June 11, 1994Exactly 21 years ago, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart and received His gift of salvation. “Accept” is the word we use when we were kids, because truly it’s all about “accepting a gift”. But as I grow older I learn that it’s also about surrendering your life, making Him the Lord of all, submitting to His will, and obeying His Word.

More so, now that I’m a parent, I find myself in this whole new level of understanding and gratitude, that Anyone would love me so much He would spare His only son to save me. Tell me, how can anyone not surrender and trust Someone who would do just that?

It’s been 21 years since that day I made a decision to follow Jesus, and that decision was only possible because He chose me and loved me first. Today I remember and celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness since that beautiful day in 1994, and for everything He’s done to stretch me, mold me, bless me these past 21 years.

And today I invite you poke into your heart and look into your life—somewhere inside of you is a God-shaped hole that no one and nothing else can fill. You can try to fill it up with work, achievements, material possessions or relationships, but you’ll find that nothing truly satisfies than the love and the presence of our Father.

Today I invite you to believe. :)


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