I’ve been making lists my whole life—on paper, in digital notepads and Word documents, even in my head. I find that making lists makes me more organized and productive, which allows me to accomplish more. This year is no exception. Somewhere on the pages of my journal I wrote down my dreams and goals for 2014, and if I would sum up in one word how I want 2014 to look like it’s got to be this word: passion.

Passion 2014

It’s a scary word to use, I know. Passion is such a heavy word, and it scares me that I may not be able to live up to it. Ohhh but I’m ready.

This year is going to be the year I will pursue what I’m passionate about, in the same way I will rekindle my passion for what I already have.

Embracing new passions and chasing new dreams

The truth is, for the past 3 years I feel like I’ve given up some of the things I’m passionate about: Travel, photography, gadgets, collecting pretty things, adventures. The other thing I’ve given up is my disposable income, which is not exactly a “passion”, but something that funds my passions. Being a mother now and raising a family, I have to be purposeful in the way I use time and money, and my “passions” have to take the backseat. No more travels, no more impulsive splurges, no more unnecessary spending.

But hey, how can I complain about losing so much when I’ve gained so much more? And then it hit me. It’s not that I’ve given up my passions. It’s more like, the things I’m passionate about changed for the better. And surely I wouldn’t trade what I have now with what I used to have.

Soon as I wrapped my head around that obvious truth, it became easier to focus on what matters most, and to know what I’m truly passionate about. Everything else I desire to do is hinged on those important things.


My husband and I are on day 4 of a 21 day fast right now. Yesterday as we were talking about our vision for this year, my eyes were suddenly brimming with tears. Happy tears. Expectant tears. Tears that come out from eyes that have seen in the past how God can make impossible things happen. Tears that bring forth clarity and assurance that God can make things happen again.

This is the year that I am going rekindle my passion for everything that God calls me to do. This is the year that I will pursue the things that make me restless at night, things that wake me up early in the morning eager to start the day. Anything short of that is not good enough.

Hello, passion. Let’s do this.


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