Rain's Smiles

1. Rain’s smiles. I woke up to the sound of my husband’s laughter. It was early in the morning and Rain was on a roll. Daddy was feeding her, and she was smiling non-stop with her froth-covered lips. What a great way to start the day! Albeit sporadically, the twins started showing real smiles this past week. I wish I was able to capture those first smiles, but they came too sudden. I can’t wait for them to interact more and give more of those intentional smiles. You bet I’m going to take truckloads of photos.

We do get lots of reflexive smiles when they’re sleeping, but even though those are just involuntary muscle movements, they melt our hearts just the same. Everytime my babies smile in their sleep, it makes me feel like God is smiling at me.

2. Lola Mommy. It’s her day-off on Mondays so Lola Mommy (my mother) got to spend the day with us. She relieved me off my baby duties for the day, which allowed me to have some uninterrupted quiet time to pray, to work, to write. Praise God for Mommies. And Lolas.

3. Prayer and fasting extension. Since 2010, I would start each year with prayer and fasting and I have experienced many breakthroughs in my life because of it. Last week, we took part in our church’s week-long prayer and fasting once again, and I was so blessed by all the testimonies and answered prayers we heard in our midst. As for me and my husband, one of our major prayer concerns was answered last week too, and just as God answers prayers, He answered ours in a way we never hoped for or imagined. Crazy!!

And now, without divulging details, I’m still waiting for more clarity and confirmation regarding an important matter, hence the decision to extend my fast a few more days. Jentezen Franklin says, “Fasting brings you to a place of being able to clearly hear God’s will.” And that, is exactly what I’m desperate to hear.

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 3.



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