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Easter Sunday Photographs & Mommy Reflections

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Sometimes, it just happens. A perfect long weekend. Followed by a perfect week. Even though there’s really no such thing as perfect, perfect is just too good a word to not be used, especially if you mean something close. These photographs were taken on Easter Sunday.  I have more of these where it came from, they’re just too many to flood my Instagram with so I thought I’d post some of them here on the blog. :)

No yaya and no work, we spent the entire weekend being lazy and spending much-needed quality time with the girls. We went to a family reunion on Friday, but pretty much stayed in the rest of the weekend. It was the Holy Week, and although most of our activities included drawing on the wall, dancing to Hi-5, singing silly songs, learning new words and colors, and making sure the little babes were happy and entertained, there’s much realization for me about the power of the cross and God’s presence in this season of my life.  (more…)

Love Him Well

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Missing Dad

My Dad wrote these words for me on my 18th birthday. Everyday I remember these words (and every year on March 26 I post it on my wall ️), praying that I will be able to love God well and that it will be evident in my actions, my thoughts, my life. Not an easy thing to do, not at all, but I always remember my Dad’s life and how, as imperfect and challenging as it had been, we can always remember him to have lived these very words—He loved God well.

It’s been exactly 8 years today since my Dad passed away, but his life and his legacy lives on. I’m so blessed and proud to be his daughter, and to have been a recipient of the rewards of his (and my Mom’s) obedience, many of which we still reap, even until today.

I miss you, Daddy! Thank you for setting an example, and for showing us that it’s not impossible to live a life of love and service and passion. Love you always.

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Trust Him With All Your Heart

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Proverbs 3:5-6 is my life verse. For someone who can be so doubtful and skeptical and analytical, TRUSTING is just so hard for me to do. My tendency is to make calculated steps; often I find myself needing to see first before I believe.

In the recent years God has taught me a whole new level of trust. I’m not saying I’ve mastered it, not at all, I’m still a work in progress. But one thing I did learn is that sometimes—most times—I don’t need to see one or two or a dozen steps ahead, I just have to say YES to Him, right now, and just trust Him with the details.

Trust becomes easy when you know exactly Who to trust, and for me it’s the One who holds the future (and the present!) in His hands and knows what He’s doing. His promises are real. Whatever you’re going through today, just trust God. He will direct your path, just as He promised He would.

A Funny Encounter Because of these Passion Cards

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A funny thing happened last Saturday while the four of us were grocery shopping. Landmark was closing and we had to rush, so my husband and I had to split, him with Dawn and me with Rain.

So as I was pushing my cart through an isle of biscuits, a tall guy approached me. It would have been really creepy if he wasn’t carrying an adorable baby girl. He asked me, “Hello. Are you the one on Instagram, the one who’s selling Passion Cards?” I stared at him blankly with a dozen questions in my head, but his wife, standing behind him with their two other kids, jumped in to say “Hi, I’m Patti. I ordered some passion cards!”

The oddity of her recognizing me and Rain, and of us being in the same place at the same time was just, crazy. Good for her, she didn’t have to make a trip to the bank, she just paid me for the cards she ordered right there and then. Good for me, though it started out a bit weird, it ended up to be an affirmation that this *thing* is really going places! It reminded me that my labor is not in vain, and encouraged me to reach out and inspire more people with His Word and for His glory.

Hello, Patti, if you’re reading this. It was great meeting you, even in the weirdest of ways :)

God is Good

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God is good!

This morning I woke up with this thought—God is good! There’s no denying it. The Lord is good. He is good, through good days and bad days, rain or shine, in every season.

I’ve been feeling a bit weak (and lethargic!) and unmotivated this week, perhaps an aftermath of last week’s virus. There’s much to be done and it’s like I’ve succumbed to a state of paralysis and all I want to do is stare into nothingness and not move. There was a lot of worrying about what to do next, and dwelling in hows and whys, and wishing that the things in my list would get done on their own.

But even through these moments of weakness I couldn’t have proven more how good He is. He’s so good it feels ridiculous sometimes. And this crazy goodness is pulling me out from my laziness and breathing strength in me and making me want to do good, too.

Whatever you’re feeling today—I hope that you don’t only know that He is good, but you also see it, feel it, experience it, taste it. Every single day. Even in the worst of days. Even when you don’t understand sometimes and you don’t see what He’s doing. God is good. Don’t ever doubt that.  (more…)

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