I don’t like not blogging in November. Which explains why I’m here now, thinking about November on the first day of December, waxing poetic about my most favorite month that has just gone by.

I don’t know when November started to become a favorite. It must have been in 2008 when I went to Sydney and fell in love at first sight. Or maybe it was New York in 2010. Pretty sure a lot of it has to do with taking home our daughters from the hospital on a November morning and being first time parents in 2012.

November for us came with beautiful milestones, but more than that, I love it for what it represents.

The month starts with All Souls’ Day and ends with Thanksgiving. It’s the month to look back and remember the lives of those who went ahead of us, and to be thankful for the life we now live. It’s the celebration of the past and the present. It begins with bittersweet memories and ends in joyful celebrations; with mourning and then dancing. 

It’s the season of gratitude and rejoicing. Of leaves turning, and winds shifting, and wardrobes changing.

November is like, the calm before the storm.

I think God made Novembers to allow us to breathe before the holiday rush takes over the malls, the roads, our homes. It’s a time of transitions and courageous pursuits, of leaps of faith and quiet reflections.

It’s the last chapter before the last chapter, where the story wraps up and culminates for the big finale. It’s quite an important month, really, but most of us won’t know it until it’s over.

So I’m taking a moment today to have one last deep breath before diving in to December. Oh how time flies.

Thank you, sweet November, for all the sweet moments amidst the tough ones, and for ushering us to December beautifully. We shall see you again next year.


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