3 Beautiful Things, Faith Walk, Love Life

Day 2: 39 years, on the RED, and carrying on the family’s legacy


1. 39 years. Today, Sampaloc Bible Christian Community celebrated its 39th anniversary. Everyone was wearing something red, and oh what a beautiful color it is! It’s the color of love, and passion, and fire. But more importantly, it’s the color of the blood of Jesus, the very reason why SBCC exists through the years.

As I looked around in a sea of red, I was in awe of how so much has changed and yet so much has remained the same. People have come and gone and come back again, children have grown, families have increased in number—and still, God’s work in SBCC remains and continues throughout generations. I’m so blessed to be part of this family.

2. On the RED. We’re starting the year “on the RED”: Relying on God, Expecting great things from Him, and Delighting ourselves in Him. Kudos to our Pastor Dave for such a profound acronym. And what a beautiful paradox too, using a phrase that usually means lacking in something, to mean having so much more

3. Carrying on the family’s legacy. This morning as I was getting the twins ready for church, I remembered how, years ago, my Mom and Dad would bring the whole family to church every Sunday without fail. My brothers and I didn’t understand it when we were younger, we just knew that we had to be where our parents were. (There goes the life of a Pastor’s kid.) But as years passed and we grew a little older, a little wiser, we learned to embrace this calling as our own.

Our church has been our life. God’s work has been our life.

And I’m so blessed to marry someone, a Pastor’s kid like me, who understands exactly how it’s like because that’s exactly how his childhood was too. Now we carry on this legacy with our own kids. We’ll drag them to church (hehe), and pray that someday, when they’re older and they can decide for their own, they will be ready to embrace this calling too.

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 2.