February 2015 on Instagram

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For a month that’s so short, I think I instagrammed way too much. :) ‘Couldn’t help it if the month was full of so many instagram-worthy moments. It’s the month of love after all!

My kind of Valentines. The night before Valentines Day I told my husband I wanted a bouquet of asters, and we went around the mall and the Catholic church nearby to find a flower vendor who sells only asters. We couldn’t find any, to my dismay. Just the same, I woke up in the morning with a bouquet of asters (and some carnations in this lovely shade of pink that I love) from my husband, and I marvel once more how this guy makes even my small wishes come true. We also picked up this pink ombre cake from our favorite cakery, The Royal Piccadilly, and prepared a special home-cooked dinner at home. Definitely my kind of Valentines Day. ♥  (more…)

Pursuit Manila: Because He First Loved Us

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Pursuit Manila

A lot of people have been asking me what Pursuit is all about, and sometimes I find it hard to describe it in just one sentence. The standard answer is, “We’re a community of (female) creatives who live to bring God glory through our work, our homes and our lives,” but if I could sit down with you for an hour, I could describe it in a dozen more paragraphs! So I post these recaps of our gatherings to give you a picture of who we are and what we do. I hope these posts answer your questions with great detail! :)

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Because He First Loved Us

When for some reason the Lord brings talented, creative and passionate women together in one place, expect beautiful things. Also, an instant sisterhood, even though most of us have only met each other that day! We had our Pursuit Manila gathering last February 21, and here I am, one week later, still in a state of hangover. I have enough praises and stories (and photographs!) to last me a month, really. That is, until I see these women again.

We called the gathering “Because He First Loved Us“, the reason why we do any of these to begin with. The February gathering is special because it’s the month of love, and we want to take that opportunity to celebrate this Love that’s so great it moves us to love others even in difficult situations, to find beauty in the ordinary days, and to have courage to pursue our God-given passions.  (more…)

Carmela’s Journal: Blog & Logo Design

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Carmela's Kitchen

dessert table / logochevron clutches / cake / garlandperfume / tea cup set

Back in the day, I would change my blog’s design quarterly, or anytime I feel like it. My favorite colors of the month would reflect in my blog design, and if you knew me back then, my color preferences changed quite a lot. It wasn’t until I got serious about personal branding that I stopped changing my online identity too much. I still find myself restless with layout and typography sometimes, but mostly I’ve maintained my color preferences to a minimum.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to play with colors, still. These days I get my color therapy from the blogs I design. I suppose all those years playing with color hexes prepared me for this! :) Needless to say, I had so much fun working on Carmela’s lavender and mint color palette, which, I found out later on, is also her upcoming wedding motif. ♥

After Carmela and I exchanged messages and pegs for her food/recipe blog, I just swooned. This lady has got some sweet taste! And of course I mean that both style- and culinary- wise. A pastry chef, food writer and the owner of Casa San Luis, Carmela blogs about her kitchen adventures, her business, tidbits of her daily life and everything in between.  (more…)

Keeping it Healthy with Juice Hut

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 Juice Hut Pure Blends

Juice Hut Almond Drinks

It’s true what older people would say. When you reach the age of 30, you start feeling all sorts of body pains; you get tired, and sick, and fat (tell me about it) more easily; you can’t even do all-nighters anymore! You find yourself looking back and reminiscing your younger years when you can eat anything and not get fat, when you can stay awake for 36 hours straight to beat a deadline and still manage to party afterwards to celebrate your beating the deadline. Relate much?

Yep. Gone are those days.

And so you are forced to become more intentional—in the way you manage your time and take care of your mental and physical well-being. You learn to eat more healthy, you start reading fineprints on food packaging, and you learn to accept that you don’t have the physical capacity of a vampire and you need to get some sleep!

Lately I’ve also been pondering a lot about good stewardship. Everything is God’s, and we have to take care of the things He entrusts to us. This includes our resources, gifts, relationships, and our bodies.

That said, I’m somewhere along that path of transitioning to a healthier way of life.   (more…)

Pursuit Manila: Come Join us this February

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Pursuit Gathering, February

It’s here! Pursuit Manila’s February Gathering is happening and it’s going to be an afternoon filled with crepes, tea, God’s message of love, and lots of sweet little things!

This February 21 we want to remember and celebrate God’s love that’s so great it’s impossible to not be moved to create beautiful things that reflect His love, to love even in trying circumstances, and to be a blessing to people beyond our comfort zones.  (more…)

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