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Currently having a sort-of writer’s block, help me!

Good Distractions

The problem is, since these two girls came into my life (and my blog life), I just couldn’t find the drive to blog about any other topic but them. The ideas are there, and my drafts folder is a proof of my trying-hard efforts at blogging non-Dawn&Rain related stuff. It’s finishing the posts and hitting the publish button that’s my major bottleneck.

Over the past two months, I’ve collected these blog titles in my drafts:

  • What Job Interviews Taught Me
  • How God Got My Attention in This One Job Interview
  • Why Work-at-Home Did Not Work for Me
  • Hire a Mother, You Won’t Regret It
  • I’m a Writer, Just Reminding Myself
  • Why I’ll Never Be a Businessman

And then there’s a list of wedding invitations I wanted to include in my design projects:

  • Tin & Hobbes’ Shabby Chic Wedding
  • Ivy & Angel’s Wedding, DIY All The Way
  • JP & Lucille’s Blue and Whimsical Wedding
  • I Witnessed Another Proposal: Jessa & Kokoy
  • Noemi & Neal’s Summer Wedding

I’m restless. I finally landed a job which allows me to create content to my heart’s content, and a wave of panic is suddenly raining on my parade—how am I supposed to do this job if I can’t even finish one post in my own blog?

I know I’ve struggled about declaring that I am a writer, and right now I’m (once again) in the process of getting over my fears and owning this profession. After all, God seems to keep sending me towards this direction, no matter how many times I try to pull away.

So.. I need your help. Yes, you, whoever you are reading this.

I want to know what kind of stuff you want to see/read here at ChasingDreams.Net, aside from more pictures of the twins. (Yes, I know you want more of those, and yes there will be more pictures of them to come.) But if there’s any particular topic or idea you want me to write about, or if one of my posts from the past years somehow made a dent in your life, or if you’re interested in any of the titles I listed above and you want me to continue publishing any of those drafts, let me know what, or which one.

I recently updated my About Page. Feel free to read what this website is really about, aside from being just a personal memory keeping device.

One thing I’ve been coming to terms with and learning more and more of each day is that life is not all about me. And this blog shouldn’t be, too.

For a change, let me write something that interests you.

Let me know, I’ll be waiting. :)

Love, Riz

Feel free to email me at riz[at] or leave a comment. God bless!

  • Normi

    Nooo! You can’t shut down ChasingDreams! A lot of us run to this blog when we need a dose of inspiration and encouragement. And besides, if this closes, I close with you. LOL :P

    Anyway, you have been doing a great job blogging about how we can chase our dreams and you encourage us because we see how you chase yours and achieve them. If there’s anything that needs to be added, maybe the how’s? Like tutorials that you can share with us. Also recommendations of people, places, things that helped you as you chase and achieve your dreams.

    Do I make any sense? Haha. I hope. There’s a lot more of that where it came from, so let me spill it all over a cup of tea. Let’s date!!!! :*