Pink my Ride Color Inspiration

I met Carmel in one of Martine’s workshops. With majority of the attendees being Moms, and Carmel being the youngest and the only single woman in the group, she was naturally easy to remember. As she was sharing her story and describing her blog goals and vision to the group, I remember seeing my younger self in her—more specifically, in her love for travel, and her passion to explore not only places but also life and new sources of inspiration. That’s why it made me really happy when she approached me to “tweak” her brand and blog design.

She wanted to keep her logo, but if you are an avid follower of Carmel’s blog, you will notice a slight but significant difference in the logo’s typography and tagline. ;) We redesigned the layout of her blog and refined her brand board. She wanted her site to be minimalist, with lots of white spaces to bring more focus to the content and the photographs. She wanted her online space to grow with her and to look more composed and matured.  

Brand Board: Pink my Ride


Once in a while we find ourselves evolving and discovering a little something new about ourselves, which we feel should translate into our personal brand or blog’s look and feel. That’s exactly what Carmel wanted for Pink My Ride version 2.

The result is a mobile-responsive minimalist blog design that highlights her 3 blog categories. Of course we have to use an intense shade of pink as an accent color across the entire site. I mean, it wouldn’t be “Pink My Ride” without pink right?


By the way, you guys, mobile responsive is the way to go. Especially this 2015. So if your blog is not yet mobile responsive, WHY?!

Thanks Carmel for trusting me with your passion project. I enjoyed working with you, too. ;)

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