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Embracing Motherhood with Cycles and Cradle

Cycles Baby Laundry Detergent

I remember it like it was just yesterday, preparing for our twins’ arrival. Seven months into pregnancy, my husband and I started carefully disinfecting every nook and cranny of the house, and gently washing their first set of clothes.

As first time parents, ordinary tasks like washing baby clothes or hanging curtains in the nursery were sacred and emotional moments. We knew our lives were going to change forever, yet totally clueless about how much it actually would!

You can never be fully prepared for motherhood

The thing is, no parent saw it coming, how much love would overflow at the sight of a tiny baby you just met, how addicted you would be to the smell of your baby’s skin, or how much a little smile would change you, break you, wreck you.

Nothing would prepare you for the sleepless nights, the amount of laundry that doesn’t seem to run out, the scare of a little insect bite or a low-grade fever, the endless packing and unpacking of the diaper bag, the crying, and feeding, and bathing. (more…)

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Our 5-Star Family Staycation at Sofitel




We couldn’t have booked a staycation at a worse time. The weather was horrible, a typhoon just entered the country, classes were suspended, and many parts of the metro were flooded.

We got ourselves booked at Sofitel a few weeks ago, long before weather forecasts showed signs of a typhoon. We looked forward to take a dip in the pool, enjoy the outdoors, maybe even watch the sunset by the Manila bay. None of these were possible during our stay, and yet somehow our Sofitel experience couldn’t have been better still. It was a bed weather kind of week anyway, and staying in is definitely a good idea inside Sofitel’s luxurious guest rooms and indoor facilities.

The story of my life—everything worked out together for good after all.  (more…)

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Easter Sunday Photographs & Mommy Reflections



Sometimes, it just happens. A perfect long weekend. Followed by a perfect week. Even though there’s really no such thing as perfect, perfect is just too good a word to not be used, especially if you mean something close. These photographs were taken on Easter Sunday.  I have more of these where it came from, they’re just too many to flood my Instagram with so I thought I’d post some of them here on the blog. :)

No yaya and no work, we spent the entire weekend being lazy and spending much-needed quality time with the girls. We went to a family reunion on Friday, but pretty much stayed in the rest of the weekend. It was the Holy Week, and although most of our activities included drawing on the wall, dancing to Hi-5, singing silly songs, learning new words and colors, and making sure the little babes were happy and entertained, there’s much realization for me about the power of the cross and God’s presence in this season of my life.  (more…)

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December Dawn

December Dawn

I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain. I sat and looked around, surrounded by a tangle of limbs, and the familiar warmth and quiet that comes with the beginning of each day. It was the morning before Christmas, and I basked in the love that covered the room I shared with my little family.

I remember how I ranted one too many times about this most wonderful time of the year, which wasn’t always my most wonderful time of the year. There’s something melancholy about it that I couldn’t quite point my finger at, and I became jaded and cynical and I just wanted Christmas over and done with.

Needless to say, Christmas has become merrier and brighter through the recent years. With two little kids running around the house and pulling ornaments off the tree, how can you not love Christmas? It never gets old—David and I would find ourselves looking at each other from across a room full of mess, and our hearts would burst with joy and gratitude to God for redeeming Christmas, and making a family out of us.

This song played softly in my head this morning, and I thanked God once again for Christmasses and December dawns. It’s a beautiful Christmas love song that was composed and sung by two of my college friends, Reev (music) and Sheila (female vocals) and I often find myself wishing more people knew it.

It’s the anthem to my Decembers, and it’s on loop my playlist just like Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts plays over the radio without end during this time of the year.

Go ahead, listen. And I suggest you hug your loved ones a little tighter and longer as the song plays on. You’re welcome.

And Merry Christmas! :)

Lyrics of the song after the jump.


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42/52: Not-so-Terrible Twos

Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.



As if those photographs from their second birthday were not enough, here’s more! These were taken after their birthday party, that’s why, yes, they’re still wearing their birthday dresses. :)





Rain, sweet Rain. This girl is full of antics and sweetness. Lately she likes playing “pretend sleep”. She would take her blanket and pillow, arrange them on the floor, lie down, say “night guys!” and close her eyes to (pretend) sleep. Often she would take a break from playing, come up to me or to her Daddy just to give us a hug or a kiss, and then go back to what she was previously doing. It’s totally random and soo heart-melting! And sometimes we would tell her to hug Dawn, and she would go to her sister and give her a hug and a bonus kiss. Such a sweetheart! <3





Dawn, our charming diva. This little girl practically learned to sing even before she started talking. She imitates dance moves and actions, and sings along whatever’s playing on TV. The first time she sang “I Cast All My Cares Upon You” (the whole song) on her own—it made me tear up. I mean, who sings “I Cast All My Cares Upon You” at 2 years old right? At night when the lights are out, we would hear her quietly singing to herself until she falls asleep. She rarely kisses us, but when she does.. let’s just say it makes up for all the times she won’t do it. :)




Dear Dawn & Rain, It’s been a blast being your Mommy and seeing you grow, and being around to witness your milestones. I used to be so scared of being a mommy, but thank you for making me brave, and for making this motherhood-thing all sorts of awesome. :)

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