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Pursuit Manila: Because He First Loved Us

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Pursuit Manila

A lot of people have been asking me what Pursuit is all about, and sometimes I find it hard to describe it in just one sentence. The standard answer is, “We’re a community of (female) creatives who live to bring God glory through our work, our homes and our lives,” but if I could sit down with you for an hour, I could describe it in a dozen more paragraphs! So I post these recaps of our gatherings to give you a picture of who we are and what we do. I hope these posts answer your questions with great detail! :)

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Because He First Loved Us

When for some reason the Lord brings talented, creative and passionate women together in one place, expect beautiful things. Also, an instant sisterhood, even though most of us have only met each other that day! We had our Pursuit Manila gathering last February 21, and here I am, one week later, still in a state of hangover. I have enough praises and stories (and photographs!) to last me a month, really. That is, until I see these women again.

We called the gathering “Because He First Loved Us“, the reason why we do any of these to begin with. The February gathering is special because it’s the month of love, and we want to take that opportunity to celebrate this Love that’s so great it moves us to love others even in difficult situations, to find beauty in the ordinary days, and to have courage to pursue our God-given passions.  (more…)

Pursuit Manila: Come Join us this February

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Pursuit Gathering, February

It’s here! Pursuit Manila’s February Gathering is happening and it’s going to be an afternoon filled with crepes, tea, God’s message of love, and lots of sweet little things!

This February 21 we want to remember and celebrate God’s love that’s so great it’s impossible to not be moved to create beautiful things that reflect His love, to love even in trying circumstances, and to be a blessing to people beyond our comfort zones.  (more…)

Recently: Crepes, Tea, Dreams and Stories of Faith

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La Creperie Moderne

Crepes, tea, dreams and stories of faith—Those are exactly what we feasted on when I met up with Karen, Bea, and Kat one Monday afternoon at La Creperie Moderne in Makati. It was one week after the first gathering of Pursuit Manila, and because Bea and Kat couldn’t make it to the launch, we thought we’d have our own little after-party!

Aside from our love for crepes and tea and great conversations, we share the same love and passion for God, and the same desire to create so that we can reflect back to our Creator His work in us. Karen and I only met Bea and Kat that afternoon, and yet somehow, it felt like we’ve known each other for a while. I guess being around kindred spirits really does that to you, like you speak the same language or something.  (more…)

The Story of Dawn & Rain’s Names

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Hosea 6:3

We’re on Day 7 of Pursuit Community’s Seek Devotional, and yesterday the reading was from a verse that’s very close to my heart, a promise that my husband and I remember every single day because they run around our home in the form of two energetic toddlers named Dawn & Rain.

Hosea 6:3—

“Oh, that we might know the LORD! Let us press on to know him.
He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of the dawn
or the coming of rain in early spring.”

The thing is, we already knew we would name them “Dawn” & “Rain” before we found this verse!  (more…)

Pursuit Manila: The First Gathering

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The First Pursuit Manila Gathering, class picture yay!

So THIS HAPPENED, and I know it’s about time I blogged about this, right? After all, for the past 2 weeks many of you have emailed me and expressed your curiosity about Pursuit and asked me details about the next gathering, and I feel horrible for not being able to answer all of you right away.

The truth is, I have a templated response that I can just send to answer your questions. But you all are amazing, and you’ve opened up to me and shared to me beautiful stories and thoughts that deserve more than a few copy-pasted sentences. So if you happened to email me recently about the Pursuit Community, do know that I’m sooo blessed by your email and I’m replying to you with answers before this week ends.

That said, I want to share what happened to the first Pursuit Community gathering because I know it will answer some of your FAQs. And of course, I want to share my joy and my excitement in what the Lord has so far done, and what He’s yet to do in this little community of ours. :)


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