This free e-course is created primarily for and creatives who want to take their blogging to a whole new level of meaning and purpose.

Whether you want to have a more intentional blog strategy, or you’re feeling stuck and uninspired that blogging has become a chore, Blogging with a Purpose is exactly what you need.

Blogging with a Purpose

As someone who has recently gone through a prolonged creative drought and blogging burnout myself, I find that the feeling of overwhelm is usually a result of a shift in goals, purpose, or seasons in life.

It’s important, therefore, to occasionally go back to the drawing board and re-assess your blog strategy.

For 7-days I will send you lessons and 3 accompanying worksheets that will help you:

  • Re-define your purpose for blogging
  • Identify your blog #goals
  • Carve out your unique niche
  • Dig in to the heart of your target readers
  • Unravel your passions and strengths so you can..
  • Begin creating an inspired message that attracts the right people.
  • Plus some personal stories and lessons I gained from over 10 years of professional and leisure blogging.

And it’s totally FREE, just in case you missed that part. ;)


See what these bloggers saying

“My blog was on sabbatical for months. The inspiration wasn’t there anymore that I decided to stop writing. However, while I was having a pity party, the Lord has given me the opportunity to work as a researcher and writer. Funny how the Lord works, right? Slowly I’ve been getting pocket-sized inspirations to blog again. As I inch my way to the online scene, the Blogging with a Purpose E-Course has been a great help in getting my groove back. I’m so eager to refocus and probably rebrand the blog soon.” ~JUDE

“I signed up for a one-week Blogging with a Purpose e-course, because my little online space stalled in the middle of nowhere for years now and just lately, the urge to share to the world has been so strong I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I feel like I have something to say and I have people in my circle to reach out to. Here’s to Day 1, I’m all in! Thank you @rhizaoyos for inspiring me and for sharing this course generously.” ~LAIDEL MAY


P.S. This e-course is for bloggers and blogging creatives, but you’re still free to register (and peek!) if you don’t have a blog yet. ;)

Ready? Let’s go!

Take the Blogging with a Purpose E-Course

A FREE 7-day e-course designed for bloggers and creatives who want to take their blog to a whole new level of meaning and purpose.

This e-course will take you back to the drawing board, unravel your passion and purpose for blogging, with an end-result of creating more intentional blog content that will attract the right target readers.

Worksheets included!

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