Making memories: Starbucks double date

It’s November and the Christmas drinks at Starbucks are here. So on Saturday morning, I convinced my husband to go to the nearest Starbucks with me so that I could get my Toffee Nut fix.

But his idea was even more brilliant—take the twins with us and have a little family date. And so we took the twins, and what I got was more than just a satisfied craving.

Starbucks double date

Going to Starbucks has always meant for me either one of these two things: (1) to meet friends for some catching up, or (2) to have some alone time with my laptop, my earphones, and my thoughts. Tagging along two giddy little girls is surely a deviation from my usual Starbucks “dates”.

Instead of having a meaningful conversation, my husband and I had our hands full—holding the babies close, feeding them, entertaining them, singing songs to them, and making sure they don’t fall off the couch.

In the midst of the riot, I found myself pausing for one moment and holding back tears of joy.

Starbucks double date

It was my Dad’s birthday that day.

He would have been 64, and I still often find myself wishing that he’s around to witness his grand children grow. And while there was a little bit of sadness in that note, mostly there was joy, knowing that a part of my Dad lives on.

So we placed a little candle on our Banoffee Pie to remember the life of the Great Lolo Bob who still never fails to inspire us even until now, 6 years after he’s gone to be with the Lord.

Happy birthday Dad. Happy birthday Lolo. We love you.

Starbucks double date

I praise God for moments like this.

In fact, I look forward to moments like this. Afternoons when we can just slow down and breathe in this new life that we have as a family. Times when we can tag along the twins to our dates, take them to places we love, and make memories that they will always remember.

So maybe I’m a little too excited about making memories. They just turned one year old and surely they won’t have a recollection of this day just yet.

But someday.. someday, they’ll start to remember.

In the meantime, I’ll keep taking photographs and writing memories down.