March 2018. A quick note from 2018 Riz :) 

Hey guys, I wrote this post in 2012 but it still gets the most amount of traffic of all the pages in this blog. Every now and then I get some hate comments here, and yes, I see you, and I understand where you’re coming from.

This made me think of two things: First, that many of you are searching for answers on how to deal “when God takes something away” through Google. I’m glad that your search led you to this page, but now that you’re here, I’d like to point you to the Word of God which is the most reliable source we all could have.

Second, that I needed a lot of growing up from the time I wrote this post. There are many layers surrounding this topic that I couldn’t have covered 6 years ago. I didn’t think about unborn children, or school shooting, or cancer, or injustice. I did talk about death and losing my Dad when I was 24 years old. But I do know I could have used better terminologies, or referenced the Scripture more.

In any case, I still believe most of what I said in this post, however seemingly shallow the illustrations I used. Now a little wiser and eyes more wide open to what’s happening in the world, I still believe with all my heart that He is the Giver of all gifts and Sovereign in all things, in all seasons, at all times—whether we understand it or not.

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March 2012. A few weeks ago, we lost my husband’s Android phone in a cab and never got it back. Losing a phone is such a hassle. We had to report the stolen sim card, rebuild our contacts from scratch, and adjust our budget to buy a replacement.

But the worst part is losing all the memories that were stored in itphotos and videos from our time in New York, long-distance text messages sent from two years ago. It was also the same phone that got us through our long-distance relationship, just like the laptops that were stolen 5 months ago.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s just a gadget, Riz! Still, it strikes me and my husband how God seems to be stripping us off things we used to hold on to in the past, and giving us a clean canvass to paint new memories with. And maybe losing a phone is a mere representation of that, but I believe that mostly, God is doing some general cleaning inside of us.

Three things I learned about losing things:

(And by “things” I mean material possessions, dreams, jobs, people we lovestuff that are tangible and intangible.)

When God takes something away, He replaces it with the best

And no, it doesn’t always mean a better phone, or a better job. It doesn’t always mean more. When we lost our laptops, it took us about 2 months before we were able to buy a new one. Two laptops lost, and God replaced it with one new laptop, not three. But what we gained from that experience is more than just material gratification. In exchange for what was stolen from us, God gave us joy, and contentment, and more quality time together. ;)

When I lost my home-based job, God didn’t replace it with a higher-paying job or a job with less working hours. Instead, He gave me job security, health insurance for me and my husband, and the opportunity to work with people again. God replaces good things in our lives with the best, and in ways we don’t expect.

When God takes something away, it’s most likely not good for us

We sometimes hold on to stuff that are not doing us good, people that are holding us back, dreams that are taking us away from our true calling. Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re carrying too many excess baggage, preventing us from running light. So God takes them away even if we get hurt in the process, and when He does, He’s actually releasing us from more pain.

And mind you, God is more stubborn than we can ever be. So rather than playing tug of war with God, or rather than being angry at Him, just let go. Open your palm and release from your kung-fu tight grip what He’s clearly taking away from you. Trust that He knows what’s best.

When God takes something away, sometimes we don’t have to know why

One thing my husband and I learned over the past year is how everything is under God’s prerogative. He gives and takes away, He alters schedules and plans, He accomplishes His will whatever it takeseven if it requires parting oceans and sending His own Son to die. He sees things from a bigger perspective, and when things do not make sense to us, to Him, everything is happening according to plan.

When God took my Dad home, He didn’t replace him with someone elsethere’s just no way my Dad could ever be replaced in my life. There are losses that are better left unexplained, lest we start questioning God’s goodness. The key to acceptance is believing in your heart that God knows what He’s doing and that He means well. He is sovereign above all things, and He will have His way when He pleases and for His glory. Maybe God will reveal answers in this lifetime, maybe not. It doesn’t matter.

We don’t always have to know why. What matters is, He does.



  1. I want a faith like yours. :(
    Reflecting on this:
    God takes them away even if we get hurt in the process, and when He does, He’s actually releasing us from more pain…

    1. Just keep rising up from every fall Shadz, that’s the faith I’ve grown to have. I’m not much of a role model too, I fail many times, but I make it a point to keep trying. ;)

  2. Hi Riz! I love reading your posts. Very inspiring. :) Nega ako lage but I always feel good after reading your blog.:)

    1. Alaina! I almost didn’t recognize you because of the new name. :) Blogging–better than writing thesis! :) Ako rin nega lagi, but I’m learning to be more positive. Nice to see you here!

  3. I think it was God’s way of telling you that the best memories are what we store in our hearts and minds, and not what’s on our hard drives, but yes, I do understand the grief of losing those pictures/content/giga memories accumulated over the memories (I’ve gone through that a lot of times too–drove me crazy). Go and make new memories, Riz and David! Thanks for this wonderful post (amazing how you still manage to blog while wearing multiple hats, huh!).

  4. Hello Kristin, the thing is, even if you don’t “share with God” or you don’t tell Him about this new guy or this or that, He already knows about them! He is omniscient and omnipresent after all. :) I don’t know what you’re going through or what you’ve been through in the past, but I do understand that having one failed relationship after another can be really heartbreaking and tiring. Been there, trust me! But through it all, I never once questioned God or doubted His goodness. When a relationship fails, or when a suitor backs out, it’s not because God is being unfair, it’s mostly just that the guy or the relationship is not meant to be.

    Besides, if he gives up, leaves, or backs out on you.. then you shouldn’t settle! You deserve to be fought for! :)

    I guess I can only assure you that once God gives you the right person, then you’ll know that “it’s actually obtainable.” :)

  5. I was searching on God and chasing dreams to sorta inspire me and calm me. When I came across your posting.
    God bless you, you have reminded me of God’s works in my life. As Im going thru a little difficult moment in my life.

    1. Hi Mav, Whatever you’re going through, I believe that God is doing something beyond anything you ever hoped for or imagined. :) Thanks for dropping by. Go bless you too!

  6. thank you for sharing this.. it’s my first time to visit your blog, kakahanap ko ng calligraphy, napunta ako dito… wala talagang accident kay Lord.. i’m in the middle of finding what i really want to do in life and steps i must take.. lost lang =( so i am really blessed to read this and be reminded how good our God is all the time.. God bless you sis and your family!

  7. Great post! This is just the topic that I was researching and stubled upon this wonderful post! Do you know of any scripture that supports this? I’m looking for an encouraging word for a friend. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashley, it says in Joel 2:25 “And I will restore the years that locusts have eaten” A symbol of God’s power to restore and replace even years that were lost. :) And of course there’s Isaiah 55:8-9, a favorite. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

      Thanks for dropping this blog :)

  8. this is something that i needed to read today. my husband and i lost our first baby 12-30-13, i was 22 weeks and 3 days along when he came, he lived for 1 hour and 15 min, i was blessed with that amount of time with my son. i don’t know why God chose to take my baby boy away from us but he has a plan for us and in time we will know why Locklynn was taken to heaven so soon.

    1. Hi Charlynn, There’s no easy way to respond to your comment, I know nothing anyone could ever say would lessen the pain. I’m glad to hear you’re holding on to the promise that God has a plan for you, and a purpose for Locklynn’s short life. Sending a quick prayer (and cyber hugs) your way. God bless!

  9. We actually don’t deserve what we have today… If it wasn’t for Noah finding grace from God, We all wouldn’t be here today… I hope everything gets better for you soon bro…

  10. I really love going around your blog. I’ve been reading a lot now and somehow, this post reminds me of the sovereign power of God and how every circumstance in our lives is crafted carefully to fulfill his purpose. :D

  11. Thank u so much Riz,I really needed to hear going through a divorce that my husband filed against me.however after reading your blog,thank u Jesus.i now know I just need to let go and let matter how much it hurts,I always want God’s will and his plan for my life.its time to leave everything in His hands.thank u again.

  12. If God took something living or a blessing away from you to depend on and believe in him and love him more, then what is the point of loving what he gave you?. I went through a very difficult time a few years back. Having no family and friends to depend on, I was all alone. Even tried to commit suicide. I was so depressed and suffer from chronic depression till this day. God Blessed me with 4 beautiful dogs who he sent to show me love and devotion. I thanked him every day for them and thank God for protecting them. In January /February my 2 girls died very suddenly and my 2 boys had to go for serious operations. If this was His way on telling me that I should focus on him more, then I have to say, God is spiteful and mean. All this has done is make me severely depressed and deveated. My faith is gone. How can God bless me and then take everything from me? How can he expect me to “concentrate more on him” when all the time I fear he will take more from me. All this has showed me is not that God wants me to love him or believe in him more, but that there is no hope of being happy or loving what he gave me, as he will take anything I live away from me. God has failed in showing me to put more in him, living in him and loving him more. He took my spirit, my happiness and my faith away.

  13. This makes as much sence as a fortune cookie . I do my best work hard and the more i work the furthure behind i get . i love hunting and the good lord rewards guys who break the laws to sucseed . Either offer good for the good or zip your yap . Its like saying those who anger you control you . Really thats the best there is ?!

  14. Thank you for sharing,
    This is a very good way to say it.. God gives and God takes away, be His Name blessed!
    Thanks, I needed something to help me with a Children’s church about Ezekiel 29.

  15. I wish I had this much faith.. I’ve been trying to trust in God but it seems like he’s taking EVERYTHING left and right. Healthcare, financial security, relationships etc. I know I have him but I feel I’m left with nothing. Trying to keep my head up but it’s hard

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