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We Weren’t Joking, Alright

Two years ago, on April Fools Day, we announced on our Facebook wall that we were having twins. It sounded like something someone would post on April Fools, but we were overjoyed and we couldn’t wait until April 1 was over to share the news to our family and friends.

April Fools Joke -- NOT

“I know it must sound like a really good April Fools joke, but it’s for real, we’re having twins. We’re still recovering from the sweet surprise, thank you for including us in your prayers.”

It wasn’t an April Fools joke alright, but we still couldn’t help but laugh whenever we remember that moment we found out we were having twins.

We were in the ultrasound room of Delgado Memorial Hospital, when the sonographer on duty nonchalantly announced The single most life-changing news of our lives.

“Twins? Seriously?” my husband squeaked, “Are you really sure?” I remained still on the hospital bed, and my husband barraged the sonographer a bazillion questions I would have asked myself, except I was frozen and unable to say anything at all. He calmly explained to us what we were seeing on the ultrasound screentwo gestational sacs, one placenta, 5 weeks old.

“How did that happen?” my husband asked.
“Do you have twins in your family?” 
the sonographer asked us back.
“None in my family,” 
I answered. (That time, we didn’t know this yet.)
“Is that really possible?” My husband asked.
“Yes. It happens. Very rare, but it’s possible to have twins even if you don’t have it in your genes,” said the sonographer.

He answered a few more questions until we’re positively convinced that what we heard (and saw!) were true. Dazed, we went out of the ultrasound room, sat in the hospital lobby to wait for our ultrasound prints, and took some couple selfies that we later posted on Facebook. We then called my Mom, and then my husband’s father, who also couldn’t believe their ears.

The rest, as they say, is history.

They’re turning 18 months old this month, and wow do babies grow fast! It’s not at all easy to raise twins, and there are days when I feel so tired like I could sleep an entire week straight. The expenses are doubled, the responsibilities are doubled, and I sometimes wish 24 hours a day is doubled too. There’s never enough time for everything!

But what an awesome, awesome ride this is, and believe it or not I still sometimes whisper to my husband at night, “Do we really have twins sleeping in the bed with us?” He would smile and answer, “yes we do” to state the obvious, and we would drift off to sleep like thatsmiling.

God wasn’t joking alright, when He called us to be the parents of these two, and we couldn’t be any more grateful for this sweet April Fools surprise God has played on us.

Best April Fools non-joke ever.

7/52: Everyday is Valentines Day

Photographs of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014. Week 5.

52 Week Project

7/52: Dawn & Rain

7/52: Dawn & Rain

7/52: Dawn

7/52: Rain

Dawn & Rain: Loved these heart-shaped balloons we bought from a street vendor on Valentines Day.
Dawn: Marched around the house holding her balloon the whole night, squealing in delight.
Rain: Liked her balloon too, but she seemed to like to spend time with her Daddy more. #myheart

It’s been a month since these photographs were taken, please bear with me on this dated Valentines post. I remember receiving flowers from D that day, and cooking dinner for him, and getting out of the house to run errands together, and then chancing upon a street vendor who was selling heart-shaped balloons.

I guess you can say that it was uneventful by traditional standards. But I realize now, when you’re older (or when you have kids), that V-day is just another day, and you can make any day Valentines Day anyway. Just like now, when I suddenly thought about posting these photographs. :)

At the risk of sounding like a bad Hallmark card, everyday is Valentines Day in this house!

7/52: Dawn

Dawn’s captured moments could totally pass off as stock photos don’t you think?

More about Project 52 here. View all posts in this blog series here. Linking up with Jodi.

4/52: And suddenly, they’re walking

Photographs of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014. Week 4.

52 Week Project

4/52: Dawn & Rain

4/52: Dawn & Rain

Dawn & Rain: Practicing their little legs and knees. They’re almost walking now. Still a little wobbly, and sometimes needing support, but oh my, they’re walking!
Rain: Was the first one to walk, and she’s the twin who makes more careful and steady steps.
Dawn: Is just learning to walk, but she’s a little more daring, fearless, and excited. :)

I can’t help it. I captured too many pretty shots! Time for some photo dump.

4/52: Dawn

4/52: Dawn

4/52: Dawn

4/52: Dawn

4/52: Rain

4/52: Rain

4/52: Rain

4/52: Rain

4/52: Dawn & Rain

More about Project 52 here. View all posts in this blog series here. Linking up with Jodi.

Weekends like this

It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s that moment when you start to wonder, where has the weekend gone? I know where mine went. It went to a place where time is irrelevant, me-time plans are given up to expend yourself for others, and hours fly by because you just never run out of things to do!

Moments Like This

When I was single, weekends were for shopping, watching movies, meeting up with friends, going out of town, sleeping over a girl friend’s house, and staying up late. When I got married, D & I would watch last full shows or dine out on Friday nights, oversleep on Saturday mornings, and do whatever we feel like doing the rest of the day.

Oh how much has changed since then.

This particular weekend, the days seemed to have blended into each other, leaving me with a blurry recollection of things that made up my weekend—grocery shopping, cooking for and hosting a birthday lunch party for my brother, cleaning up the after-party mess, cleaning up the house, cleaning up the bedroom, endless Despicable Me marathons, nap times, playing forts, bed time stories, and sneaking in a “grown up” movie while the babies were asleep (we finally got to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!) in lieu of a date night.

Seriously, I can’t even remember having opened my laptop the whole weekend. Except last night when everyone had gone to sleep, and I had to whip up a quick article for work. Even the last hour of my day was not for myself.

Today, the girls and I missed our Sunday worship. There’s some measles virus going around and my husband and I thought it best to put the twins on a temporary isolation. Just the same, in the quietness of our little home this morning, God’s message to me was to keep a spirit of gentleness, especially in times when I feel worn out and on the verge of losing it. I’ll never stop being amazed at how God knows exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it.

I don’t know what my point is for this post, really. I just know that this weekend has left me feeling tired and wishing for an extended day of rest, and yet, I wouldn’t say that my weekend was wasted either.

How do you explain this feeling, anyway? I feel like there isn’t a word to describe this. I never felt this before I became a Mom. It’s like, you know you’ve set aside things that make you happy, in exchange for things that are more important and more meaningful, and while a part of you is frustrated over not being able do what you want to do, you know that your choice made you, surprisingly, happier. Anyone know what I’m saying?

How about you? How’s your weekend like?

1/52: Project 52 starts today

Photographs of Dawn & Rain, once a week, every week, in 2014. Week one.

52 Week Project

1/52: Rain

1/52: Rain

Dawn: Two chubby little hands shoving a biscuit into her cute little mouth. Nomnom.
Rain: Eyes on Veggie Tales while munching on her afternoon snack. 

Yesterday I put closure to my unfinished 52 Week Project. Today I restart the project, together with hundreds of parents from all over the world who committed to posting portraits of their children every week this year.

Seeing everybody’s posts makes me feel like stepping inside a room full of kindred spirits. We may not know each other, but we are all Mommies who are obviously smitten with our kids. I feel right at home. Thanks Jodi, for spearheading this project!

One down.

52 Week Project, 2013

On February 2013, I started a 52 Week Project where I took (and posted) photographs of my daughters, once a week, every week, for the whole year. I don’t count the pics we post on Instagram and Facebook as part of this project, only the ones I took with our DSLR. Posting on IG is too easy, and I wanted to exert a little more effort than that.

My little darlings

Sometime in September (backtracked July), I stopped posting my weekly portraits. I continued taking photos still, some weeks more than I should, other weeks none at all.

And then, life happened

I have no excuse other than the classic “Well, life happened.” Except now, for the first time, I’m not just using it as an “excuse”. Life really did happen. And most times, it’s not just about not being able to find time to do things. Looking back, I’m pretty sure I could find time, like when the girls were sleeping, or on Saturday mornings when it was their Daddy’s turn to play with them.

It’s just that.. life has become too big for words (and photographs). And often it has left me paralyzed. Sometimes there’s nothing else I’d rather do but stare at these two little darlings and marvel at their beauty (while wiping the goo that keeps coming out of their mouths and noses). They’re growing up fast, and I feel that I would miss it if I’m away too long.

Just the same, I looooove looking back at the posts that I managed to publish for this project. You can check them out here. They remind me why 2013 was such a beautiful and meaningful year, and how awesome God has been to our little family.

As I put some form of closure to last year’s 52 Week Project (and so I can start anew this 2014! Ha!), here are some of my favorite photographs, including ones I never got the chance to post, in reverse chronological order.

DECEMBER: Christmas Greeting Card Material (Not!)

We wanted to take photos of them to put in Christmas cards to give away to family and friends, so we DIYed a little photoshoot at home, and had them wear their Christmas dresses.

December 2013

December 2013

I guess you can say it was a failed attempt because we never got around to printing greeting cards. Plus, none of the shots we took were greeting card worthy. Most of the pics that came out were like the ones above, and yes, the one we posted on IG was actually the best one from our set of family pics. But how can you not be happy with these photos just the same, right? :) What can I say, I’m a proud little mommy. LOL.

NOVEMBER: Fourteen Months

Dawn & Rain - November

Dawn & Rain - November

These were taken on the day they turned 14 months old. We just got home from church, and the two were in the mood for some clapping and praising the Lord.

OCTOBER: Praise the Lord

You’re probably familiar with these next ones if we’re connected in FB or IG. We used them on the twins’ birthday invitations and giveaways.

One Year Old!

Praise the Lord

When they were younger we taught them to raise their hands when we say “Praise the Lord”, and well, they never forgot. Sure, it’s just one of their default “tricks”, but I’m so excited to see these two learn to really praise the Lord as they grow.

AUGUST: Tiger & Piglet

Dawn & Rain - August 2013

Dawn & Rain - August 2013

Someone gave them these Tigger and Piglet headbands as presents, but surely we enjoyed them more than the girls did. ;)

The next ones are some of my favorites from the ones that made it online.  (more…)

Only one life

The other night we heard of the passing of a dear family friend. “Mommy” is what we called her. Even though her nickname was “Bing”, and she’s technically my (non-blood-related) “Lola”, I can’t remember ever calling her any other name but “Mommy”.

Only one one life, twill soon past

That house in Opera street

It’s been a long time since I last saw Mommy, but some of my best childhood memories happened in her house in Opera street, where we spent countless of lazy Sunday afternoons, December nights, and warm summer days growing up. We would run around her garden, play with her dogs, feast on her delicious home-cooked meals, fight over her blueberry cheesecake (the best!), and rummage through her refrigerator for left-over cookies to take home.

That house in Opera street always felt like an extension of our home. It’s the kind of place that remains etched in the mind of a child forever, that, even until now, 20 years later, I still have vivid recollections of time spent in that house.

Salvio Sisters

I don’t have a picture with Mommy, but these are her daughters. I must have grown up thinking they’re my biological sisters! I’m so blessed for the life of Mommy who raised these beautiful ladies I love and look up to.

Lessons on motherhood and servanthood

I’ve been making mental notes on my takeaways from Mommy’s life. I know there’s more but here are some:

  • As a mother, choosing your children over whatever career you want to pursue is a decision you will never regret taking.
  • The kind of mother you are will reflect on the kind of children (and grand children) you raise.
  • Raising your children to serve the Lord, and to love the Lord with all their heart, is the greatest legacy you could ever leave in this world.
  • Letting your children go is possible when you trust that you raised them well enough to build their own lives, and when you believe that the Lord is always with them wherever they go.
  • Opening your home and sharing your life to others is an investment that will come a long way, even long after you’re gone.
  • You don’t have to be in the spotlight in order to make a huge impact. A life of quiet and humble service can make a universe of difference from one generation to another.
  • Oh, and that blueberry cheesecake recipe! I should get a copy of that.

It makes me sad, the thought that Mommy’s house in Las Pinas will never be the same, and that we will never get to taste her special blueberry cheesecake again. But my heart rejoices, knowing that hers was a life well lived, and that I’m one of the many recipients of the legacy that she left behind.

Only one life, it will soon be past

The truth is, I’ve been contemplating a lot about life these past days. I’ve been restless, mostly tired, and maybe a little anxious about what the future holds. In hindsight that’s probably why I had to intentionally look back the other day—I do a lot of reminiscing when I’m feeling a little wary about certain uncertain things in my life.

And then death happens.

Death has a way of keeping us (those of us who are still alive) grounded, making us appreciate the days that we take for granted, inspiring us to better and to live a life that will make the most impact on others.

Just recently the whole world was shocked by the sudden death of  Paul Walker. But now, everywhere we look, everyone is just paying tribute to Paul’s life, inspired by the massive work he was doing to help people in need, and the little anecdotes of his grand gestures and secret acts of kindness.

Life is short. We never know when ours is going to end, but one thing for sure.. it will end. We’re all on borrowed time.

Just like Paul Walker, and Mommy Bing, and my Dad.

Many people will not remember their course in college, the jobs they took, the possessions they accumulated through the years. But people will always remember how they made our lives, and the world, a better place.

I’m reminded to make the most out of this one life. Live each day as if it’s our last, love people, show kindness, wear our passions, chase our dreams. And more importantly, fulfill God’s purpose for our lives and live in a way that will give glory to His name.

An age old poem goes, “Only one life, ‘t will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.

At the end of the day, and at the end of this life, that’s all that will count.

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