Sweet November 2014 on Instagram

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Sweet November 2014

It’s been a long time since I last did an Instagram Monthly post, and I thought I should do it again, and I thought the past month deserved one. Because I realized today (just today, really) that November is my most favorite month of the year. Looking at Novembers past, I couldn’t be more right in my recent realization. November is definitely a favorite.

It’s the month to look back and remember the lives of those who went ahead of us, and to be thankful for the life we now live. It’s the celebration of the past and the present. It begins with bittersweet memories and ends in joyful celebrations; with mourning and then dancing. It’s the season of Thanksgiving and rejoicing. Of leaves turning, and winds shifting, and wardrobes changing.

November is like, the calm before the storm. A time to breathe before the holiday rush takes over the malls, the roads, our homes. It’s a time of transitions and courageous pursuits, of leaps of faith and quiet reflections.

It’s the last chapter before the last chapter, where the story wraps up and culminates for the big finale. It’s quite an important month, really, but most of us won’t know it until it’s over.

Thank you, sweet November, for all the sweet moments, and for ushering us to December beautifully. We shall see you again next year.

Courageous Content Creation Workshop, 01

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Courageous Content Creation 01

The funny thing about our recently concluded workshop was, I came to teach women what I know about being courageous in their creative pursuits, and came out of it feeling like I learned more from them than they did from me.

All seats taken, the room was filled with creative and courageous women from all walks of life—mothers, pregnant mothers, professionals, entrepreneurs, writers, wedding planners, a doula!, a yoga teacher, a fresh graduate.. everyone is different and yet we’re all somehow the same—we came because we dared to make the first step into pursuing our dreams.

It was a beautiful day for telling stories, and being honest, and finding courage. We shared our visions and dreams. We talked about our fears. We breathed in each other’s passion and excitement, and found a sense of validation from one another. We discussed content creation trends and rules, and then we talked about how to break those rules. It was truly a learning experience, not only for the workshop attendees, but also for Martine and me. (more…)

How to Throw a Surprise Baby Shower, Mothercare Edition

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Surprise Baby Shower for Martine

There’s no better excuse for baby retail therapy and mommy get-together than a good baby shower. So when a special mommy friend is expecting a baby girl, and she happens to be the Queen Blissmaker who’s known for some of the best workshops and events in town, gather up your team and plan to throw the best, most blissful, most memorable surprise baby shower, ever!

Here’s the clincher: Plans will fail, and the baby shower will not be the best one ever, nope, but for sure, it will be one for keeps. Here’s how to do it.  (more…)

Home Inspiration: Online Retail Therapy

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Dream Home

I love that the Philippines is catching up a little in the online retail market and starting to see local brands set up shop online. I remember a couple of years back, how frustrated I was browsing through the Ikea website, knowing that it’s not reasonable to purchase items because the shipping costs are ginormous. One night when I couldn’t sleep and was feeling a bit sad, I swiped my card to buy an Ikea furniture (this red Ikea rexbo ladder, which is now phased out) and had it shipped from China. Naturally, I felt remorse the following morning when I realized what I had done. The shipping cost was more than the price of the furniture, ack.

That was then, and this is now. Years later, I am no longer a reckless, impulsive online shopper who didn’t think too much about how she spent her money. No credit to my own self-control really, none of this was my doing. I think it’s more of a natural (and divine!) coming of age. Because of my new role and my new life as a wife and mother, I am forced—and I use that word in a good way—to try to be responsible and think many times over before purchasing anything at all.   (more…)

Design Process: It All Begins with Inspiration

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pillow / outfit / mug / interiors / earrings / workspace / heart

Creating an inspiration board is a crucial first step in designing anything. As the client, it’s the part of the process where you scour the web for pegs and inspiration that will set the course for the entire project. As the designer, this is the part where we put together what the client has gathered, along with some additional ideas of our own, into a cohesive “look” that will serve as a guide in designing your brand.

While creating the inspiration board is probably the most enjoyable part of the process, it can also be the most overwhelming. Pinterest, alone, is brimming with ideas and beautiful imagery, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up having an inspiration board that is just.. all over the place. You might end up wanting too many colors or too many fonts, or too many ideas. As a designer, I help my clients refine their choices.

The result is something like the one above. As you would have noticed, it’s the inspiration board I created for Chasing Dreams. ;)

After finalizing the inspiration board and creating the logo design, I then create a final brand board that serves as guide in designing the website and marketing assets like business cards, media kits, brochures, etc.  (more…)

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