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When Toni contacted me to redesign her blog, I screamed like a fan girl. Wifely Steps has been around since 2003 and I’ve looked up to her ever since I found her blog. Admittedly I was a bit scared, not wanting to screw up the design of a decade-old blog. I took it because she was too kind, and kindness is my weakness. So we started this design journey together, and that’s just how amazing she is, calling this a design “journey” and not a design “process”.

She took time to answer my design questionnaire, and wow, I never thought I’d read a design questionnaire answered the way she did, it was almost.. poetic! Her vision for her blog is very specific and I felt honored that she would even consider me to translate that dream into a blog design. 

Above is her inspiration board, and below is her brand board:

WIfely Steps - Brand Board

I think it’s best that you read about our design journey through Toni herself:

My blog redesign journey started with tapping my fellow Blissmaker, Rhiza Oyos. Rhiza exudes this gentle, loving vibe that I really admire. She blogs about her family, love and dreams at Chasing Dreams. I was aware of her recent work and loved her feminine, minimalist touch to each blog design.

I loved working with Rhiza. She got the vibe I wanted for my new blog design right away, and I was happy about that. One of my favorite parts of the the blog design process was creating a Blog Inspiration board on Pinterest. On this board, I pinned images that captured the mood and tone I wanted for the new design — from the color palette (morning beach hues), the textures (knits, sand, light wood), to the energy (quiet, calming).

From there, Rhiza developed her own Inspiration board. This would then anchor how the blog redesign would look. I was super happy with how this turned out!

It was a lovely process all throughout. Rhiza was such a blessing. She was open to my suggestions (Heehee, I can get a little OC!) and gave her point of view on what would make the blog work better.

One of my favorite parts is the header! I LOVE stripes, but I didn’t make this pattern part of my design brief. Stripes can get really too formal or overly nautical, so I didn’t make it a mandatory. That’s why when Rhiza came back to me with this header, I was so happy. I got the stripes I love and it was presented in a gentle, relaxed way. Ocean waves come to mind and it anchors the whole blog beautifully.

The result is a mobile responsive blog that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into her online beach cottage really. Watercolor stripes, hand drawn icons, fine lines, clean typography, white spaces, a custom-made subscribe widget.

Blog Design Mockup

Blog Design Mockup

The best designs I’ve made are ones for women who’ve really nailed down their vision for their personal branding. Such is Toni’s redesign, which, come to think of it, I couldn’t really credit to myself. Each detail is based from Toni’s idea, I was merely translating it.

My personal favorite is the customized sidebars and the hand-drawn icons. I’ve never done this before, but I gladly learned a thing or two about implementing such customization.

Customized Sidebar

For a moment there it felt like I stepped inside Toni’s heart, and that’s exactly how you would feel too when you visit The Wifely Steps and start reading her words.

I suggest you begin with the Blog Manifesto, followed by the reason for this redesign. You know she’s talking about her life, and then you’ll realize she’s talking about you and the wife (and mother) that you’re designed to be.

Thanks, Toni, for this opportunity! :)

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  1. Thank you Riz for this beautiful post! I thoroughly enjoyed every step of our journey. Thank you for my new home, which I love going back to again and again — sometimes I just gaze at it and feel tons better. It’s really become a personal beach cove for me. :) Thank you!

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