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Wild Flour, Rada, Makati
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Recently: Wild Flour, Breakfast, and Sugarlace

I’ve always wondered when I would chance upon an empty table (or an empty seat!) at Wild Flour Cafe. The place is always packed, and I always end up deciding to just come back some other time, except the time never came. Until a few weeks ago…

Project Pie, SM EDSA
Food Trips Recently

Recently: Our Project Pie Experience

Here’s the thing. Anything with the word “artisan” and “pizza” makes me think happy thoughts. And when I heard of a place that serves “artisan pizza”, I just knew it’s going to be our new happy place. So off to Project Pie we went,…

Madison's Bistro Moderne - Speck and Goat Cheese Mousse
Food Trips Recently

Recently: Madison’s Bistro Moderne Double Date

Our friends Rachel and Noel have been inviting us to Madison’s Bistro Moderne since it opened early this year, but it wasn’t until last week that we found time to go. As appetizers were served and I munched on this thing they call “Speck…