Hear Ye, Pursuit Community is Here in Manila!

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Pursuit Community Manila

I’ve been holding off on blogging about this news for weeks now, but here goes. You see, when I said I had affirmations that I chose the right One Word for 2015 (pursue), this is one of those major affirmations I was talking about.

First, let me tell you about the Pursuit Community

Pursuit Community, or Pursuit 31 as it was formerly called, was first established in 2011 as a community of female Christian photographers, spearheaded by Karen Stott, who is an amazing photographer herself, and writer and visionary (not to mention, wife and mom). The name was based on the Proverbs 31 woman, hence Pursuit 31.

Karen’s story and how Pursuit 31 came to be may be a story for another post, but you can watch her video here, if you want. Let’s just say, it’s a story of a woman who is just like us, struggling to strike a balance between career and family and passion, but instead of allowing herself to get stuck and frustrated and defeated, she dared to get out there to reach out to others who might be feeling the same way. And true enough, God blessed her courage and her faith.


After some time, other creative entrepreneurs, writers, designers, calligraphers, and passion-business owners expressed interest and although majority of the members are still photographers, the Pursuit Community has branched out to welcome all types of Christian women who have creative passions and pursuits.

Through local communities and the internet, Pursuit Community has cultivated relationships and support groups among women, and has become a source of encouragement for us to press on and run the race with passion and perseverance.


Marge Aberasturi: Brand Redesign, and some Marsala lovin’

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mason jar / sofia / marsala / workspace

When (The) Marge Aberasturi told me she wanted me to redesign her brand and her business sites, I was at first shocked, and then in denial, and then scared—pretty much went through all the stages of acceptance. LOL. Let’s just say, for months I was simply a quiet member/lurker of the Manila Work at Home Moms (WAHM) Community, where Miss Marge is much loved, and revered, and looked up to as THE Ultimate WAHM guru. And then we got to know each other in this Online Marketing workshop last year, and really, I was in a state of disbelief that she’d even.. talk to me, mere mortal. 

Haha, ok, I’ll cut it out. Miss Marge is the most down to earth and approachable person in the world, and it was just so easy to work with her. It almost felt like our brainwaves were connecting in a level not a lot of people would understand. In fact, because of that weird connection, we skipped a couple of steps in the design process. And because we were speaking the same WordPress language (she’s a WordPress admin guru), we were working on the site almost simultaneously—me on the design front, and she on the site’s content, structure, and plugin configurations.  (more…)

Cabby Craft: Blog & Brand Design, Web Hosting & Migration

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dresses / on the table / beautiful / flower vases / tea towel

I’ve been sooo behind my design posts! One of the things I want to do more this year is to blog about these amazing people who entrust their blog designs to me. The thing is, there’s just been a lot of design work lately that I couldn’t squeeze in blogging about them! (Story of my life.)

This inspiration board came out in October last year (remember?), and it’s for Ate Michelle of Cabby Craft. She’s a doctor by profession, but she takes her passion for crafting and writing quite seriously, which is what her blog is all about. After having her blog on blogspot for years, she finally decided to buy her own domain name, move to WordPress, and to invest in her personal brand. Needless to say, I was so thrilled to be working with her!  (more…)

My One Word for 2015: Pursue

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I knew what my word was going to be few days before 2014 ended, and the first few days of 2015 brought me major affirmations that this, indeed, is THE word.

But first, let’s talk about passion.

Last year I faced my fears and chose a word that kept me on my toes the whole year: passion. I told myself I was done with just settling with what’s convenient, or forcing myself to do things just because people expected me to do them. It was time to purge my life with the word “passion” as my *breathe* ultimate qualifier.

So 2014 was the year I rekindled my passion for everything that God has called me to do in this particular season of my life—as a wife, a mother, a breadwinner, a homemaker, a daughter, a sister, a friend (in that order, too!). It was the year I started to pursue things that make me restless at night, things that wake me up early in the morning eager to start the day. Anything short of passion was not good enough.

Which also meant I had to let go of things that held me back from spreading my wings, stuff that boxed me up and conflicted with the values we want to uphold as a family, commitments that are not bad at all but essentially are not the best for us. Others may not have understood some of the choices my husband and I made last year, but we turned to God for direction and His affirmations kept us going and made us strong. In the end it gave us more time and space for the things that truly matter, for family, and for His true calling for us.

And now, this passionate pursuit continues.


This year my one word is PURSUE. I intentionally picked a verb because I want this year to be a year packed with action. Now that I’ve identified my passions, my God-given calling and skills, the industry I find myself relevant in, the work that I really enjoy doing, and the relationships that matter, it’s time for me to pursue them (or to keep pursuing them). I’ve had a lot of planning and dreaming already, and now is the time to get the ball rolling, to translate those plans to action, and to make those dreams happen.

This year I’m going to..

Pursue God more.
Pursue my calling.
Pursue my passions and dreams.

Pursue what truly matters. 


52/52: It’s a Wrap!

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Photographs of our twin daughters, once a week, every week, this 2014.




We were at a 4-day family reunion during the last week of the past year, and it was a perfect culmination to the awesomeness that 2014 was. It was also a time of rest, slowing down, and reconnecting with relatives from literally all over the world who we haven’t seen for so long. Both my husband and I came from big, wacky, closely-knit, Jesus-lovin’, God-fearing families, and we praise God that we get to raise Dawn & Rain in the same values that both of our families uphold.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

These photographs were all taken through my phone camera, because as always we didn’t have enough hands to carry a bulky DSLR around. Just the same, I’m happy with these blurry, grainy, imperfect remembrances of those perfect moments. Definitely for keeps.

So.. this project has been good for me.

I only wanted to preserve memories for Dawn and Rain, but in the process, this project gained me more than just a pile of photographs. I discovered that taking photographs of them has become an instant pick-me-upper, especially when bedtime routines are dragging on way too long, or we’re having a rough week.

The truth is, I started the project thinking I was doing something that Dawn & Rain would appreciate in the future, only to realize that I did it for myself, too.  (more…)

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