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Married Life is Beautiful


Let me just say, walking alongside this guy has so far been one epic adventure. To think we’ve only just begun.

Yesterday during our Nanay and Tatay’s reaffirmation wedding, all the couples were called in front for a (sort of) game, and we found ourselves in the middle of couples who’ve been together for decades. We’re together for only almost 4 years, and being the youngest couple there we were so humbled and inspired by the love that surrounded us—the kind that lasts through hurdles and storms and growth and age.

Marriage can be a nightmare if not done right, but it sure is a beautiful, beautiful thing when done with the right person, and with loads of God’s grace. I’m so blessed to be in this one with D, a lifetime thanking God is not enough.

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December Dawn

December Dawn

I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain. I sat and looked around, surrounded by a tangle of limbs, and the familiar warmth and quiet that comes with the beginning of each day. It was the morning before Christmas, and I basked in the love that covered the room I shared with my little family.

I remembered how I ranted one too many times about this most wonderful time of the year, which wasn’t always my most wonderful time of the year. There’s something melancholy about it that I couldn’t quite point my finger on, and I became jaded and cynical and I just wanted Christmas over and done with.

Needless to say, Christmas has become merrier and brighter through the recent years. With two little kids running around the house and pulling ornaments off the tree, how can you not love Christmas? It never gets old—David and I would find ourselves looking at each other from across a room full of mess, and our hearts would burst with joy and gratitude to God for redeeming Christmas, and making a family out of us.

This song played softly in my head this morning, and I thanked God once again for Christmasses and December dawns. It’s a beautiful Christmas love song that was composed and sung by two of my college friends, Reev (music) and Sheila (female vocals) and I often find myself wishing more people knew it.

It’s the anthem to my Decembers, and it’s on loop my playlist just like Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts plays over the radio without end during this time of the year.

Go ahead, listen. And I suggest you hug your loved ones a little tighter and longer as the song plays on. You’re welcome.

And Merry Christmas! :)

Lyrics of the song after the jump.


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He Turned 31

Bud's Birthday



I had a momentary lapse and thought we turned 32 this year. He looked at me, stopped for a moment as if he was trying to count years in his head and then asked, “are you kidding?” I wish I was kidding (that was a good joke, right?) but I really got confused for a moment.

Maybe some of us don’t intentionally stop counting birthdays after we turned 30. Maybe we just become forgetful. Or maybe we sometimes feel older than we really are.

We got him a cake this year! Although I intended to maintain my noncake tradition by making dessert shooters (I planned to stick little candles on them), in the end I thought this year should have a proper birthday cake, even though, as expected, I’ve been eating all the left-over cake ever since. By the way, there’s more cake in the ref as I type this.

So he turned 31 (yes, not 32) this week, and even though we’ve spent the past 3 years celebrating birthdays together, everything I said 3 years ago still rings true today. Still in awe, still kilig, still in constant wonder for being blessed with such a great man to journey this life with.

Happy birthday, D. I love you, don’t forget.

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3 Things I Learned About Moving and Changing Addresses


Those smiles.. they keep us moving. ;)

So I did the math, and it seemed that I never stayed in one house longer than 18 months, and have lived in 10 different addresses in the past 8 years. Eleven, if you count this next move. Apparently, getting married and having kids didn’t really make me “settle down”, and thatlast stop” was not really the last.

You’d think I would have mastered the art of moving houses at this point, but somehow, each move is still every bit as hard and as stressful as the first one. I mean, come on, I used to just pack my own stuff, and now.. I have to pack for 4 people. And while I’m starting to get a bit tired about packing and unpacking and changing addresses, I find that moving has taught me valuable lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Here are just some of them:

1. You learn to not hold on to material things too much.

Renting out apartments is like backpacking, only with bigger bags and boxes. Knowing that apartments are temporary, we’ve learned to periodically purge stuff we don’t need, to live simply, and to not hoard too many things that we can’t eventually bring with us when it’s time to move again.

2. You learn to trust and follow God’s lead.

The truth is, each move that I’ve made throughout the past years of apartment-hopping has been accompanied by answered prayers, and provisions, and perfect timing. It’s easy to complain about moving and to be too comfortable once settled in one place, but we’ve learned enough to be ready to pack up and go when God says it’s time to go.

3. You learn the difference between “house” and “home”.

“Houses” are confined to a place, but “home” is that which you bring with you wherever you go, whether it’s in the next street or the next city or the next continent. I’ve struggled about moving my whole life, I still do. Moving is scary, packing is stressful, and adjusting to a new place can be overwhelming. But I’ve learned to find comfort in the thought that as long as I have my little family with me, home is wherever we go.

This is it you guys. See you when the chaos is over.

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How to Celebrate Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Wife Edition)

David and Rhiza, Year 3

Your third year as a married couple is such a great year. By this time you would have adjusted pretty well to living together, and have grown a deeper level of understanding and acceptance of each other. Which means, less fights, more happy conversations, and a messier house. Having children in your 3rd year comes with totally different dynamics too, but the addition of little humans in the house makes it all the more fun!

Here are 8 suggestions to celebrate your third wedding anniversary:

(Disclaimer: These probably won’t apply to you, but it sure did to us.)

1. Wait til the clock strikes twelve and do a happy dance.

On the eve of your anniversary, while the kids are asleep, watch as your husband play some 70s music and grab you up for a dance. (Come and Get You Love is a good one). Dance away. Dance while hugging each other. Dance like you always do when nobody is looking. Do some awkward, embarrassing moves. Savor the moment, just you and him and his arms around you.

After a few minutes of dancing, try to be mindful about odd little things around you, like maybe a hidden camera blinking somewhere on your book shelf. Allow it to sink in that your husband has been capturing the moment on camera. Soon you will see that video uploaded on Facebook and feel your face turn red with embarrassment. Scream a little, maybe slap your husband on the arm several times. But it’s your anniversary so don’t be mad. After a while, you will both laugh at yourselves and think that the video is hilarious.

2. Wake up on the day of your wedding anniversary and thank the Lord together for a new beginning.

Wake up early. Give each other a kiss. Pray together. Remember that waking up beside each other is one of your most favorite times of the day, and you love how you’re able do this every single day for the past 3 years. Marvel at how, this time around, you’re sharing your bed with two beautiful little ones, which makes waking up even more lovely.

Tell each other “I love you” many times. Cuddle. Enjoy the fleeting moment of bliss before you both have to get out of bed and go through the day. Brew some coffee before parting ways, in lieu of breakfast, because you don’t have time to drink coffee together.

It’s your 3rd wedding anniversary and you most likely forgot to take a leave from work, unlike your first 2 wedding anniversaries which were carefully planned and scheduled weeks before. That’s okay, you know you can celebrate later in the day, or any other day for that matter.

3. Don’t expect a bouquet of roses.

You’ll receive a bouquet of roses anyway. Two dozens of them. And a box of chocolates. You both agreed that you’d rather spend the money on milk, or diapers, or children’s books, but deep inside you know you still secretly wish to receive these traditional symbols of love sometimes. Be thankful for having married such a sweet guy.

Take pictures. Post them on instagram. The flowers will dry up almost immediately so gaze lovingly at them as long as you can. Hug your husband tight. You didn’t buy him a gift because you thought you both weren’t buying each other gifts, but remember to buy him that pair of pants he’s been eyeing at the mall the next chance you get. Maybe two pairs of pants. And some new briefs.

4. Ask your mother to watch over the kids while you go out on a date.

Sneak out and celebrate, just the two of you. As much as you want to celebrate with your kids, they’re still too young to tag along on dates. So leave them with their grandma and treat yourselves to a child-free night. That’s okay. As soon as you leave the house, all you’ll be able to talk about is how adorable and beautiful your kids are anyway. It will almost feel like they’re with you.

Wear something nice. Put on some makeup. Brush your hair, for once. Spray some perfume on your clothes, dab some on your neck for good measure. Bring a camera and capture moments. You will want to remember this night forever.

Year 3

Year 3

Optional: Take turns taking each other’s photographs. No one is around to take your photographs together so capture separate images on the same spot and merge them with Photoshop.

5. Try out this restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out.

Give in to your husband’s request to try out this nearby cuisine that serves angus beef belly. Do a quick search on Google to find where it is. Make a quick reservation, just in case. Arrive on time. Pick a table close to the window.

Order that angus beef belly that your husband has been craving for. Order a huge serving. Enjoy the food. Munch slowly. Forget your diet. Talk about happy things, funny things. Laugh to your heart’s content. Remember why you love being around this guy so much. Be thankful that more than just your husband, he is your best friend, and you can laugh hysterically with him.

6. Get a nice long massage at your favorite spa.

Place a call to your favorite spa and tell them you’re on your way. Avail of their special “Couple Package”—the one with Jacuzzi, a private room for two, and 90 minutes of uninterrupted body massage. Thank the staff for giving you a generous discount as their anniversary treat for loyal customers.

Touch of Grace

Touch of Grace Spa  Wellness Center

Take your time in the Jacuzzi, you have the whole night. Get ready for a nice long body massage. Relax. Close your eyes. Enjoy the moment knowing that your husband is right on the next massage bed, enjoying himself too. Breathe in the nice aromatic smell that surrounds the room. Forget about everything else. Wake up 2 hours later when your massage is done.

7. Come home to your little ones after a successful wedding anniversary date.

But first, stop by a nearby convenience store to buy some treats for the kids. It’s late but they’re still up waiting for you. Get ready to hear little shrieks, and to have little arms around your neck as you open the door. Hug them a little tighter and longer. You know you just had one of your best dates ever, but nothing still beats coming home to your girls.


Give your own mom a hug and a kiss, and thank her for always making herself available anytime you call. Tell her she’s the best mom ever, and make mental notes on the kind of parents you want to become. Take your little girls to bed. Read them a book. Give them good night kisses. Tell them you love them.

8. End the day the way it began.

Spend a few more quiet moments with your husband. Embrace each other. Kiss.Tell each other “I love you” many times. Pray together and count your blessings.

Thank the Lord for a great day. Thank Him for the past 3 years. Thank Him for allowing you to come this far. Thank Him for each other. Thank Him for being the greatest author of love there is. Thank Him for good health, for family, for love that knows no bounds. Fill your prayer with gratitude. Only gratitude. Reserve your other prayer concerns for another day.

Be excited for another year of surprises. Drift away to sleep with a full heart.

Bonus: Listen to a new love song, composed just for you.

One week later, wake up to an email alert blinking on your phone, with an mp3 attached, from your (still sleeping) husband. Listen to the song that took him a week to compose, in all its raw, perfectly imperfect beauty. Know that it was recorded overnight while you were sleeping because, after all these years, he still wants to surprise you and write you songs. Wipe tears.

Pause mid-song and give your sleeping husband a kiss. Play the song over and over until you memorize the words. Smile at how incredibly blessed and loved you are. Upload the song and proudly post it on your blog for the whole world to hear.

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