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Two Years

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Photos from two years ago.

It’s that moment when the lights are out, and everyone is asleep, and I’m alone as the clock strikes 12 on a very special day. The twins’ 2nd birthday officially begins! And it’s as if they wanted me to have this moment to myself—to breathe, to let stuff sink in, to be quiet, to reminisce, to thank the Lord for every good and perfect gift.

I’ve been reading posts from two years ago over the past hour, and I.. am such a crybaby. Is this okay? Am I being too melodramatic? Is it normal for mommies to be a little sentimental about things like, you know, birthdays and stuff?

Around this time, 2 years ago, I was being wheeled into the recovery room after giving birth via c-section, and Dawn & Rain were breathing their first breaths. Fast forward to last night, before the girls fell asleep, Dawn was singing twinkle twinkle little star (without the actual words) at the top of her lungs, and Rain was busy putting coins in her new alkansya. Meanwhile, their Daddy and I watched them with amusement and so much love.

Do you remember?

Wow. What difference two years can make!

I want to share King David’s Prayer of Thanksgiving, which has become the prayer of my heart today:

“Sovereign Lord, I am not worthy of what you have already done for me, nor is my family. Yet, now you are doing even more, Lord. You have made promises about my descendants in the years to come. And you let a man see this! What more can I say to you! You know me, your servant. It was your will and purpose to do this. You have done all these great things in order to instruct me. How great you are, Lord! There is none like you, we have always known that You alone are God.” ~2 Samuel 7:18-28

God is beyond amazing. And this mommy here is ready to celebrate. Today is going to be awesome. :)

40/52: Afternoons with These Two

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.










There’s this pre-school in our neighborhood with a mural that the twins really love. So in the afternoons when my husband and I are both home early, we would walk the twins to the school and hang out by the wall. We would teach them colors, and simple words like “boy”, “girl”, “baby” or “shoes”. Sometimes they would willingly pose by the wall and we would take photos, in fact we have several shots like this.

Afternoons like this are precious. I know I’ll remember these moments forever, and I sometimes wish Dawn & Rain would have a recollection of how it was like, living here, growing up here, and having some of the best days of our lives these past 2 years.

They’ll be turning 2 years old this Friday. Two happy, challenging, and beautiful years with these two adorable little humans. As I browse through these photographs we’ve collected over the past 2 years, I am once again over the moon about how blessed we are, David and I, for having been entrusted with such beautiful gifts. The Lord is good. And we, are eternally grateful.

39/52: Stuffed Toys for Rain, Books for Dawn

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.









I can’t say it enough, these two continue to amaze us and melt our hearts with the little things they say and do. Last week I blogged about how fascinated Dawn can be with books, and how Rain loves kissing and hugging her dolls. You know how, when you have toddlers, you make sure to stash a few toys in your diaper bag when you go out? For us, our stash always includes a stuffed toy (or puzzles!) for Rain and some books for Dawn.

Just a few more weeks to go before their 2nd birthday! And just 12 more weeks left this year!

One time Jodi said, doing this 52 Week Project feels like counting down in reverse. It’s Week 40 this week, and dare I say, 2014 has turned out to be my most favorite year in the history of ever. And the year is not even over yet.

More about Project 52 here. View all posts in this blog series here.

Home Inspiration: Scandinavian Home Office Spaces

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Scandinavian Home Office Spaces

Also from My Scandinavian Home

Is it just me or commute is really doubly hard these days? The other day I went to our Makati office and spent (more like wasted) almost 5 hours of my day in transit. Here in Manila, 5 hours of commute doesn’t mean idle hours where you can read a book or enjoy your view. Instead, that’s 5 hours of being up on your feet, getting pushed and shoved at, smelling all sorts of unpleasant body odors, and being paranoid about pick pockets.

I’m glad I don’t have to go through that ordeal everyday, and that I get to work from home most of the week. It’s times like being stuck in horrible traffic or queuing for over an hour at the MRT station that I appreciate being able to work from home even more.


On Blogging Burnout and Quitting

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There’s been a quiet buzz about blogging burnout going around recently, that is, if you still consider a 2,100+ word essay published in The New York Times a “quiet buzz”. Blogging burnout is not new to most of us. It’s real, it happens all the time, and it often ends with some bloggers taking a long break and reconsidering their blog’s direction, if not quit blogging altogether.

The New York Times article begins (and ends) with the story of Sherry and John, the bloggers behind Young House Love, a popular DIY home renovation and design blog that’s been around since 2007. The gist is, Sherry and John received several comments from their regular readers, criticizing the quality and quantity of the content they’ve been publishing recently. Some expressed disappointment, others expressed concern, some reacted in Sherry & John’s defense. And so, in an emotional post, the husband and wife tandem apologized to their readers for repeatedly not meeting their expectations, and announced that they’re taking a nice long break from the blog and their social media accounts, re-assessing their career choice and all that jazz.

Blogging burnout happens all the time. But when first generation bloggers who blog for a living and are awesome at what they do, get burned out and take a break from a “job” that many of us can only dream of, suddenly the New York Times is reporting the story, causing more discussions among bloggers and readers alike.

Now, bloggers are a funny breed because we work on projects and then we force people to look at them by shouting it from the social media rooftops. By putting ourselves and our work out there we are subjecting ourselves to judgment, for better or for worse. ~Brittany, The House that Lars Built

As someone who’s been blogging for over a decade, there’s so many angles in this issue that resonate with my own experience blogging. Although my blog’s readership and pageviews are nowhere near Young House Love’s, I pretty much make a living through this blog. Chasing Dreams may not be earning a lot from ads or pageviews, but if it wasn’t for this platform, I wouldn’t have been introduced to the career I now have. I write and read and study and analyze blogs every single day, and I do know how it’s like to love the job one minute and hate it the next.

Chasing Dreams may still be (and most likely will remain) a personal blog and portfolio, but it is through this channel that I get to experiment what I learn, express myself, and showcase my projects which help me gain sideline work. On top of that, this is where I share my passions, and my faith, in hopes that others will find inspiration to live more meaningful lives and dream bigger dreams. That said, it is important to me to keep updating this blog.

I’m not planning to rephrase thoughts that were already so eloquently expressed by these bloggers, so I’m just pointing you to the direction of these blogs which resonate well with how I feel. I mean, how many of us, bloggers, can relate to this really?

This is the post that started it all, from Young House Love.

This is the New York Times article, in case you missed the link above.

Brittany has something beautiful to say.

Holly raised some valid points and questions about the NYT article.

I love what Erin said. (I love Erin, period.)

Rest your weary heads, bloggers, if you’d like. Breaks are good and healthy and constructive, and a fresh perspective changes everything. And sure – when you return – you might have less of your readers. But you’ll have more of yourself. ~Erin, Design for Mankind

Like Sherry & John, I’ve had moments when I braced myself and held my breath when I hit that ‘publish’ button. Moments when my fears take over my vision, and I become anxious about criticisms, or trolls making their way to this blog (the fear is real, people!). I would wonder for hours what people would think, if not say.

Ironically, all these blog posts going around about blogging becoming a ‘slog’ has reinforced in me the reasons why I still blog after all. It has given me a renewed love for the craft, the motivation to keep going, and the relief that I am not alone in this journey.

A cure to blogging burnout

Martine and I both have admitted to getting our blogging groove back by periodically giving our blogs a quiet (or drastic!) makeover. So we came together to give away a Blog Makeover package to 3 bloggers, and tomorrow is the day we pick our first winner! We haven’t really decided the winners at this point, so everyone is still welcome to join! Visit Martine’s post or my post to know how to join, and read about why we came up with this giveaway in the first place. Go for it, ladies! :)

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