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Our 2nd anniversary dinner at La Creperie Boheme

Last year we went to Tagaytay to celebrate our first anniversary. I was so bloated at 7 months at that time, and I remember smiling at the thought that a few years from now, we’ll be tagging along two little girls on anniversaries, dinners, and random dates.

We may have another year, or a few months, before that happens. In the meantime, we’re enjoying stolen date nights and making room in our schedule to spend time with each other, without the twins. And often it still feels like I’m a giddy high school girl every time we go out on dates or hold hands while walking.

Hee. More keso later, but for now, let’s talk about La Creperie.

Lovin’ the new La Creperie in New Manila

We had our second anniversary dinner the night before the 13th. We asked my Mom to watch over the twins while we sneak out to have a date, and off to the new La Creperie we go. My husband and I love it. As Martine puts it, their New Manila branch is their most romantic branch yet, and I agree. (Or am I just too in love with my date that everywhere we go feels romantic?)

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary at La Creperie

Chicken Salad and French Onion Soup by La Creperie

Baked Fish with Dijon Mustard

Happily Married for 2 Years!

La Creperie Boheme

Definitely a place to go back to.

La Creperie has always been known as the place to go if you want to have a feel of Paris in the Philippines. And while Paris is never really in my dream destinations list, I love the Parisian/bohemian ambiance that La Creperie exudes, it feels like stepping inside a totally different world.

And we enjoyed the food! We had Chicken Salad which I really enjoyed, and French Onion Soup and Baked Fish with Dijon Mustard that my husband really loved. For dessert we had Banana Foster crepe and a caramel flavored TWG red tea that I’m crazy about. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back there now, if only for the crepe and the tea.

The salad is good for sharing, we split the soup as well, but you might want to order the main dishes separately if you want to stuff yourself. It was past 9:00 when we had this post-dinner date, and we already had a light dinner beforehand, so it makes sense to share orders. Also, my husband and I like sharing because it’s romantic that way he and I both know that I’m pretty much the one who’s going to devour the dessert anyway, while he finishes everything else. (I’m a dessert person.)

Check out the new La Creperie in New Manila. It’s along Broadway street just in front of McDonalds (E. Rodriguez). For more info, check out their Facebook Page HERE. Thanks, Martine, for introducing me to La Creperie. :)

2nd Anniversary Celebration, Part 1.

Taking a trip down the Memory Lane

I did say I was going to upload more photographs of Memory Lane, that quaint little cafe in Tagaytay my friends and I visited last month. Well, here they are.

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay


Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Owned by Jolina Magdangal, Memory Lane reminds me of Hansel and Gretel’s house of candies, except you can’t eat its floors and walls. With its retro vibe and vintage collection all over the place, Memory Lane surely is as eye candy as it can get!

I don’t have much to say about the food. We only ordered some cheese sticks and kebabs out of courtesy, just because we spent too much time taking pictures and we had to consume the 100 peso parking fee.

Tagaytay is known for its food strips, and surely there are countless of restaurants in the area that offer better and cheaper food than this one. But what’s worth the trip down the Memory Lane is the place itself, coz it seemed like it was built to be a tourist attraction / romantic getaway / barkada hangout more than a specialty restaurant.

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Memory Lane Tagaytay

Then again, what’s worth the trip anywhere at all is the people you’re trippin’ with. So if you’re planning to come see Memory Lane, make sure that you bring along a camera, lots of stories, and people who make you smile. ;)

Memory Lane
Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay City
+63917-8581950, +63922-8298487
Memory Lane’s Facebook Page

Day 19: Day off, married friends, and coming home

Married Couples' Day Off

1. Day off. It was the first time we went out-of-town without the twins, and the farthest we ever got away from them since they were born. Lola Norma came to watch over the babies while Mommy & Daddy took a day off with some married friends. It almost felt like we just got married last week—excited, in love, free. Not that we don’t feel that way anymore now, we do. Just that, having babies around makes you feel those things in a whole new level.

2. Married friends. When we got married, I remember wishing my friends would get married already for the selfish reason of wanting to talk to them about married life. Wish granted! An avalanche of friends’ weddings happened in a span of 2 years, one after the other. Last Thursday, six of us went to Tagaytay and spent the day splurging on good food and hopping from one hangout place to another—Memory Lane for afternoon snack, Pamana for dinner, Cliff House for mochi and coffee. We took a lot of photos, and  freely talked about *cough* stuff we avoided talking about when we were still singles. :) It’s a blessing to have people we can grow with, whatever phase in life we are. Last time I was in Tagaytay with this same group, we were scouting for a wedding venue for Robert & Tin, and now they’ve tied the knot too. So much has happened in a span of a few months!

And so many blessings all in just one paragraph.

3. Coming home. We made the most out of the day and by the time D and I came home, it was already past 12 midnight. The babies were still up and a little restless, but were mostly just waiting to be tucked in. It took me less than 30 minutes to get both of them to sleep, making me think that they really just waited for us! I enjoyed the day out with my friends, no doubt. But nothing still beats coming home and ending the day with the loves of my life.

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 19.

Week 22: When I’m with you, I feel old

So I spent one Tuesday afternoon with my girlfriends, and I’ve had these photographs waiting in my drafts for days, short for words as always. But I was positive that one of my girlfriends would blog about it soon, so I thought I’d wait so I can just link it up. I was right.

Thanks, Mae, for doing the honors.

Now all I have to do is to post more photos. :D

And can I just say, in my best Carrie Bradshaw impersonation, “I died and went to cake heaven?”

My friends did this pregnant woman a favor by choosing to hang out at Conti’s that afternoon. They all ordered a slice of cake each, while I had a slice of cake PLUS a plateful of yummy beef lasagna. Pregnancy has its perks. ;)

To end, I’d like to steal her words, because I couldn’t say it any better. Sometimes, life surprises you and gives you family who are like friends, and friends who are like family. Not everyone gets to be blessed with both, but I’m just so thankful that I am.

With these girls, growing old doesn’t feel too scary after all.

Week 18: All I think about is food

It’s Friday, about a couple of minutes before the work day ends and the weekend begins, and all I can think about is.. food.

My food cravings this past few weeks, on Instagram.

It’s like I have two hungry monsters inside of me! These days, I particularly like sweet stuff and korean food. I was a little worried about getting gestational diabetes because of the sweets, but as far as my last medical test is concerned, my sugar levels are perfectly normal. Yay.

I feel like I should have gained over 30 pounds already with all the food I consumed, but for some reason, I’ve only gained 10 pounds. Does that mean the babies are absorbing all the calories out of me (which is good, right)? Or does it mean I should eat more?

Coz I don’t mind eating more. Really. :)

Have a great weekend, you!

10-13/52: Saturdays of April on Instagram

*This is part of my 52 Saturdays Project

April was made of food cravings, long sleeping hours, short but meaningful get-togethers, and God-encounters. Saturdays (and Sundays) were beautiful, more than the other days of the week, just because I can sleep longer, spend more time with the husband, and not feel bad about being too lazy to wear make-up.

I have to say, getting up from bed in the morning, and being away from bed the whole day has never been more difficult than this past month; so if you see me up and about, doing stuff other than eating and lying down, then you’re witnessing some real, God-given strength and grace right there.

Here are 4 installments to my 52 Saturdays project, while I can still remember them. I’ve taken photographs with our DSLR but since I’m quick-posting this, I thought it’s easier and faster to go the instagram route. And these days, fast and easy are just what I need.

10/52: April 7. Thank God for long weekends.

I woke up this particular Saturday thinking I wanted carrot cupcakes, and went to bed craving for ice cream. It was Holy Week, and while I was having a hard time adjusting to the first trimester, I was thankful for the time of rest. We stayed in bed pretty much the whole Saturday, except for times when my pregnant self needed to satisfy some form of craving.

11/52: April 14. SBCC’S Young Women’s Encounter.

SBCC Encounters are made of two whole days packed with about 2 dozen sessions on understanding and appreciating the message of the cross. It was the young women’s turn this time, ages 14 to 17, and I was assigned to speak in two sessions long before I knew I would be pregnant. Looking back now, it still amazes me how God held me together that weekend. Sure, I had to lie down and take power naps here and there, but during the two sessions I had to stand up in front to speak, I just know that I couldn’t have done it with just my own strength. The red velvet cupcakes that day may have something to do with it, hehe, but ultimately I know it’s God breathing His strength in me.

12/52: April 21. Proud wifey moment.

The following Saturday, it was the young men’s turn to encounter God. My husband was one of the Spiritual Guides, and hearing his stories that weekend made me feel so happy and proud of him. There was that moment that Saturday night, when he was leading worship with the other guys, that made my heart leap for joy. He was doing what he loves most doing, and I couldn’t be any more blessed to witness what God has been doing in his life. When the Young Men’s Encounter was over, we went to that food bazaar in Metro Walk to celebrate with some church friends. What a celebration, indeed!

13/52: April 28. It’s always good to be home.

We spent the last Saturday of the month in our house in Caloocan. It was a meaningful time with my Mom, my sister-in-law, and cute little Isaac. (The brothers were all out, working.) Mom cooked adobo and chopseuy, and then we had halo-halo for dessert. Ate Imy shared stories from when she was still pregnant with Isaac. Husband camped out in front of the TV almost the whole time we were therehe’s been looking forward to this because we don’t have a TV back at home, LOL. Isaac, meanwhile, has developed this fondness for other people’s shoes, and he seemed to have loved wearing mine. :)

Sorry I had to cheat and to rush this month’s 52 Saturdays. First trimester is almost over, and I’ve been reading about how second trimester is supposed to give me my groove back. Hopefully, I get to update this blog more often too. :)

Time to rest and reflect

One of the few things I love about working here in the Philippines is the  long holidays. This year, the President declared 6 long weekends. I don’t think there are other countries who enjoy this luxury of long vacations like we do here. Thankfully, this particular 5-day vacation (Holy Week) couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

Struggling with the first trimester, I spent most of my weekend sleeping like I never slept before, and feeling dizzy and nauseous, and a couple of times, throwing up what I ate. I remember being warned about marriage and raising kids. But I can’t remember anyone warning me about pregnancy! Or fine, if anyone did, I probably wasn’t paying attention. :D

When I was not sleeping or feeling dizzy, my husband and I did manage to get out of the house to do something. Here’s a glimpse of our weekend, on Instagram:

He lovingly entertained all my food cravingsfrom ice cream to baked zitti to mango yogurt. We had some Jollibee delivered. Cooked chicken enchilada. Made omelettes. Baked carrot cupcakes with our neighbors downstairs. Squeezed oranges. I lost track of all the food we consumed this weekend! And can I just say.. my husband has been extremely helpful around the house, cleaning up and keeping everything together while I shifted from being super wife to being-totally-helpless. I don’t think I’ll ever stop staring at him and marveling at how blessed I am to have someone like him journeying this life with me. :)

Today we missed our church’s family outing in Laguna because I was, once again, having a horrible morning; but in the afternoon when I was feeling better, we went to Trinoma to have lunch and to walk around. We passed by this strip of baby shops and made a mental checklist of the things we have to start saving up for. We wondered where all the years have gone and tried to recall when we started feeling like and actually being adults. We pondered upon the things God allowed to happen in our lives, and this new adventure He’s blessed us with. I would be lying if I said I’m not a bit anxious, or scared. But I also know that God won’t give us anything we can’t handle, and the excitement just.. trumps all fears!

The other night, as I was struggling with another attack of nausea, feeling like all my strength is being drained out of me, these words came to me like a lifesaver: It’s God’s love for us that causes us to an end of our own strength. I held on to those words and claimed God’s strength until I finally fell asleep.

Over and over again it’s being confirmed in my heart that He who took us this far will take us farther as He wills.

That’s how I know I will be okay.

That’s how I know we will be okay. :)

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