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Instagram Monthly

February 2015 on Instagram

For a month that’s so short, I think I instagrammed way too much. :) ‘Couldn’t help it if the month was full of so many instagram-worthy moments. It’s the month of love after all! My kind of Valentines. The night before Valentines Day I…

Instagram Monthly

January 2015 on Instagram

I was so tempted to start this post with the usual “where did January go?” cliche, except I don’t really have to ask. I know exactly where January went. It was spent pursuing passions and transitioning to a new house…

Instagram Monthly

December 2014 on Instagram

While others are already posting new year’s resolutions, I’m letting December linger a little bit longer, just like our Christmas decors which are still all over the place. (We’re giving it another week, haha.) I have a renewed love for Decembers, I…

Instagram Monthly

Sweet November 2014 on Instagram

It’s been a long time since I last did an Instagram Monthly post, and I thought I should do it again, and I thought the past month deserved one. Because I realized today (just today, really) that November is my most favorite month…

April on Instagram: Loves of my Life
Instagram Instagram Monthly Photographs

April 2013 on Instagram

Can you imagine me smiling from ear to ear and wiping tears off my eyes while putting together these collages? Yaikes. Nanay na nanay lang ang peg. Someday, when Dawn & Rain are teenagers, they’ll read these stuff and think their…

March on Instagram
Instagram Monthly Photographs

March 2013 on Instagram

March highlights a trip to the park in Bud’s childhood hometown (we don’t have a park in our subdivision, it would have been nice to make this a regular thing!); and some baby-less dates. The crying has lessened significantly,…

Instagram Monthly

February 2013 on Instagram

February is a peculiar month. For something labeled as “the month of love”, I sometimes wonder why it had to be the shortest month of the year. When I was a full-time employee, I loved Februarys because we get…