How to Throw a Surprise Baby Shower, Mothercare Edition

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Surprise Baby Shower for Martine

There’s no better excuse for baby retail therapy and mommy get-together than a good baby shower. So when a special mommy friend is expecting a baby girl, and she happens to be the Queen Blissmaker who’s known for some of the best workshops and events in town, gather up your team and plan to throw the best, most blissful, most memorable surprise baby shower, ever!

Here’s the clincher: Plans will fail, and the baby shower will not be the best one ever, nope, but for sure, it will be one for keeps. Here’s how to do it.  (more…)

Home Inspiration: Online Retail Therapy

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Dream Home

I love that the Philippines is catching up a little in the online retail market and starting to see local brands set up shop online. I remember a couple of years back, how frustrated I was browsing through the Ikea website, knowing that it’s not reasonable to purchase items because the shipping costs are ginormous. One night when I couldn’t sleep and was feeling a bit sad, I swiped my card to buy an Ikea furniture (this red Ikea rexbo ladder, which is now phased out) and had it shipped from China. Naturally, I felt remorse the following morning when I realized what I had done. The shipping cost was more than the price of the furniture, ack.

That was then, and this is now. Years later, I am no longer a reckless, impulsive online shopper who didn’t think too much about how she spent her money. No credit to my own self-control really, none of this was my doing. I think it’s more of a natural (and divine!) coming of age. Because of my new role and my new life as a wife and mother, I am forced—and I use that word in a good way—to try to be responsible and think many times over before purchasing anything at all.   (more…)

Design Process: It All Begins with Inspiration

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pillow / outfit / mug / interiors / earrings / workspace / heart

Creating an inspiration board is a crucial first step in designing anything. As the client, it’s the part of the process where you scour the web for pegs and inspiration that will set the course for the entire project. As the designer, this is the part where we put together what the client has gathered, along with some additional ideas of our own, into a cohesive “look” that will serve as a guide in designing your brand.

While creating the inspiration board is probably the most enjoyable part of the process, it can also be the most overwhelming. Pinterest, alone, is brimming with ideas and beautiful imagery, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up having an inspiration board that is just.. all over the place. You might end up wanting too many colors or too many fonts, or too many ideas. As a designer, I help my clients refine their choices.

The result is something like the one above. As you would have noticed, it’s the inspiration board I created for Chasing Dreams. ;)

After finalizing the inspiration board and creating the logo design, I then create a final brand board that serves as guide in designing the website and marketing assets like business cards, media kits, brochures, etc.  (more…)

44/52: Little Women

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.







They turned two and suddenly they look like little people, as opposed to looking like babies. Sometimes I find myself intentionally calling them “baby”, enjoying the sound of the word while I can, still unable to grasp my head around how fast babies grow (and why they have to grow huhu).

Last Sunday they were wearing these pretty little shift dresses from their Lola Mama. I made them wear these gold Mary Janes we got from Landmark, and pulled their hair up with these floral hairpins I got from Forever21. Forever21, you guys. You know, that fashion brand for grownups? I stared at them in disbelief—even though it was totally me who picked what they were wearing—and wondered, why are my girls wearing shift dresses, and gold shoes, and hair accessories for grownups, and looking like little women?!

And then they started laughing hysterically, and singing Incy Wincy Spider, and dancing with their arms in the air, and shouting oh yeahs and hoorays, and running around like the whole garage was their world. Aww, my babies!

There there, little ones, your Mommy’s just a bit excited to dress you up but no need to grow up too fast. Let’s enjoy these years.

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43/52: Those Fleeting Moments of Bliss

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week this 2014.



These are photographs from three Saturdays ago, the day after their birthday. (It turned out to be a weekend-long celebration, yes.) We took our twin flower girls to Tagaytay for their Ninang Joni and *ehem* Ninong Deej’s wedding, and had an absolutely lovely time.

We made a pit stop at Starbucks (the one in Tagaytay that’s overlooking Taal.. it’s beautiful!) before heading to the wedding venue, and my brother managed to capture these rare picture-perfect, frame-worthy family portraits that are making my heart burst every time I stare at them.

Needless to say, It was a beautiful day to celebrate love, and family, and God’s goodness.


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