48/52: You’ll Always Remember Your First Home

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.







Of course they won’t remember, but me and my husband, we surely will.

Those days we excitedly waited their arrival, not knowing how much our lives were going to change.
That beautiful November morning we finally took them home from the hospital.
The nursery that we lovingly put together, which, after just a few months, turned into a walk-in closet of their endlessly growing amount of clothes and stuff.
Those looong nights and extended bedtime routines that, I’d like to think, made better human beings out of us, LOL.
And every moment in between that we never got to capture in photographs.

Oh how much we were changed in that house, from the time we moved in to the day we moved out. How much we have grown, from two clueless kids to a family of four in an instant, and how much God sustained us each step of the way.

So this is it. The last set of photographs from that garage. The last remaining photographs for this 52 Week Project are now taken in the new house, which for me marks the beginning of a new chapter in a way.

A special thank you to Ninong Nory and Ninong Dave, for extending their blessings to us with our first-ever home. We’re forever grateful. Thank you po.

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47/52: Counting the Days, Part 2

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.





The first set of photographs were taken on a Sunday morning, freshly bathed, before we leave for church. The next set of photographs were taken on the afternoon of the same day, all sweaty from playing and running around. Toddlerhood is such a riot!




Around the time these photographs were taken, most of their toys were already in moving boxes, and the girls were out playing in the garage more often than usual. They won’t remember it, but someday I’ll tell stories about that place and how happy we were watching them grow from needy premature babies to toddlers who would pull our hands to the garage and then let them go, so that they can freely run around while we watch from a few feet away.

It’s not a walk in the park, transitioning to a new place, stretching our budget to meet the growing needs of our little family, raising toddlers not knowing exactly if we’re doing it right. But it’s true what we hear older people used to tell us—you’ll really do everything, endure anything, for your children. Every. Thing. 

Just like what our Father in heaven would do for us.

A line in the book I’ve been currently reading goes,

“No sea is deeper than the ocean of His love. There is no army stronger than His hosts, no force greater than His throne of grace, no enemy who can overcome His direct and indirect work in our lives.

The reality of the Red Sea, in a word, is this: God will always make a way for His tired, yet trusting, children, even if He must split the sea to do it.”

~Robert Morgan, The Red Sea Rules

To be continued.

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46/52: Counting the Days

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.






And so it began, the last few photo sessions on that wall. We didn’t have an open garage in our new place, which means we have to take them outside the compound to get some sunlight. I’m really missing that open space, although with a bigger space inside the house, I doubt if the girls notice the difference.

A quick update on the twins’ milestones: Rain loves playing ball, and Dawn loves playing in puddles. Rain likes conversations, and Dawn communicates better through songs (so yes, we have to sing quite a lot around here). Where are the premature babies we took out from the hospital some two years ago, we always find ourselves asking. The days are slow, but the years are like, gone in a blink.

To be continued.

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45/52: Apartment Hunting

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.




(This post has been waiting in the drafts for a while, and so are the last few backlogs of my 52 week project. And they’re all coming out today. Let’s do this.)

Sometimes, you find a new house to move in to, sometimes, it finds you. Finding this new place was a faith journey in itself. It began with fervent prayers, progressed with one affirmation after another, culminated in some leaps of faith, and voila, we found our new home. (Or it found us.)

Let’s just say, we were caught in a situation where we had no choice but to move. On top of that, the girls are getting bigger, and our old place was starting to feel like it was getting smaller. Moving to a bigger house was inevitable.

And so it went on for months, hunting for an apartment, asking around for referrals, browsing online listings, walking around the neighborhood and searching for random “Apartment for Rent” ads, computing costs, praying, waiting. It wasn’t until the first week of November that, walking around our neighborhood, the Lord lead us to a signage that brought us to this apartment we now call “home”.


A snap from my camera, the girls checking out the new house, trying it for size.

It was love at first sight, I have to say; and that’s saying a lot considering how many apartments we viewed prior to this one. We immediately expressed interest, and the owners were kind enough to give us two weeks to decide, reserve the place, even when many others were also checking it out.

It has been quite a ride, these past two months. Terrifying, too, if I might add. But with a new apartment waiting for us, we had to say good bye to the place where we, the four of us, first became a family. Which means we also had to say good bye to that wall in the garage, the background to more than half of the twins’ photographs this past year. Saying good bye to a wall, I know right. I’m sentimental like that.

To be continued.

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Home Inspiration: Black & White Christmas

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black and white Christmas

black and white Christmas

Black & White Christmas

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We’ve made a lot of progress in our new place, and I’ve finally started putting up Christmas decors! I realized I’ve been pinning Christmas ideas all year round since 2012, and I love that I could finally put my Pinterest board of Christmas things to use. As usual, I find myself drawn to minimalist, scandinavian styling! I find it hard to imagine Christmas without the reds and the bright colors, but somehow, these people manage to make it work!

I don’t think I can pull off a black & white Christmas this year (maybe someday?). For now, I thought I’d just decorate my blog with these pretty photographs! Like most of you, I tend to (unconsciously) pick Christmas decor “themes each year. Two Christmasses ago, I traded my poinsettias and red decorations to pink and gold ones! Hopefully I get to take photographs this year (Who am I kidding, of course I’ll take photographs!) and share them here.

Hope you’re having a joyful December so far! The holiday rush is here, bring it on! :)

Omygoodness, too many exclamation points! in! this! post!

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