1. Book reading. One good thing about watching over or carrying a baby for most part of the day is being able to finally do some book reading. You see, it’s impossible to get some work done on a computer while carrying a babyI tried it many times. But reading a book while holding a baby in your arms, or even with a baby sleeping on your lapnow that works. I finished a book and I’m already on my second one this week. Time to hit the book stores again, I’ve been reunited with an old hobby.

2. Multi-tasking. Today I thank the Lord for giving humans 4 limbs. Lately I have mastered the art of using all of them at once. Baby on my lap, book on one hand, phone on the other hand (or sometimes, a feeding bottle), and feet rocking a bouncy seat where the other baby sleeps. Multi-tasking at its finest, what can I say?

3. Silent nights. Having said the first two items, it’s only in the evenings that I get some real work done. We’ve set a routine that works for all of us at home, one that frees up my evenings so that I can peacefully work with little interruptions, if not none at all. That’s one of the many challenges with having two babiesgetting them to follow the same routine. But at least they’re learning to distinguish the difference between night and day now, giving Mommy some peace and quiet at night.

Works for me. All those years adjusting to New York time, my body clock has been trained to switch to EST in a heartbeat.

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 10.


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