One thing for sure, not only is Denise an amazing cook-slash-baker, she also has an awesome taste in design. Her Pinterest board of pegs and ideas was a design heaven, you can tell that she knows exactly what her vision is and the values she wants her brand to represent.

Bebeng's Kitchen Brand Board

Logo and canvas bag / black wall / kitchen / wallpaper / jars / biz cards

After getting her color and style pegs, I made an initial color palette and started designing logo studies. I normally don’t share logo studies here, but I probably should. You know, just to give you an idea how my design process looks like in case you *ehem* consider working with me. Besides, I really love how these turned out.

Bebeng's Kitchen Logo Studies

I always try my best to give the logo studies varying treatments and fonts, unless the client has a specific type/font preference, if so, I won’t stray too far from that. The above logos were the ones I’ve presented to Denise.

Let me just say, I have to give it to her for not allowing herself to be swayed by the swirls and the scripts and the cute hand-drawn icons. I know she struggled with choosing, and she needed an entire day to really think about her choice. If you know her, you should be aware that she’s all about pink, and pretty, and girly, and *ehem* royalty. ;)

That’s why I was really impressed by how focused she is about Bebeng’s Kitchen’s brand, which she wanted to have a somewhat separate identity from her personal brand. She wanted Bebeng’s Kitchen to have a look that’s organic and modern and sophisticated, without losing the feminine touch, and with just the right hint of her personality. The hand-drawn heart icon was the perfect element to represent her personality and her passion.

Once we nailed the branding and identity, we started designing her product labels, biz cards, and packaging.

Bebeng's Kitchen Branding & Identity Design

I can’t get over this project, really! Can you tell? The truth is, I feel like it’s a happy accident that we came up with such a classic brand. I guess that’s the thing about designing stuff. It’s partly technical, but it’s really mostly heart. More than enjoying the design process, I have loved working with Denise. This lady has big dreams, and I’m so honored to have been part of her quest to finally start making those dreams happen.

Here’s the other best part.

After I’ve turned over the design assets, Denise showed up on our doorstep with a bag full of her Tasty Treats and Savory Sidekicks! DROOL. :)

Behold, our loot from Bebeng’s Kitchen


Our Bebeng’s Kitchen loot has actually more than what’s shown in this picture. We had enough to last us two weeks! Bebeng’s Kitchen has two product lines — the Tasty Treats and the Savory Sidekicks. And she gave us a selection of both.

Tasty Treats

Bebeng's Kitchen Tasty Treats

Bebeng's Kitchen Tasty Treats

Bebeng's Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bebeng's Kitchen Banana Walnut

Chocolate Chip Cupcake

Just as her Pinterest board a design heaven, my Bebeng’s Kitchen loot was a dessert heaven! Which makes this dessert person here really happy. I looove the Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes and the Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies. Fine, I loooove all of them. My husband, who is not a dessert person, actually enjoyed the Banana Walnut Cupcakes. That’s saying a lot, really. ;) The twins loved the Graham Balls, no surprise there. In fact, we’ve consumed the Graham Balls in like, 2 days.

And then there’s Denise’ selection of Savory Sidekicks.

Bebeng's Kitchen Savory Sidekicks

Bebeng's Kitchen Savory Sidekicks

Now this one my husband really enjoyed. He has a thing for spicy food, and he made a little happy dance when we found two jars of this best-selling Garlic and Chili, and a jar of Spicy Bagoong Alamang. Happy husband = happy wife = happy life. What can I say.

Denise hasn’t printed out labels with her new branding when these photographs were taken. I can’t wait to see her products when she starts using her new logo. ;)

Thanks Denise for filling both my tummy and my passion. Let’s keep chasing our dreams, shall we? :)

Bebeng’s Kitchen

For inquiries, visit her social media channels: Facebook / Instagram

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    1. Hello, Aggie! Riz is so talented talaga. She gathered my thoughts and made my vision come true. And the photos noh? But yes, you have to try our products. <3

  1. Magnificent branding! I did a happy dance, too, the first time I tasted BK’s Garlic and Chili. The extra pounds I gained in the last weeks were courtesy of BK. So, Denise, this all your fault! Haha!

    ~ Mai

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