Love love love!

1. January. I’m not going to ask where has January gone, I know exactly where it went. Today I thank the Lord for Januarys, for 2013’s firsts, for breakthroughs, for love that gets renewed every morning, and for new beginnings.

2. Totally smitten. The twins are starting to engage more, and smile more, andtheir latest discoverystare at the camera lens with eyes wide open. They’re attracted to bright lights, and the flash of the camera fascinates them! I’m totally smitten everyday, I can’t stop taking photos with our DSLR and with the iPhone. Will this ever end?

3. 52 week project. I have found this gem of a project, and a gold mine of inspiration. This blogger named Jodi started a 52 Week Project with this goal: “A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013. Hundreds of bloggers from around the world joined her, and because of the theme of the project, it’s pretty obvious that the ones who are doing it are MOMS. I’ve been following their posts and have found some of my newest favorite blogs. And while I don’t know these people, it feels like being in a roomful of kindred spirits. I can’t contain it, I have to do the project too! They are, however, on their fifth week already. I messaged Jodi to ask her if it’s okay to join even though I’m only starting my first week this month, and she said yes. :) So, yeah. Watch out for that. <3

*I have a backlog of 30 Days of Gratitude posts in my drafts. Not that you need a proof. It’s just taking me some time to get them together, but they shall be up and live soonish, dates backtracked; I don’t want to back out of a challenge early in the year!

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 12.


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