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Back in the day, I would change my blog’s design quarterly, or anytime I feel like it. My favorite colors of the month would reflect in my blog design, and if you knew me back then, my color preferences changed quite a lot. It wasn’t until I got serious about personal branding that I stopped changing my online identity too much. I still find myself restless with layout and typography sometimes, but mostly I’ve maintained my color preferences to a minimum.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to play with colors, still. These days I get my color therapy from the blogs I design. I suppose all those years playing with color hexes prepared me for this! :) Needless to say, I had so much fun working on Carmela’s lavender and mint color palette, which, I found out later on, is also her upcoming wedding motif. ♥

After Carmela and I exchanged messages and pegs for her food/recipe blog, I just swooned. This lady has got some sweet taste! And of course I mean that both style- and culinary- wise. A pastry chef, food writer and the owner of Casa San Luis, Carmela blogs about her kitchen adventures, her business, tidbits of her daily life and everything in between. 


I’m sooo happy she allowed me to strip her blog naked (excuse me, kids, there’s no better way to say it), and build it up with fine typography and lots of white spaces, definitely my kind of style. ;)

I presented her with several logos based on the simplicity of her style preferences, and yay, she picked the one I secretly wanted her to pick!

The final look is a clean mobile responsive blog that comes with a recipe plugin which gives her readers the option to print out her recipes. The whole look simply brings the attention to her beautifully written content and photographs, which is really, what recipe blogs are supposed to be anyway.

True enough, after I was done designing Carmela’s Journal, I took the kids to a nearby supermarket and bought ingredients to make Polvoron based on Carmela’s recipe. Such a simple recipe, really, but for the busy and culinary-challenged Mom and Wife that I am.. when it comes to food, I always go for the fast and easy. And no-bake please, thank you.

That’s exactly how it felt like, working on Carmela’s Journal. I got to experiment something new while also remaining within the design aesthetics that I know and love.

What Carmela said about the process:

Started with my mood board, which is, funny enough similar to the theme and colors of my upcoming marriage. I can’t help it if I only see in Lavender and Mint Green! Rhiza was very patient with me because whoever said making a mood board is easy, is lying. You find so many ideas online that it’s actually very overwhelming.

Then I had to fill up a questionnaire about me and my blog. This helped streamline my ideas and set my goals and wishes for the blog. With my Inspiration Board and answers, Rhiza was able to come up with a logo and a new look for my blog.

Now my blog looks fresher, lighter and I just can’t stop staring at home page. The feeling is similar to when you get a new haircut and you take a look at yourself in every other mirror!

Visit Carmela’s Journal HERE.

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