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April 2013 on Instagram

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Can you imagine me smiling from ear to ear and wiping tears off my eyes while putting together these collages? Yaikes. Nanay na nanay lang ang peg. Someday, when Dawn & Rain are teenagers, they’ll read these stuff and think their mom is being overly cheesy! Sorry, kids.

Dawn & Rain <3

April on Instagram: Sweet Rain

April on Instagram: Happy Dawn

April on Instagram: Bed Circus

But how can I look at these pictures and not be cheesy and so overwhelmed with joy? Di nga? How?

Since last month, the girls have been learning to roll over and explore every corner of our bed even in their sleep. Lots of bed circus happening around here these days; my husband and I would wake up in the morning with their tiny arms and legs on our faces. That’s 2 sets of arms and legs ha, mind you.

We’re seeing a lot of personality even more now too. Dawn is obviously the more funny twin, while Rain is the more articulate one. The usual scenario is, Rain babytalks, and Dawn laughs. Or Rain smiles, and Dawn makes faces. They’ve also started interacting a lot more now. Sometimes we would catch them smiling at each other like they have secrets. It drives us nuts.

April on Instagram: Loves of my Life

You know what’s really cool? Looking back and seeing how different this April was from last year’s. Last year I was dealing with morning sickness and getting used to pregnancy and sleeping a lot.

One year later.. and here we are. A-ma-zing.

x o x o

A month wouldn’t pass without quality time with loved ones and friends. April 2013 highlights two sets of cousins visiting from Australia, both from Bud’s side and mine—it was lovely catching up with Kuya Mitch and Ate Dots, and Jason and Neil. Joni & Mae spent time with the girls for the first time too, and I wonder when I will see them again *cough*. Ninong Dave and Ninang Nory, our disciplers, celebrated their birthdays. We spent a lot of time with our families in Caloocan and Las Pinas. And then there was our godson Ziki’s birthday celebration, a book party that my girlfriend Normi lovingly DIY-ed.

April on Instagram: Ohana

April on Instagram: Ziki's Birthday

What a beautiful month April was, and now, May is about to end too! Funny when you start to think that this one month was the best month ever, and then the following month becomes even better. You know?

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March 2013 on Instagram

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March on Instagram

March on Instagram

March on Instagram

March on Instagram

March highlights a trip to the park in Bud’s childhood hometown (we don’t have a park in our subdivision, it would have been nice to make this a regular thing!); and some baby-less dates. The crying has lessened significantly, and my husband and I can get away more now to have some coffee, or go to the mall, or run, or play pingpong.

And then there are the usual moments with the twins, playing, laughing, sleeping, drooling. The thought that this is now our “usual” still makes me feel.. wow. Never gets old.

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February 2013 on Instagram

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February on Instagram

February on Instagram

February on Instagram

February on Instagram

February is a peculiar month. For something labeled as “the month of love”, I sometimes wonder why it had to be the shortest month of the year. When I was a full-time employee, I loved Februarys because we get our full salary even though we came to work 1 or 2 days short of the usual. :p As I once said, this blog had been a witness to some of my happy February days.  February 2010February 2011February 2012. February 2013.

February this year came and left us with good times and bed times (uh-uh! see what I did there?), and lots of special happenings with the people we love. Rachel, one of those girls I was telling about in that post, got married. My husband and I went to Tagaytay with our married friends. And we spent the last week of February with D’s parents who were in the country for a short trip. A lot of days were also spent getting stuff ready for Dawn & Rain’s dedication. And then there were times we just spend in bed, all four of us, laughing and being all silly! It was surely a full and happy month.

Thank you, February, for all the love!

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January 2013 on Instagram

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Hello. So I’ve been attaching black-and-white photographs on my 30 Days of Gratitude series (which still has about 2 weeks remaining!), but I don’t want the whole 30 days to pass by without a dash of color in this blog. After all, the past weeks have been colorful. Here’s our colorful month of January on Instagram:

January on Instagram

January on Instagram

January on Instagram

January on Instagram

January on Instagram

January on Instagram

This month we’ve witnessed some real smiles, answered prayers, countless of sweet moments with the twins, and an entire village of friends helping us raise these little ones. There was a back-to-back wedding, my brother’s 31st birthday which coincided with the twins’ 3-month-mark, SBCC’s 39th anniversary, and Manny Pacquiao up close and personal.

And then there were too many Instagrams of our sleeping beauties. It’s that time of their little lives where they’re asleep more than they’re awake, which we try to enjoy as much as we can before they start running around and needing even more attention. I think someday I’m going to miss this phase!

If it’s indeed true that the first month of the year is an indication of what the rest of the year is going to be, then it looks like we’re going to have one crazy [insert synonyms of amazing here] year ahead of us. Well, bring it on! :)

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December 2012 on Instagram

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And that’s just about how fast and how busy December was—the whole month passed by without a word in this blog, I’m suddenly not sure where all the days went. Each day seemed to have blended on each other, making me feel like December was just one super long day that was suddenly gone in a blink. Kudos to Facebook and Instagram for conveniently being the keeper of these fleeting moments, especially when time does not allow for long journal entries or carefully processed photographs.

This is how our December looked like on Instagram:

Pink Christmas Tree

Daddy's Birthday

Christmas Sunday

Family Reunions

Precious Moments

Highlights of the month include a pink Christmas tree, my husband’s 29th birthday, a musical Christmas sunday in church, family reunions, and lots of precious moments with our twins. It’s the first Christmas we have babies tagging along everywhere we go, which included a 3-day vacation in Antipolo, a long weekend in my husband’s home in Las Pinas, Sundays in church, and Christmas parties here and there. Can I just say, packing and unpacking baby stuff is craaayyzeee. It’s like you have to carry the whole house with you each time! And while it’s been the craziest, most toxic holiday yet, it’s also the most fulfilling one so far.

I wasn’t able to take as much photographs as I wanted and used to take, what with both hands always full, but I wish I’d still get to post the few ones I took soon.

Here’s to hoping you had a full, meaningful, and memorable Christmas season yourself. :)

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