were suspended, and many parts of the metro were flooded.

We got ourselves booked at Sofitel a few weeks ago, long before weather forecasts showed signs of a typhoon. We looked forward to take a dip in the pool, enjoy the outdoors, maybe even watch the sunset by the Manila bay. None of these were possible during our stay, and yet somehow our Sofitel experience couldn’t have been better still. It was a bed weather kind of week anyway, and staying in is definitely a good idea inside Sofitel’s luxurious guest rooms and indoor facilities.

The story of my life—everything worked out together for good after all.  (more…)

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It’s The Little Things: 02


It's the little things 02

I’m normally a navy blue and grey kinda girl, but I’m going through a blush-and-mint phase right now. I don’t know why! Anyway. Two weeks ago I started an “It’s The Little Things” series here because of my love for discovering new brands, and being intentional in choosing products I support or buy for myself.

Hence, I thought I’d list and share some of these little things that make me happy and inspired and hope that you find something that you will love yourself. Here are my happy little things this week!  (more…)

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