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Recently: Wild Flour, Breakfast, and Sugarlace

Wild Flour, Rada, Makati

Wild Flour, Rada, Makati

I’ve always wondered when I would chance upon an empty table (or an empty seat!) at Wild Flour Cafe. The place is always packed, and I always end up deciding to just come back some other time, except the time never came.

Until a few weeks ago when a friend, who was visiting from Australia and staying in Makati for a few days, told me that her only available time to meet was over breakfast on a Wednesday morning. Like, 7:00AM early. Needless to say, I grabbed the opportunity and had an amazing discovery—early breakfast is the best time to meet anyone in the city! Pre-rush hour commute is bearable, you’ll be back home before lunch, and yes, there will be empty seats at Wild Flour, or wherever your meeting place is for that matter.

So the date was set, and it was perfect. Wild Flour Cafe, the one in Rada Street. Breakfast, coffee, and a decade worth of stories.  (more…)

Dream Chasers

Peachy’s Craft Shop and Polymer Clay Art


I came across sometime last year, a blog about arts and crafts and motherhood and everything in between. When you visit her blog, you’ll immediately think, “oh wow, everything is so peachy!” and conclude that that’s probably the reason why the blog is called such. And then you learn that her name is indeed, Peachy, and everything starts to make more sense!

Personally meeting Peachy through Pursuit Manila and getting to know her a bit more is one of my unexpected blessings this year. One late night over Viber messages, I have gotten a glimpse of Peachy’s heart and I knew that I have gained myself a new friend. (Ashushu!)

More than the pretty little things you see in her blog, the arts and crafts supplies you find in her online shop, and the adorable polymer clay art that she creates, Peachy also shares her passion and experience to help others figure out how to start their own craft businesses.  (more…)

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Cozy All Year Round

Parachute Home Navy Blue Pillow

Parachute Home Lavender Candle


Parachute Home Pillows and Cashmere Throw

The leaves are about to turn in some parts of the world.

Autumn for me used to be something I just see in movies or read about in books, until I experienced it first hand—once in Sydney, twice in New York. I didn’t want the season to end. I wish I could freeze time and stay there forever, wrapped in layers, thick socks, knits.

It’s ironic how the thought of a cold weather makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like you want to light a scented candle, grab a book, pull over a blanket, and listen to Landslide for hours while you sip on your cup of hot choco.

I mean, I don’t know.. Doesn’t fall have that effect on most of us?  (more…)

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Embracing Motherhood with Cycles and Cradle

Cycles Baby Laundry Detergent

I remember it like it was just yesterday, preparing for our twins’ arrival. Seven months into pregnancy, my husband and I started carefully disinfecting every nook and cranny of the house, and gently washing their first set of clothes.

As first time parents, ordinary tasks like washing baby clothes or hanging curtains in the nursery were sacred and emotional moments. We knew our lives were going to change forever, yet totally clueless about how much it actually would!

You can never be fully prepared for motherhood

The thing is, no parent saw it coming, how much love would overflow at the sight of a tiny baby you just met, how addicted you would be to the smell of your baby’s skin, or how much a little smile would change you, break you, wreck you.

Nothing would prepare you for the sleepless nights, the amount of laundry that doesn’t seem to run out, the scare of a little insect bite or a low-grade fever, the endless packing and unpacking of the diaper bag, the crying, and feeding, and bathing. (more…)

Married Life

Celebrating 4 Years at Cocoon Boutique Hotel



Our fourth wedding anniversary celebration was our first night away from the girls since they were born. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why we waited this long! It’s not like the girls wouldn’t let us go—my Mom, who spent the night with them, reported that they didn’t even notice we were gone.

I realized that it’s mostly us (fine, me), and not the girls, who couldn’t get over the idea of spending one single night away, worried about what might happen, like, what if they looked for their Mommy and Daddy while we were away right? (Apparently NOT!)

Just us two

It’s funny how much thought went into planning this one-night getaway, to think we never even left our neighborhood! I realized that this decision-making exercise was a good reminder to us that as husband and wife, no matter how important the children are, marriage still ranks higher than parenthood in our list of priorities. 

Spending extended quality time with each other is a necessary investment, not just for our relationship’s sake, but also for the kids—they are, after all, the recipients of our overflow of love for each other. 

Thankfully, there’s a place we’ve always wanted to check out that is very close to our home. (more…)

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