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33/52: Daddy’s Love Letters

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.








He wasn’t planning to do it every month, but somehow it became a tradition of sorts. On the 24th of each month, D would change his Facebook cover and caption it with a love letter for Dawn & Rain. He would write about their milestones, and anecdotes from their little lives, and how blessed we feel to witness them all. This month, his cover photo is one from this set.

They’re 22 months old now, which means D has been doing this more or less 2 years. Not counting the times he’s written them love letters when they were still two small holes in my ultrasound print.

I have to say, I may be the self-proclaimed writer between the two of us, but my husband surely writes better love letters (and songs!) than I do.

One day, when I find time, I will compile all of these love letters and cover photos, and put together a memorabilia for Dawn and Rain. Just thinking about it is already making me tear up! These two don’t know it yet, but God has blessed them with such a sweet and amazing Daddy who’s so in love with them.

Someday they’ll know. In the meantime, we keep writing, and taking photographs.

How to Celebrate Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Wife Edition)

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David and Rhiza, Year 3

Your third year as a married couple is such a great year. By this time you would have adjusted pretty well to living together, and have grown a deeper level of understanding and acceptance of each other. Which means, less fights, more happy conversations, and a messier house. Having children in your 3rd year comes with totally different dynamics too, but the addition of little humans in the house makes it all the more fun!

Here are 8 suggestions to celebrate your third wedding anniversary:

(Disclaimer: These probably won’t apply to you, but it sure did to us.)

1. Wait til the clock strikes twelve and do a happy dance.

On the eve of your anniversary, while the kids are asleep, watch as your husband play some 70s music and grab you up for a dance. (Come and Get You Love is a good one). Dance away. Dance while hugging each other. Dance like you always do when nobody is looking. Do some awkward, embarrassing moves. Savor the moment, just you and him and his arms around you.

After a few minutes of dancing, try to be mindful about odd little things around you, like maybe a hidden camera blinking somewhere on your book shelf. Allow it to sink in that your husband has been capturing the moment on camera. Soon you will see that video uploaded on Facebook and feel your face turn red with embarrassment. Scream a little, maybe slap your husband on the arm several times. But it’s your anniversary so don’t be mad. After a while, you will both laugh at yourselves and think that the video is hilarious.

2. Wake up on the day of your wedding anniversary and thank the Lord together for a new beginning.

Wake up early. Give each other a kiss. Pray together. Remember that waking up beside each other is one of your most favorite times of the day, and you love how you’re able do this every single day for the past 3 years. Marvel at how, this time around, you’re sharing your bed with two beautiful little ones, which makes waking up even more lovely.

Tell each other “I love you” many times. Cuddle. Enjoy the fleeting moment of bliss before you both have to get out of bed and go through the day. Brew some coffee before parting ways, in lieu of breakfast, because you don’t have time to drink coffee together.

It’s your 3rd wedding anniversary and you most likely forgot to take a leave from work, unlike your first 2 wedding anniversaries which were carefully planned and scheduled weeks before. That’s okay, you know you can celebrate later in the day, or any other day for that matter.

3. Don’t expect a bouquet of roses.

You’ll receive a bouquet of roses anyway. Two dozens of them. And a box of chocolates. You both agreed that you’d rather spend the money on milk, or diapers, or children’s books, but deep inside you know you still secretly wish to receive these traditional symbols of love sometimes. Be thankful for having married such a sweet guy.

Take pictures. Post them on instagram. The flowers will dry up almost immediately so gaze lovingly at them as long as you can. Hug your husband tight. You didn’t buy him a gift because you thought you both weren’t buying each other gifts, but remember to buy him that pair of pants he’s been eyeing at the mall the next chance you get. Maybe two pairs of pants. And some new briefs.

4. Ask your mother to watch over the kids while you go out on a date.

Sneak out and celebrate, just the two of you. As much as you want to celebrate with your kids, they’re still too young to tag along on dates. So leave them with their grandma and treat yourselves to a child-free night. That’s okay. As soon as you leave the house, all you’ll be able to talk about is how adorable and beautiful your kids are anyway. It will almost feel like they’re with you.

Wear something nice. Put on some makeup. Brush your hair, for once. Spray some perfume on your clothes, dab some on your neck for good measure. Bring a camera and capture moments. You will want to remember this night forever.

Year 3

Year 3

Optional: Take turns taking each other’s photographs. No one is around to take your photographs together so capture separate images on the same spot and merge them with Photoshop.

5. Try out this restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out.

Give in to your husband’s request to try out this nearby cuisine that serves angus beef belly. Do a quick search on Google to find where it is. Make a quick reservation, just in case. Arrive on time. Pick a table close to the window.

Order that angus beef belly that your husband has been craving for. Order a huge serving. Enjoy the food. Munch slowly. Forget your diet. Talk about happy things, funny things. Laugh to your heart’s content. Remember why you love being around this guy so much. Be thankful that more than just your husband, he is your best friend, and you can laugh hysterically with him.

6. Get a nice long massage at your favorite spa.

Place a call to your favorite spa and tell them you’re on your way. Avail of their special “Couple Package”—the one with Jacuzzi, a private room for two, and 90 minutes of uninterrupted body massage. Thank the staff for giving you a generous discount as their anniversary treat for loyal customers.

Touch of Grace

Touch of Grace Spa  Wellness Center

Take your time in the Jacuzzi, you have the whole night. Get ready for a nice long body massage. Relax. Close your eyes. Enjoy the moment knowing that your husband is right on the next massage bed, enjoying himself too. Breathe in the nice aromatic smell that surrounds the room. Forget about everything else. Wake up 2 hours later when your massage is done.

7. Come home to your little ones after a successful wedding anniversary date.

But first, stop by a nearby convenience store to buy some treats for the kids. It’s late but they’re still up waiting for you. Get ready to hear little shrieks, and to have little arms around your neck as you open the door. Hug them a little tighter and longer. You know you just had one of your best dates ever, but nothing still beats coming home to your girls.


Give your own mom a hug and a kiss, and thank her for always making herself available anytime you call. Tell her she’s the best mom ever, and make mental notes on the kind of parents you want to become. Take your little girls to bed. Read them a book. Give them good night kisses. Tell them you love them.

8. End the day the way it began.

Spend a few more quiet moments with your husband. Embrace each other. Kiss.Tell each other “I love you” many times. Pray together and count your blessings.

Thank the Lord for a great day. Thank Him for the past 3 years. Thank Him for allowing you to come this far. Thank Him for each other. Thank Him for being the greatest author of love there is. Thank Him for good health, for family, for love that knows no bounds. Fill your prayer with gratitude. Only gratitude. Reserve your other prayer concerns for another day.

Be excited for another year of surprises. Drift away to sleep with a full heart.

Bonus: Listen to a new love song, composed just for you.

One week later, wake up to an email alert blinking on your phone, with an mp3 attached, from your (still sleeping) husband. Listen to the song that took him a week to compose, in all its raw, perfectly imperfect beauty. Know that it was recorded overnight while you were sleeping because, after all these years, he still wants to surprise you and write you songs. Wipe tears.

Pause mid-song and give your sleeping husband a kiss. Play the song over and over until you memorize the words. Smile at how incredibly blessed and loved you are. Upload the song and proudly post it on your blog for the whole world to hear.

Let’s talk about Online Marketing

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Pardon me if this is going to sound a lot like my About Page, but I want to share a little something about my job today, how I got here, and what I know about Online Marketing.

Online Marketing

Ten years ago I graduated with a degree in Mass Communication at UP Diliman, and hoped to find a job as a writer. I ended up taking a “Web Copywriter” position, incidentally in an Online Marketing Company. This gave me exposure to SEO and Online Marketing things. The rest, as they say, is history. I managed a team of web copywriters before becoming a full-blown SEO professional, and then I started training and managing SEO Specialists too. Later on, because of the ever-changing dynamics of SEO and the web, I’ve been exposed to other online channels like Email Marketing, Social Media, and PPC.

It was a gratifying experience, it still is. Even though I was an accidental SEO, I have loved the industry I am part of, and have grown and benefited from this career in more ways than one. In the course of my career, I was blessed to have worked with top online retailers, hotel chains, startups, as well as freelancers and entrepreneurs, both from here and across the world.

I have nothing to boast of, really. When I look back, I have just been blessed with great opportunities doing what I love, and incidentally, with bosses that I look up to and respect. Now, I may have a love-hate relationship with SEO, I won’t deny, but my passion remains to be weaving words together, helping brands build their online presence and personas, and helping people and businesses to be better at their jobs and succeed in their endeavors.

Today, I’m the Inbound Marketing Manager of a thriving startup called Spiralytics.

Inbound Marketing what? Take this definition by Hubspot, the guys who invented the term:

Inbound marketing is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your brand and converts them into lasting customers.

Inbound Marketing is greatly associated with Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, two online marketing disciplines that I happened to have specialized in, both of which are ways inbound marketing goals are achieved.

If you’re a blogger, a startup, or an individual who has a website and promoting your business online, you’re probably thinking at this point, ahhhh so I’ve been doing Inbound Marketing this whole time! A-ha!

That’s right. You could be doing this for a long time already, you just didn’t know there was a term that describes your collective effort. And you’re probably wondering how to maximize your online channels to deliver better results, better online visibility, more viewers, and potentially, more customers.  (more…)

32/52: Tough Week

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Photographs of my daughters, every week, once a week, this 2014.






Let’s just say, it was one of those weeks that started with a trip to the Emergency Room of a hospital, two sick babies, one of whom won’t eat or drink milk or take meds. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t work. We were so worried we almost had one of them confined.

So you can just imagine my relief when the fever finally subsided and appetite started coming back.

And then we started seeing those smiles on their faces again.

This song played over and over in my head this whole week:

You’re mercy flows like a river wild, and healing comes from Your hands. Suffering children are safe in Your arms. There is none like You.”

Healing comes from His hands, indeed.

31/52: Sunny Side Up

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.





Our darling fashionistas sporting their new sunnies.

Guess there was no need to say good bye to summer here in the Philippines! It may be the monsoon season now, but it’s good to know that there will always be warm sunny days all year round.








I don’t know if Rain being born 2 minutes ahead of Dawn any indication of what their personalities were going to be like. Even though it’s just 2 minutes, Rain seems to be the one who acts more like an older sister, while Dawn seems to be the more playful, carefree one. Exhibit A, these photographs above. If you’re confused, Dawn is the one whose face looks like she’s planning something schemy, and Rain is the one smacking her head at her sister.


These photographs were taken last week, just before Rain got the flu, and Dawn caught the virus from her sister. It’s been a crazy week of anxiously nursing two sick and cranky babies, on the week of our anniversary no less, and I’m just so relieved that the worst is now over. I have a separate post in the back burner for our recent ordeal with flu. For now, let’s just say, I’m so glad that we’re seeing those smiles on their faces again.

Having twins is just.. beyond me. If it isn’t obvious enough, we so love being parents to these two!

More about Project 52 here. View all posts in this blog series here.

Three years ago

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Three years ago today, we were about to come home from our honeymoon, excited to start our life together. Wow. So much has happened since, and I mean that in the most amazing of ways.










Every once in a while (and by “a while” I mean “a year”), I like having an excuse to relieve memories from our wedding day and go through old photographs. And what better time to do that than now, yes? Besides, my Timehop has been bursting with wedding posts this whole week!

So bear with me for this photo dump of sorts, I can’t help it! It’s that time of the year. :)









The truth is, even though our wedding day was one of the most special, much-awaited events of our lives, I don’t really remember a lot of details from that day. It was as if I was placed inside a bubble where it was just me and David, and everything else faded in the background and nothing else mattered.

In retrospect, it’s good we had someone else taking photographs that day, without which we probably wouldn’t have a recollection of what was happening outside our little bubble!




It was such a happy day, and at that point we didn’t think anything can top the happiness that we felt and the joy in our hearts. We were proven wrong, of course, because three years later, God is still giving us reasons to be even happier (and more in love) than we were a year ago. :)

Our wedding is Josiah’s Catering’s Wedding Throwback this week. Check it out!

Remember this 30 Day Blog Challenge? It feels good to look back.

Photos taken by our brothers, Ed Roderick Canuto and Nate Sanchez.

Love comes tumbling down

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David and Rhiza - Prenup

David and Rhiza

Dear David,

Do you remember that day? We ran around the old Philippine Air Force museum grounds with our small crew of 3, cramming our prenup video. We had to be quick because the sun was about to set that day and we didn’t have a lot of days left. Our wedding was less than a week away.

Do you remember that day? We were grinning from ear to ear, couldn’t keep our eyes off each other, couldn’t contain our joy. We awkwardly posed where they told us to pose, jumped when they told us to jump, chased each other when they said we should, smiled for the camera till our cheeks hurt.

Do you remember that day? We were so happy like we were living in a dream, except that our eyes were wide open and you’re, well, for real. And while we knew then that the best was still yet to come, we still couldn’t have guessed what God had in store for us!

Do you remember that day?

It’s been three years since then. So much has changed and so much has remained the same (we still chase each other around and smile til our cheeks hurt, that’s for sure). But in the midst of the big and small changes, the good times and bad times, you still remain to be the boy who makes my heart sing.

Thank you for being a huge part of the happiest days of my life, and even the ordinary ones. You’re my most favorite blessing. A lifetime thanking God for you is not enough.

Happy third year anniversary!
I love you, don’t forget.

Love, Riz 


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