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February 2015 on Instagram

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For a month that’s so short, I think I instagrammed way too much. :) ‘Couldn’t help it if the month was full of so many instagram-worthy moments. It’s the month of love after all!

My kind of Valentines. The night before Valentines Day I told my husband I wanted a bouquet of asters, and we went around the mall and the Catholic church nearby to find a flower vendor who sells only asters. We couldn’t find any, to my dismay. Just the same, I woke up in the morning with a bouquet of asters (and some carnations in this lovely shade of pink that I love) from my husband, and I marvel once more how this guy makes even my small wishes come true. We also picked up this pink ombre cake from our favorite cakery, The Royal Piccadilly, and prepared a special home-cooked dinner at home. Definitely my kind of Valentines Day. ♥

I started lettering again. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I tried to learn a bit of calligraphy, only I realized that I’m not very good (and not very patient) with calligraphy ink and nibs. Earlier this year I tried to take on a brush pen instead and my, did I FALL IN LOVE WITH IT. So I’ve been making a lot of mess around here lately, with my new best friend Koi brush, and just in, this Zig Cocoiro brush tip. I think I found the tools that work for me. :)


And then there’s Pursuit Manila, and our special Valentines gathering last Feb 21. The event was just one day, but the preparation for that took weeks of sleepless nights, non-stop vibering, and a lot of moments asking God how and why. I took the 21 Day Seek Devotional Prayer & Fasting with the global Pursuit Community, and I still can’t get over how the Lord has spoken to me in that period of time, and how He encouraged and empowered me to take leaps of faith.


They’re called “Passion Cards”. We finally decided what to call these little cards of inspiration. We released a new set of cards for the ladies of Pursuit Manila, my own personal commitment every month for Pursuit gatherings. And you bet, this deserves a separate post. :)


Work is as busy as ever. When you start to notice that this blog is not being updated, it probably means I’m over at the Spiralytics blog more. ;) And once again I’m grateful for this job that I get to do at home, for a boss who believes in me, and for design work I get to do at night when everyone is asleep. I’ve never lost as much sleep as now, but you know what they say—when you love what you do, most times it wouldn’t really feel like work at all.


These ME-times keep me sane. Most of the time it includes a mug of caffeinated drink and some sweets. Sometimes it includes walking a few blocks to a nearby coffee shop, or a late night cap with my husband. These short moments of bliss recharge me and keep me going throughout the day I’m starting to think I should take more Me-times! Lol. But really. Do it. Step away from your laptop. Take a break. Get a mug of coffee. Take a walk with someone who makes you happy. It will do you wonders.


And then there’s my little family, my team, the wind beneath my wings, yesss. We’ve been enjoying a lot of afternoon walks, and sitting around the dining table at the end of the day to eat and laugh at each other (ok, mostly me and my husband laughing at them) and learning new words and singing new songs. They’re growing too fast, and I’m keeping as much memories as I can to remember these days.

Instagram has been a source of inspiration and a channel for me to share little snippets of my life. How have you been using your instagram account lately? :)

January 2015 on Instagram

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I was so tempted to start this post with the usual “where did January go?” cliche, except I don’t really have to ask. I know exactly where January went. It was spent pursuing passions and transitioning to a new house and making time for what truly matters. And in true Princess Anna fashion, I can say that, for the first time in forever, I’m very happy about how this year has taken off.

There’s the time spent putting goals into paper and plans into action. After all, it’s the year I committed to pursue, and I intend to do that purposefully and meaningfully. This Day Designer is like, my most favorite tool these days! It’s huge, by the way, to be carried around everywhere, but I love that I can have all of my tasks, and devotion notes, and schedule, all in one pretty ring-bound book.

There were lots of time spent with family. Watching movies at home, walking around our new neighborhood, reading a book, singing songs, dancing silly moves. I realized I haven’t spent a lot of time with friends in a long while, but that’s okay. Truth is, I’ve grown to embrace and love this part about being an introverted Mommy. I just loove spending time with the girls, and *swoon* their Daddy. It gets better, ladies, it does. ;)

Moving to this new (and bigger) house has done wonders for us, really, I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. We spend more time at home (unlike in the old apartment where we would always come up with so many excuses to go out!), there’s more space for the girls to run around, I get to have my own corner to retreat to when I have to work, and because we now have a separate kitchen, my husband and I are both inspired to have more home-cooked meals. The stress and the hurdles we had to go through to move in was so worth it.

And then there’s Pursuit Community, Manila. The most amazing surprise I received this month. It was never part of the plan, leading this community. And yet the Lord handed this opportunity to me, and it landed on my lap just when I felt like there’s no more space left in my plate for another commitment. Indeed there’s joy in saying YES to God, following His lead, and watching Him make things happen. Last Saturday the first ever Pursuit Manila gathering happened, and it was a success. But I think this one deserves a separate post.

A sidenote: The bottom-left photograph with the little girls is from a date I had with Sheila, their Mom. She’s a high school / college friend and now, a Pursuit sister. ;)

Lastly, lots of me-time moments. It took me a while to really understand how valuable these me-times are for us Mommies. I used to feel horrible about taking time off, like I’m being a terrible Mom and employee when I step away from my kids and my laptop. The fact is, these breaks are actually good for the soul; it makes us become more effective, creative, and in the end, more productive.

So I take advantage of those slivers of time to rest and recharge. Whether reading the Bible, or enjoying a mug of hot coffee (while it’s still hot), or being crafty, or going out on dates with the husband for an excuse to put on make-up!, or taking an afternoon walk to stop and smell the (and buy some) flowers.

You know what they say about the first month of the year setting the course for the entire year? I’m not always a believer of that, because I tend to be lazy and to take things slow in January. But this January is actually quite a good start. I think I’m going to maintain this frequency.

Bring it on, February. Game on.

December 2014 on Instagram

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While others are already posting new year’s resolutions, I’m letting December linger a little bit longer, just like our Christmas decors which are still all over the place. (We’re giving it another week, haha.) I have a renewed love for Decembers, I think I’ve said that enough, and I loved how festive and colorful Instagram and Facebook have been.

Aside from the Christmas decors and gifts, last December was highlighted by our Cebu adventure, my husband’s birthday, and lots of time with loved ones and family, lots of slowing down and resting up. I think I’m going to miss this month the most.



So I take one final look at the past month, one deep breath, and finally, one step forward. Bring it on, 2015. Bring it on.


Sweet November 2014 on Instagram

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Sweet November 2014

It’s been a long time since I last did an Instagram Monthly post, and I thought I should do it again, and I thought the past month deserved one. Because I realized today (just today, really) that November is my most favorite month of the year. Looking at Novembers past, I couldn’t be more right in my recent realization. November is definitely a favorite.

It’s the month to look back and remember the lives of those who went ahead of us, and to be thankful for the life we now live. It’s the celebration of the past and the present. It begins with bittersweet memories and ends in joyful celebrations; with mourning and then dancing. It’s the season of Thanksgiving and rejoicing. Of leaves turning, and winds shifting, and wardrobes changing.

November is like, the calm before the storm. A time to breathe before the holiday rush takes over the malls, the roads, our homes. It’s a time of transitions and courageous pursuits, of leaps of faith and quiet reflections.

It’s the last chapter before the last chapter, where the story wraps up and culminates for the big finale. It’s quite an important month, really, but most of us won’t know it until it’s over.

Thank you, sweet November, for all the sweet moments, and for ushering us to December beautifully. We shall see you again next year.

April 2013 on Instagram

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Can you imagine me smiling from ear to ear and wiping tears off my eyes while putting together these collages? Yaikes. Nanay na nanay lang ang peg. Someday, when Dawn & Rain are teenagers, they’ll read these stuff and think their mom is being overly cheesy! Sorry, kids.

Dawn & Rain <3

April on Instagram: Sweet Rain

April on Instagram: Happy Dawn

April on Instagram: Bed Circus

But how can I look at these pictures and not be cheesy and so overwhelmed with joy? Di nga? How?

Since last month, the girls have been learning to roll over and explore every corner of our bed even in their sleep. Lots of bed circus happening around here these days; my husband and I would wake up in the morning with their tiny arms and legs on our faces. That’s 2 sets of arms and legs ha, mind you.

We’re seeing a lot of personality even more now too. Dawn is obviously the more funny twin, while Rain is the more articulate one. The usual scenario is, Rain babytalks, and Dawn laughs. Or Rain smiles, and Dawn makes faces. They’ve also started interacting a lot more now. Sometimes we would catch them smiling at each other like they have secrets. It drives us nuts.

April on Instagram: Loves of my Life

You know what’s really cool? Looking back and seeing how different this April was from last year’s. Last year I was dealing with morning sickness and getting used to pregnancy and sleeping a lot.

One year later.. and here we are. A-ma-zing.

x o x o

A month wouldn’t pass without quality time with loved ones and friends. April 2013 highlights two sets of cousins visiting from Australia, both from Bud’s side and mine—it was lovely catching up with Kuya Mitch and Ate Dots, and Jason and Neil. Joni & Mae spent time with the girls for the first time too, and I wonder when I will see them again *cough*. Ninong Dave and Ninang Nory, our disciplers, celebrated their birthdays. We spent a lot of time with our families in Caloocan and Las Pinas. And then there was our godson Ziki’s birthday celebration, a book party that my girlfriend Normi lovingly DIY-ed.

April on Instagram: Ohana

April on Instagram: Ziki's Birthday

What a beautiful month April was, and now, May is about to end too! Funny when you start to think that this one month was the best month ever, and then the following month becomes even better. You know?

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