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Halfway Through 2015, Pause & Reflect


Lately I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling all sorts of panic. I’ve been losing sleep, juggling too many projects at the same time, getting my deadlines and commitments mixed up, having too many unanswered messages, drowning in lists, bills, codes.

And then there’s the struggle with raising twin toddlers who are growing way too fast, and that nagging guilt that comes with not being able to be there for them as much as I want/need.

That’s not to say that I’m unhappy. There’s so much to be grateful for—I love my job, I have a work setup that’s very supportive of my family’s circumstances, I’m able to earn a bit from something I love to do on the side, I belong to a community I’m passionate about, and have a growing network of clients, collaborators and friends. Most of all, I have two happy and healthy kids, a supportive and loving husband, roof above our heads, food on the table, a warm bed at night.

I guess the “panic” comes from feeling tired all the time, and being frustrated about the lists that never end, the hours that don’t seem to be enough, and the fact that I have to keep working even when sometimes working is the last thing I want to do.  (more…)

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21 Years: My Faith Journey


June 11, 1994Exactly 21 years ago, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart and received His gift of salvation. “Accept” is the word we use when we were kids, because truly it’s all about “accepting a gift”. But as I grow older I learn that it’s also about surrendering your life, making Him the Lord of all, submitting to His will, and obeying His Word.

More so, now that I’m a parent, I find myself in this whole new level of understanding and gratitude, that Anyone would love me so much He would spare His only son to save me. Tell me, how can anyone not surrender and trust Someone who would do just that?

It’s been 21 years since that day I made a decision to follow Jesus, and that decision was only possible because He chose me and loved me first. Today I remember and celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness since that beautiful day in 1994, and for everything He’s done to stretch me, mold me, bless me these past 21 years.

And today I invite you poke into your heart and look into your life—somewhere inside of you is a God-shaped hole that no one and nothing else can fill. You can try to fill it up with work, achievements, material possessions or relationships, but you’ll find that nothing truly satisfies than the love and the presence of our Father.

Today I invite you to believe. :)

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Overcoming Fear, and Turning 32




It may be a running joke, that you lose track of your age when you reach 30, but it actually happens. These days, when someone asks me how old I am, I have to stop for a moment, think hard, and compute years in my head.

Maybe forgetfulness comes with age.  Maybe there’s more important things to think about. Maybe we don’t want to be reminded that we’re getting old. Then again, maybe age doesn’t really matter. One thing I’m sure of, birthdays have never been the same since these two (and their Daddy!) happened in my life, each year better than the last. Simpler, quieter, but more meaningful than ever.

This year I had some much-needed quality time (and impromptu dinner!) with family, a box of cupcakes, lots of hugs and kisses, lots of time to reflect and slow down. Just the way I like it.

On my birthday, God’s word to me was short and sweet:

Do not fear.

And once again I marvel at how He knows exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. He really must know how much fear has been crippling me lately! Fears of regretting my choices, not being able to meet expectations, losing opportunities, failing at motherhood, creepy stalkers, planes crashing, sickness, earthquakes, death.

Seriously, if “Over Analyst” is a profession, I’ll take the job. I’m ten thousand steps ahead of anything which is sometimes good when I need to make calculated steps, but oftentimes unnecessary and paralyzing. Overanalyzing is natural to me, and lately my thoughts have become fears and they’ve consumed me more than I can handle. The struggle is real.

It dawned on me that my fears have started to alter the way I see myself in light of God’s character and sovereignty. They make me focus on my circumstances, my inability, and the cruelty of this world, rather than focus my eyes on God’s love, goodness, and omnipotence.

Do not fear. I am with you. I am your God.

How else can anyone dwell on her fears if she has THAT assurance?

Sure, there will always be trials and suffering and tribulations in this world, and we’re human beings who are prone to wander (and in my case, prone to overthink). But the God who created the universe is with me, and He happens to be in control of this life.

I’m holding on to that promise. And I’m ready to face another year with so much hope and excitement in my heart. The Lord is with me. He is my God. I need not fear.

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Easter Sunday Photographs & Mommy Reflections



Sometimes, it just happens. A perfect long weekend. Followed by a perfect week. Even though there’s really no such thing as perfect, perfect is just too good a word to not be used, especially if you mean something close. These photographs were taken on Easter Sunday.  I have more of these where it came from, they’re just too many to flood my Instagram with so I thought I’d post some of them here on the blog. :)

No yaya and no work, we spent the entire weekend being lazy and spending much-needed quality time with the girls. We went to a family reunion on Friday, but pretty much stayed in the rest of the weekend. It was the Holy Week, and although most of our activities included drawing on the wall, dancing to Hi-5, singing silly songs, learning new words and colors, and making sure the little babes were happy and entertained, there’s much realization for me about the power of the cross and God’s presence in this season of my life.  (more…)

Moments Like This

Love Him Well

Missing Dad

My Dad wrote these words for me on my 18th birthday. Everyday I remember these words (and every year on March 26 I post it on my wall ️), praying that I will be able to love God well and that it will be evident in my actions, my thoughts, my life. Not an easy thing to do, not at all, but I always remember my Dad’s life and how, as imperfect and challenging as it had been, we can always remember him to have lived these very words—He loved God well.

It’s been exactly 8 years today since my Dad passed away, but his life and his legacy lives on. I’m so blessed and proud to be his daughter, and to have been a recipient of the rewards of his (and my Mom’s) obedience, many of which we still reap, even until today.

I miss you, Daddy! Thank you for setting an example, and for showing us that it’s not impossible to live a life of love and service and passion. Love you always.

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