The Craft Central

My kind of place,” I thought to myself as I stepped inside The Craft Central. It’s one of those magical places where you can’t help but go through every single shelf, left to right, top to bottom, and you come out two hours later with bag full of art supplies and handmade products that will inspire you for weeks and months to come.

The Craft Central is not new to us, Manila-based letterers and artists. For the past year/s, we get our regular dose of calligraphy inspiration from their instagram feed, purchase our art and calligraphy tools from The Craft Central’s website, and chase them around whenever there are local art fairs and bazaars in town.

I reckon we all kinda knew that it was just a matter of time when The Craft Central would open a physical store somewhere! And then in September, it finally happened.

Such a good feeling to now know exactly where to go when your calligraphy ink runs out, or when you need to replenish your art stash, or when you simply need to be inspired!

The Craft Central

The Craft Central’s launch party, just before the crowd started pouring in.

Shopping from The Craft Central online is still a convenient option (and what an efficient online ordering system too, if I may add), but making a trip to Greenbelt 5 and into the doors of their shop brings this special kind of rush.

Stepping inside the store, surrounded by beautiful things made with love and skilled hands, you just can’t help but be inspired to create. To learn a new skill. To pursue those creative passions. To be brave and get your work out there for the world to see.

To do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Alexis Ventura, founder of The Craft Central, is a young entrepreneur and visionary who once dreamed of creating a haven for aspiring artists to showcase their work, hone a variety of skills, and to have access to supplies that used to cost so much because they had to be imported from outside the country.

It is worth noting that The Craft Central is one of the first movers in the local art scene here, bringing the art of calligraphy and brush lettering back, which essentially birthed a new generation of artists and creative entrepreneurs.

A leap of faith, the right kind of motivation and attitude, coupled with strategic business decisions, plus the courage to trust and follow God’s lead, brought The Craft Central to where it is today. 

I asked Alexis to share some of the lessons she learned in her journey and here are some of the things she learned in this whole process.

1. Share with us one (or more) defining moment/s that affirmed to you that this is exactly what God is calling you to do.

My decision to pursue the business is a result of several months of prayer and inner struggles. Perhaps what calmed the storm were the verses I read on 3 specific occasions that I desperately asked for direction: Exodus 35:30, Deuteronomy 15:4, Psalm 105:37-45. I also waited for the blessing of my parents before I submitted my 3o-day notice, and it was a day that I remember to be so happy and glorious!

2. What’s your greatest fear when you were starting your business and how did you overcome it?

Failing is my greatest fear. But I am reminded that God who takes care of everything will take care of me. Whether I fail or succeed, that’s part of God’s plan. MY role at the start was (and still is) to trust and follow Him!

3. What advise can give you those who are struggling and dreaming of establishing their own creative businesses?

There is always space for those who are determined. If you don’t find one, then make space for yourself.

I have a feeling what Alexis shared sent the wheels turning in your head, too. ;)

Here are some photos from the exclusive launch party!

The Craft Central Launch Party

Me and my friend Karen, all smiles like little girls in a candy store.

The Craft Central - Ventura Sisters

Ventura Sisters welcoming everyone to this happy place!

The Craft Central Launch Party

Now on its 2nd month at Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

Visit The Craft Central

Instagram @thecraftcentral | Facebook /TheCraftCentral | Shop online at

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