When most of the hours in a day are spent hustling and working, you don’t only set aside your personal needs and dreams, you also start to feel uninspired and underwhelmed. Work becomes robotic, you start doing it just for the money, and you feel like you’re wasting your time on things that don’t have long-term value. That said, 100% Whole Mom couldn’t have come to me at a better time.

It took me out of the design rut and allowed me to do work that matters. Sure it required a couple of sleepless nights and about ten thousand revisions. (That sponsor card had to be revised over and over up to the last minute because sponsors just kept coming in!). But it’s projects like this, ones that have eternal value, that don’t feel like work at all! 

Rica, Marilen and Chesca’s passion is so contagious that I just can’t help but want to be part of it in my own way. That said, here are the branding board and initial mockups we made:

100 Whole Mom Branding Board 100 Whole Mom Mockup

Each of them has her own expertise and turf—Marilen for Home, Chesca for Beauty, Rica for Heart—which are represented by the 3 colors and icons. These design elements were incorporated into the invitations, giveaway tags, business cards, and on the details of the event itself.

I felt kilig when I came to the venue on the day of the event and saw my work all over the place!

Habil Crafts incorporated the icons on these handmade wood art—



The Greenhouse Project had these round icons on sticks, and placed on each potted succulent—


Oomph Styling had the icons painted on the stage backdrop—

Some of the giveaways were customized to have 100% Whole Mom’s logo—


These Tesoros bags had the labels and sponsor cards tied to them—

100% Whole Mom-89

Tags, invites, sponsor cards, business cards—




Now, to see my work printed on paper is exciting, but to see it on cupcakes and cake pops? I couldn’t get over these branded desserts for days, coutesy of Kitchen’s Best (very yummy too! You bet the dessert bar kept me coming back!)—




And then of course, the Passion Cards

100% Whole Mom




*Passion cards are 3x4in cards that have inspiring messages (verses and quotes) in them that were designed to fuel your passion to seek God more, pursue His calling, and encourage others to do the same. You can frame them, tape them on your wall, use them as markers for your planner or journal, write on them and give them away to your friends.

The 100% Whole Mom edition of these passion cards came with quotes and verses that are focused on nurturing the home, beauty, and heart. Marilen, Chesca and Rica picked these quotes themselves.

Buy these Passion Cards from the Shop

But what can I say?

I feel so honored to be part of something that has a potential to be a huge movement for mothers, if not already. It’s funny how Rica, Marilen and Chesca would keep thanking me for whatever small thing I’ve done (I was merely translating their vision come to think of it!), when really, I should be the one thanking them for this huge opportunity! I’m all for projects that are woman-centric and God-glorifying, and it’s such a blessing to be part of the 100% Whole Mom team. I’m excited to see this project touch lives, inspire more moms, all for God’s glory.

(Photographs by Jamie Espadilla, and some Instagram pics grabbed from @ricaperalejo.ph, @sheilacatilo, @martinedeluna and @wholemomph)

Read my blog about the 100% Whole Mom Launch HERE.

100% Whole Mom Updates!

For updates on their workshops starting in August, follow the following:

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