About Us

Hello, I’m Riz.

I wear many hats but for the past 2 years, my favorite ones are these: wife and mommy. So let me start off with that.

Wife & Mom

David and I got married in August 2011 after more than a decade of friendship and long-distance “it’s complicated” relationship. He lived in New York with his family for 10 years, but now we’re based in Manila and raising our little family here.

I like talking about him and the things we learn about marriage in this blog. After all, as far as chasing dreams is concerned, this life with him has been one of my greatest dreams.

Ours is a love story that’s simply not possible without God’s immeasurable love and grace. Having first met each other when we were 16 and having spent most of our lives in (literally) opposite sides of the planet, it still often amazes me how God kept bringing us back together all those years. We love telling our love story, all glory to God who wrote it so beautifully.

Six months into being husband and wife, we got the biggest surprise of our lives: I was pregnant with twins! We didn’t see that coming. We want to have babies alright, but we never imagined having two babies at once. It’s been quite a ride, this past year. And while I’ve experienced the challenges and struggles of being a mother, I’ve been loving and enjoying this season of my life more than anything.

Obviously, this site is brimming with stories about my little family.

Chasing Dreams

I have been a blogger for more than a decade. I owned 3 different domain names before finally settling down here. This blog was born in June 2009 and has been existing as a channel where I document my life, and my dreams, and my faith, and everything in between.

I know “life” and “dreams” and “faith” are broad terms, I guess that’s why for the longest time, this blog existed without a particular niche.

In March 2010, without going through so much details, it was affirmed to me that God has blessed me with a channel, albeit a small readership, that has a potential to reach people who are needing hope, encouragement, and inspiration. It is in that note that I continue blogging about my life, only this time, with the intention of making a positive change, inspiring people, and encouraging them to never tire chasing their dreams.

Welcome, welcome

If you landed on this blog for the first time, and you want to browse thematically (I know, so OC right?), here are the topics I frequently discuss here:

  • Married Life – I love blogging about what a beautiful gift this married life is, and about my husband. Prepare to take in lots of cheese. :) 
  • Motherhood – You won’t see a lot of mother-ing tips here. (I don’t see myself as the type who’ll give mommy tips.) There are, however, lots of reflections and photos and stories about our twin girls and the joy that has filled our home since they graced our life with their presence.
  • Faith – Both my husband and I were born Pastors’ kids. I practically grew up with the church as our second home. I love talking about God, and you’ll read a lot about my faith journey here in this blog.
  • Memory Keeping – I take lots and lots and lots of photos, and I love preserving memories however way I can.
  • Design Inspiration – I like sharing art and design inspiration I find here and there.
  • Home Inspiration – Once in a while I curate and share home interior inspiration too, you know, when I feel like justifying the amount of time I spend on Pinterest.
  • Food Trips – I’m not a food blogger, and I’m horrible at describing food. I do love taking photos of the restaurants we go to, and making memories in those places especially if I went there with loved ones and friends.
  • Destinations – I have moved and traveled a lot. In the past 3 decades, I learned well enough not to be too attached to places. This is a special section in this blog where I share my sentiments about going places, making memories, and taking home with me wherever I go.
  • Doing Meaningful Work– I blog about the life lessons I learn from my work and my business here. For more technical thoughts and learnings related to my job, I blog them at our startup’s blog over there.
  • Blogging & Writing – Blogging is both my profession and my breathing space. I know. Work and leisure, yup. I guess that pretty much gives you a hint on the amount of time I spend dealing with and writing on blogs.

I also do a lot of creative challenges and thematic documentation of special phases in my life. You can find them here:

So that, in a nutshell, is what you’re going to find here. With lots of honest-to-goodness storytelling, creative projects, and real-life photographs, I pray that somewhere in these pages you will find the inspiration you’re looking for.

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  • judeagbayani

    Hi Riz! Glad to have sat next to you in Martine’s workshop this afternoon. I hope I could work with you soon especially about the design of my blog and probably more than that. I have been blessed by your blog simply because you are a sister in Christ. Continue to be a blessing to your family and to others who follow your blog :)

    • http://www.chasingdreams.net Riz

      Thanks Miss Jude. It was great meeting you too. Looking forward to seeing you inspire and lead others to Christ through your blog. :)

  • Shiela Jolo

    Such an inspiration… Glad I land on your website.

  • Racquel Bumengeg

    Hi Ma’am. :) My name is Rac. :) It started po sa Instagram, #pursuitManila since I’m following Courageous Caitie story. Then I searched it po sa Google and I found your blog po. Somehow, I already fall in love with your blog–your stories. Your faith, your love towards other people.. so this coming pay day, Im gonna order po ng passion cards. :)))) (Naalala ko po si Ms. Feliz Lucas, you have the same faith) Thank you, and may God bless you and your family more. :) ♥