Cheerful Journey

I’ve been learning a lot about how important it is to find the right clients. As creatives, even though we have similar processes, we have different ways of translating a vision or an idea. Over the past year, I learned that my most satisfied clients are the ones who come to me because they’ve seen my work and feel that my style and my vision resonate with their own.

These are people who trust in my ability to help make their dreams happen and translate their personality and vision into a brand. On my end, these are the clients I enjoy working with and am proud to place on my portfolio because they reflect my design style well. It’s a win-win scenario—they’re happy with my work, and I’m happy doing the work.

That said, Audrey of Cheerful Journey is one of those clients I haven’t met yet, but we just instantly clicked (or at the very least, our style clicked!). And who wouldn’t enjoy translating an inspiration board like that one above, yeah? 

After creating the inspiration board, here are the blog headers I presented her:

Blog Header Studies

The design process with Audrey was a breeze. She knew exactly what she wanted for her brand, from the colors to the font to the feel; meanwhile, I knew exactly how to translate her vision. Not to sound too proud or confident, but I somehow knew that I nailed it from the beginning, only because her vision was that clear.


Meet Audrey. :) Photographs taken by Sheila Catilo.

I suppose it helped a lot that her blog coach is Martine de Luna, and her photographs were taken by Sheila Catilo. Talk about dream team. :) I loved working with these two, albeit virtually. Martine and Sheila are both good friends of mine, and while we didn’t really see each other throughout this project, it kinda felt good to know that we all contributed something to help Audrey make her dream come true.


Audrey launched her blog early this year, and I loved watching her spread happiness and share happy thoughts in her online space—what a Cheerful Journey, indeed.

Few weeks after we’ve launched her sitet, I received this box of happy little things! Curated by Audrey herself, it contained some items from her blog partners as well as products that she love! I was swooning for days! Most of the items are particularly useful too and have become some of my daily essentials.

Shoutout to these amazing brands that made up the Cheerful Box—The Happy Organics (organic soap), Caboodle Box (stamp set), Paper Pliers (custom-made wire bookmarks and accessories), A Vanilla Story (vanilla sanitizer), Snapper Doodles (canvas tote), and Home Edited (Eiffel scissors).

I suuuuper love this custom made necklace by Istorya. It’s so thoughtful how Audrey placed my whole family’s names into this pretty little thing! What a beautiful keepsake!

Thank you Audrey! For the privilege to design your brand and your blog, and for your kindness and generosity that is surely spreading a much-needed inspiration everywhere. I’m so proud of you and your continuous quest for a happier and more cheerful way of life. Much love!

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  1. Thank you so much Rhiza! I am very grateful that God provided me with the right women when I was ready to bring my blog to the next level. Working with you was a breeze! Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!

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