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Who Takes Your Couple Photos on Date Nights?




It’s our fourth wedding anniversary today, and it’s that time of the year where I give myself an excuse to browse through photographs and memories of the past years with David. I was going to apologize for the throwback photos and cheesiness that have been flooding our social media feeds all day, but I thought, hey, I’m not really sorry. :D (Sorry, not sorry!)

The web is our backup

Today as I was taking a trip down memory lane, I realized that, que horror, I lost (or misplaced) a big chunk of image files from years 2010 to 2013. I can’t remember where I backed them up or if ever I did! The lost files include photographs from our engagement, my New York trip in 2010, our Boracay honeymoon, our baby moon at Canyon Woods, and other special occasions in between.

The good news is, most of Dawn & Rain’s photographs are intact, thanks to that 52 Project! (Whew!) And as a consolation, we have uploaded a significant amount of these missing image files here on my blog and on social media. The upload-worthy ones. (Double whew!)

You know those times when people cringe at you for posting too many photographs and status messages on Facebook? Well, this is one of those moments I’m soooo glad I ignored those comments and posted photographs on Facebook anyway. Instant backup memory! I’m still wishing we locate those missing files, but if not, I’m glad we have Facebook (and this blog!) as back up.   (more…)

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Married Life is Beautiful


Let me just say, walking alongside this guy has so far been one epic adventure. To think we’ve only just begun.

Yesterday during our Nanay and Tatay’s reaffirmation wedding, all the couples were called in front for a (sort of) game, and we found ourselves in the middle of couples who’ve been together for decades. We’re together for only almost 4 years, and being the youngest couple there we were so humbled and inspired by the love that surrounded us—the kind that lasts through hurdles and storms and growth and age.

Marriage can be a nightmare if not done right, but it sure is a beautiful, beautiful thing when done with the right person, and with loads of God’s grace. I’m so blessed to be in this one with D, a lifetime thanking God is not enough.

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December Dawn

December Dawn

I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain. I sat and looked around, surrounded by a tangle of limbs, and the familiar warmth and quiet that comes with the beginning of each day. It was the morning before Christmas, and I basked in the love that covered the room I shared with my little family.

I remembered how I ranted one too many times about this most wonderful time of the year, which wasn’t always my most wonderful time of the year. There’s something melancholy about it that I couldn’t quite point my finger on, and I became jaded and cynical and I just wanted Christmas over and done with.

Needless to say, Christmas has become merrier and brighter through the recent years. With two little kids running around the house and pulling ornaments off the tree, how can you not love Christmas? It never gets old—David and I would find ourselves looking at each other from across a room full of mess, and our hearts would burst with joy and gratitude to God for redeeming Christmas, and making a family out of us.

This song played softly in my head this morning, and I thanked God once again for Christmasses and December dawns. It’s a beautiful Christmas love song that was composed and sung by two of my college friends, Reev (music) and Sheila (female vocals) and I often find myself wishing more people knew it.

It’s the anthem to my Decembers, and it’s on loop my playlist just like Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts plays over the radio without end during this time of the year.

Go ahead, listen. And I suggest you hug your loved ones a little tighter and longer as the song plays on. You’re welcome.

And Merry Christmas! :)

Lyrics of the song after the jump.


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He Turned 31

Bud's Birthday



I had a momentary lapse and thought we turned 32 this year. He looked at me, stopped for a moment as if he was trying to count years in his head and then asked, “are you kidding?” I wish I was kidding (that was a good joke, right?) but I really got confused for a moment.

Maybe some of us don’t intentionally stop counting birthdays after we turned 30. Maybe we just become forgetful. Or maybe we sometimes feel older than we really are.

We got him a cake this year! Although I intended to maintain my noncake tradition by making dessert shooters (I planned to stick little candles on them), in the end I thought this year should have a proper birthday cake, even though, as expected, I’ve been eating all the left-over cake ever since. By the way, there’s more cake in the ref as I type this.

So he turned 31 (yes, not 32) this week, and even though we’ve spent the past 3 years celebrating birthdays together, everything I said 3 years ago still rings true today. Still in awe, still kilig, still in constant wonder for being blessed with such a great man to journey this life with.

Happy birthday, D. I love you, don’t forget.

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3 Things I Learned About Moving and Changing Addresses


Those smiles.. they keep us moving. ;)

So I did the math, and it seemed that I never stayed in one house longer than 18 months, and have lived in 10 different addresses in the past 8 years. Eleven, if you count this next move. Apparently, getting married and having kids didn’t really make me “settle down”, and thatlast stop” was not really the last.

You’d think I would have mastered the art of moving houses at this point, but somehow, each move is still every bit as hard and as stressful as the first one. I mean, come on, I used to just pack my own stuff, and now.. I have to pack for 4 people. And while I’m starting to get a bit tired about packing and unpacking and changing addresses, I find that moving has taught me valuable lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Here are just some of them:

1. You learn to not hold on to material things too much.

Renting out apartments is like backpacking, only with bigger bags and boxes. Knowing that apartments are temporary, we’ve learned to periodically purge stuff we don’t need, to live simply, and to not hoard too many things that we can’t eventually bring with us when it’s time to move again.

2. You learn to trust and follow God’s lead.

The truth is, each move that I’ve made throughout the past years of apartment-hopping has been accompanied by answered prayers, and provisions, and perfect timing. It’s easy to complain about moving and to be too comfortable once settled in one place, but we’ve learned enough to be ready to pack up and go when God says it’s time to go.

3. You learn the difference between “house” and “home”.

“Houses” are confined to a place, but “home” is that which you bring with you wherever you go, whether it’s in the next street or the next city or the next continent. I’ve struggled about moving my whole life, I still do. Moving is scary, packing is stressful, and adjusting to a new place can be overwhelming. But I’ve learned to find comfort in the thought that as long as I have my little family with me, home is wherever we go.

This is it you guys. See you when the chaos is over.

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