Cheerful Journey: Branding and Blog Design

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Cheerful Journey

I’ve been learning a lot about how important it is to find the right clients. As creatives, even though we have similar processes, we have different ways of translating a vision or an idea. Over the past year, I learned that my most satisfied clients are the ones who come to me because they’ve seen my work and feel that my style and my vision resonate with their own.

These are people who trust in my ability to help make their dreams happen and translate their personality and vision into a brand. On my end, these are the clients I enjoy working with and am proud to place on my portfolio because they reflect my design style well. It’s a win-win scenario—they’re happy with my work, and I’m happy doing the work.

That said, Audrey of Cheerful Journey is one of those clients I haven’t met yet, but we just instantly clicked (or at the very least, our style clicked!). And who wouldn’t enjoy translating an inspiration board like that one above, yeah?  (more…)

Pursuit Manila x Ashes to Beauty

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When Julianne stepped into the room of Pursuit Manila’s first ever gathering, fashionably late I must add (haha), I heard a collective gasp in the room. My gasp, included. Sure, I saw the names of the women who signed up, but since she went by (apparently) her real name, Julie, it didn’t register to me that she’s The Julianne whose Youtube channel and Soundcloud I quietly followed growing up. Talk about starstruck.

I got to know her a bit more since then, found out that we have several things in common, like being 1983 babies, Pastor’s kids, web and graphic designers, living in the same city, among others. Just like with many of my Pursuit Community friends, it feels like I’ve known Julie for years even when I’ve only met her this year. Suddenly she’s not anymore an “artista” but a good friend and sister in Christ.

A collaboration (and friendship) was born.  (more…)

The Chasing Dreams Shop is Now Open!

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This has been a long overdue blog announcement! The Chasing Dreams Shop has been operating for a couple of weeks now, and thank you so much to those of you who have purchased and supported the happy little products we have right there.

The idea to put up an online (stationery) shop has been a dream! But I don’t have time for it, I would always say to myself. That is, until we started selling these Passion Cards (which is also a happy accident in itself), and managing orders made me and my husband feel like we’re going bonkers, so I suddenly needed a better ordering system.

Sometimes, all we need is a smack in the head and a little push in the right direction to do something we’ve been delaying for so long! I’m so glad God knows exactly how to push us and assure us that He’s with us every step of the way. (Coz really, I don’t know how else to move forward in this life!!)

You can purchase Passion Cards and other “package fillers” online and have the items delivered to your address, but I also set up a popup shop every month, during Pursuit Manila gatherings.

It’s a small inventory for now, but I hope to fill up the Chasing Dreams Shop with little things that will encourage you and inspire you to never tire chasing your dreams and pursuing God’s calling for your life.

If that’s kind of your thing, go ahead, VISIT THE SHOP! :)

Pursuit Manila Retreat & New Adventures

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Pursuit Manila Retreat


Three of the women in this photograph, Jamie, Madz and Love, I just met this year. One of them, Sheila, and I have been really good friends in high school and college, but other than exchanging online messages and comments here and there, I didn’t see her all that much until this year. The other one, Karen, is part of the group I disciple in church; we would see each other every Sunday and pray and read the Bible, our interactions confined within the four corners of our church.

What I’m trying to drive at is, one year ago, I never imagined I would be journeying with these beautiful women of faith, or leading a community and doing a special ministry with them. I never pictured that we would be spending one weekend together, getting to know each other in a deeper way, putting together beautiful styled shoots for the fun of it, laughing (and shedding joyful tears) to the wee hours of the night, talking about how God has been turning our lives around.

Even more so, one year ago I never imagined I would be part of a community of talented, God-loving female creatives who are making a huge impact around the world. I can’t even grasp the right words to describe how [insert synonyms of] amazing the past 5 months have been.


Pursuit Manila: What’s Your Story?

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March Gathering Class Picture

A lot of people have been asking me what Pursuit Community is all about, and sometimes I find it hard to describe it in just one sentence! So I post these recaps of our gatherings to give you a picture of who we are and what we do. I hope these posts answer your questions with great detail!

+ + +

But first, an apology

Before I update this page about what happened in the March gathering, I thought an apology should be in place. Sorry for the lack of updates! There’s just so much going on, in my personal life and work, and more importantly, in the way the Lord has been leading me about Pursuit Manila. Our March gathering has been the biggest gathering we had so far, and to say that it left us feeling overwhelmed is an understatement. What’s next?, we ask.

38 people is no joke, and for someone like me who’d rather hide my face behind the computer screen, opening up my life to that many people was just beyond me.

It’s a good problem, no doubt. None of these would have transpired anyway if the Lord didn’t bring us to this point, barely 5 months since we launched Pursuit Manila. This month I got a deeper understanding of what this ministry really is. That it’s so much more than just getting women together in a pretty place, and drinking coffee together, and meeting new people and making small talk.

On March 21, about 38 of us squeezed ourselves in this quaint cafe / art gallery in Guijo Street called Restock (it’s a lovely lovely place!), and that day I knew that this community would never be the same again.  (more…)

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