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Pursuit Manila: Thank God it’s Momday


It’s been exactly a month since Pursuit Manila’s special Mother’s Day gathering at Karen’s Kitchen. If you’ve been following the hashtags, you know that many of us couldn’t stop talking about this gathering for weeks!

Few days after the gathering, I tear up when I think about what just happened there. Few weeks later, reading Marilen and Martine and Rica’s posts still bring tears to my eyes. One month later, my supply of Sanicare tissue has ran out, as well as the tears, but I think I speak for the other moms when I say that what happened that day left an indelible mark in our hearts. (Not to mention, “Sanicare” will forever be Pursuit Manila Moms’ term for kakaiyak moments. #insidejoke)

Since words are failing me, I’m going fill this page up with photographs and stories from the other Moms who were there instead. :) (more…)

Married Life

Married Life is Beautiful


Let me just say, walking alongside this guy has so far been one epic adventure. To think we’ve only just begun.

Yesterday during our Nanay and Tatay’s reaffirmation wedding, all the couples were called in front for a (sort of) game, and we found ourselves in the middle of couples who’ve been together for decades. We’re together for only almost 4 years, and being the youngest couple there we were so humbled and inspired by the love that surrounded us—the kind that lasts through hurdles and storms and growth and age.

Marriage can be a nightmare if not done right, but it sure is a beautiful, beautiful thing when done with the right person, and with loads of God’s grace. I’m so blessed to be in this one with D, a lifetime thanking God is not enough.

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Celebrations, Moments Like This

Overcoming Fear, and Turning 32




It may be a running joke, that you lose track of your age when you reach 30, but it actually happens. These days, when someone asks me how old I am, I have to stop for a moment, think hard, and compute years in my head.

Maybe forgetfulness comes with age.  Maybe there’s more important things to think about. Maybe we don’t want to be reminded that we’re getting old. Then again, maybe age doesn’t really matter. One thing I’m sure of, birthdays have never been the same since these two (and their Daddy!) happened in my life, each year better than the last. Simpler, quieter, but more meaningful than ever.

This year I had some much-needed quality time (and impromptu dinner!) with family, a box of cupcakes, lots of hugs and kisses, lots of time to reflect and slow down. Just the way I like it.

On my birthday, God’s word to me was short and sweet:

Do not fear.

And once again I marvel at how He knows exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. He really must know how much fear has been crippling me lately! Fears of regretting my choices, not being able to meet expectations, losing opportunities, failing at motherhood, creepy stalkers, planes crashing, sickness, earthquakes, death.

Seriously, if “Over Analyst” is a profession, I’ll take the job. I’m ten thousand steps ahead of anything which is sometimes good when I need to make calculated steps, but oftentimes unnecessary and paralyzing. Overanalyzing is natural to me, and lately my thoughts have become fears and they’ve consumed me more than I can handle. The struggle is real.

It dawned on me that my fears have started to alter the way I see myself in light of God’s character and sovereignty. They make me focus on my circumstances, my inability, and the cruelty of this world, rather than focus my eyes on God’s love, goodness, and omnipotence.

Do not fear. I am with you. I am your God.

How else can anyone dwell on her fears if she has THAT assurance?

Sure, there will always be trials and suffering and tribulations in this world, and we’re human beings who are prone to wander (and in my case, prone to overthink). But the God who created the universe is with me, and He happens to be in control of this life.

I’m holding on to that promise. And I’m ready to face another year with so much hope and excitement in my heart. The Lord is with me. He is my God. I need not fear.

Design Projects

Cheerful Journey: Branding and Blog Design

Cheerful Journey

I’ve been learning a lot about how important it is to find the right clients. As creatives, even though we have similar processes, we have different ways of translating a vision or an idea. Over the past year, I learned that my most satisfied clients are the ones who come to me because they’ve seen my work and feel that my style and my vision resonate with their own.

These are people who trust in my ability to help make their dreams happen and translate their personality and vision into a brand. On my end, these are the clients I enjoy working with and am proud to place on my portfolio because they reflect my design style well. It’s a win-win scenario—they’re happy with my work, and I’m happy doing the work.

That said, Audrey of Cheerful Journey is one of those clients I haven’t met yet, but we just instantly clicked (or at the very least, our style clicked!). And who wouldn’t enjoy translating an inspiration board like that one above, yeah?  (more…)

Pursuit Community

Pursuit Manila x Ashes to Beauty

When Julianne stepped into the room of Pursuit Manila’s first ever gathering, fashionably late I must add (haha), I heard a collective gasp in the room. My gasp, included. Sure, I saw the names of the women who signed up, but since she went by (apparently) her real name, Julie, it didn’t register to me that she’s The Julianne whose Youtube channel and Soundcloud I quietly followed growing up. Talk about starstruck.

I got to know her a bit more since then, found out that we have several things in common, like being 1983 babies, Pastor’s kids, web and graphic designers, living in the same city, among others. Just like with many of my Pursuit Community friends, it feels like I’ve known Julie for years even when I’ve only met her this year. Suddenly she’s not anymore an “artista” but a good friend and sister in Christ.

A collaboration (and friendship) was born.  (more…)

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