Kuya Nikos

1. Kuya Nikos. It’s his birthday and the whole family spent a lazy afternoon hanging out and stuffing our mouths with food. He’s 16 months older than me but growing up (sometimes even until now), we were always mistaken to be twins—chubby cheeks, round eyes, dimples and all. I’m glad we’re not twins though, because I really love that he’s my Kuya. You see, there are only two people I fight with when I’m stressed out: my husband and my brother Nikos. I guess it’s because I know that even if I threw a fit at him, he wouldn’t judge and would always love me anyway. He’s 31 years old now, and I praise God for giving me this opportunity of growing up with and being in the same family as this great guy. Also, best self-taught chef in the world!

2. 3 months. News flash. I have been a mother FOR. THREE. MONTHS. Need I say more?

3. Thursday Group. It’s the first Thursday night my husband and I got to spend with our Thursday friends. My take home: “Grow in grace” and “love lots”. (I’m not going to elaborate.) See, I’m not even sure whether to categorize Thursday Group as a bible study group or a cell group or simply a barkada. It probably doesn’t matter what we are; all I know is, every Thursday for the past 5 years of my life, I get together with this awesome group of people, rummage our Pastor’s pantry and eat all their food, study the Word, encourage one another, and I come home past midnight with a full stomach, heart, and soul. Also, a swollen jaw. From all the laughing.

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 6.


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